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    Dennis Hosang

    Some of us with K5’s would like to show the everyday Jeep’s that we can hang with them on the trails but our biggest issue is we are so much bigger than they are.

    So stock JK vs stock K5 (2nd gen)

    • Length: 13.8 ft   vs   16.1ft (diff 2.5 ft)
    • Width: 6.2 ft  vs  6.6 ft (diff 4″)
    • Height: 5.11 ft  vs  6.2 ft (diff 3″)
    • Wheelbase: 7.11 ft  vs  8.9 ft (diff 10″)

    so not a HUGE difference but none the less the K5 is bigger but the huge difference is..  they aren’t nearly as common. Everyone can go buy a jeep done and ready to go on the trails. It’s getting harder and harder to find a K5 thats in good condition and once you do, parts are getting harder and harder to find.  Most offroad supply stores are focused 99% on new Jeeps. Why? Because everyone has one…  not very unique.


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