Alpha Motorsports BAD

This is a quick entry to help anyone thinking of using a company called Alpha Motorsports in Flint Michigan for any work.

I have a 1991 Chevy K5 Blazer that has a 383 stroker crate motor, Holly Fuel Injection and 700R4 transmission.

I was having an issue where my blazer would stall when it was cold and I had to come to a stop.  So I brought the K5 to Alpha Motorsports because they are suppose to be able to dyno tune my Holly Fuel Injection and stop it from stalling.

After the first time I brought my blazer in for tuning, I paid $980 for my blazer to crawl back home with it back firing and having a super difficult time starting.  It sounded like the timing was very off.

Complained to Randy and he said Chris (the mechanic) suggested I get the Holly supported distributor (hyperspark) which I bought to help fix the issue that was created by the tune.
Brought my blazer back and paid $250 for the same issues PLUS now it starts hopping when I try and take off and Randy said Chris mentioned it has nothing to do with the tune and its mechanical and more than likely related to the transmission which is odd since the issue never existed before.
So in short, I paid Alpha Motorsports $1230 + the cost of the parts I was told to purchase and it runs worse than it ever has.
My conclusion is Alpha Motorsports has no clue what they are doing and are just scammers that know the lingo but don’t have the knowledge to back it up.
If you care about your vehicle, I would think twice about bringing it to this company.  They do not back up there work, I did not get a refund and now I have a broke Blazer since I chose to use Alpha Motorsports for my tune and some stupid reason I went back when the owner asked me to come back and give them another shot which I did and it only got worse.


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