2017 Nissan Armada Opinion

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So my 2013 Dodge RAM 3500 had an issue with the DEF pump and injector ($2500 in parts) so I had to get a rental since the repair was going to be roughly two weeks due to lack of parts.  At first enterprise gave me a Dodge Journey..  what a serious piece of crap that was.  I couldn’t drive it more than a day and had to exchange it for something else, anything else.  I paid for an upgrade (spoil myself) on the Nissan Armada.  Never drove one before and figured this is the perfect opportunity to see what they are all about.

This had more luxuries than anything I’m use to which included heated and air conditioned front and rear seats. It included a monitor in the back of the front passengers head rest for rear occupants to watch a video. It had 4 wheel drive and just about every option you can think of.  Was awesome in the snow. No problem getting up and going with the V8 and great traction for accelerating.

The only cons I could come up with are

  1. It could never tow my 40′ fifth wheel
  2. Very much disliked the rear camera (difficult to see, I like my RAM camera way better)
  3. Remote start was spotty (difficult to use)
  4. Vehicle is heavy so stopping on icy roads was more challenging then a lighter vehicle.

Would I recommend the Nissan Armada to someone looking for a luxurious Full Size SUV.  Definitly! It’s less expensive than the Toyota Sequoia and honestly I haven’t driven the Toyota Full Size SUV and I really do like Toyota products.  Currently Nissan has hit it out of the park with this SUV.  It’s small enough that it’s easy to manuver in a busy parking lot and yet big enough 6 of us enjoyed plenty of room and creature comforts that the Nissan Armada offered for its passengers.

Obviously everyone isn’t the same.  I’m a 6’3″ guy and I liked the ride height, I really liked driving it from Flint to Detroit and back for work and if I didn’t have the requirement to tow a large fifth wheel I could see myself sliding into one of these for my very own.  A test drive might sell you on it…  or do what I did and rent one for a week and see if you want to keep driving one after your rental is done.

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