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GPS used offroad

What do you use offroad to keep track of where you are going, where you've been? I've used GAIA for the trail riding I've done and its worked pretty good.  Is it perfect? No but I am running it on my iPhone (which you can also run it on any Android or iOS device with GPS) and so I don't need to have multiple charge ports (1 for a GPS unit, 1 for my phone)..  just keep it charged and hundreds of possible mounts for a phone versus a certain GPS unit. NOW the negatives, obviously an iPhon


guru in navigation

Fuel Lift Pump

The question that seems to popup a lot is whether or not to get a lift pump.  What happens if the lift pump fails, am I stuck?  Can I get filters anywhere or is it online order only? Why spend the money? How long will the pump last before it needs to be replaced?  Do I need a sump installed on my tank if I get a lift pump? Here is Airdog comparison with FASS Here is FASS comparison with AirDog I personally owned both the Air Dog on my 2005 GMC LLY and the FASS


wildweaselmi in Fuel


No matter if you are into Nascar or Offroad racing or whatever we all need to communicate.  CB Radios are a thing of the past.  From reading articles, forums and other online research they all lead to either BaoFeng Radios or the more expensive Rugged Radios.  Pros and Cons to both.  They can both be programmed with the freeware software called Chirp (its available on Mac, Windows, Linux). BaoFeng BF-F8HP   REFERENCE: MyOffRoadRadio.com for information on how to use GMR


wildweaselmi in comms

Bed Liners

When you can't afford the big boys and are okay doing it yourself.  Check out this video that does a review on the most popular DIY kits  


wildweaselmi in DIY

Camping Gear

Some pretty neat stuff muncher (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2008678327/the-muncher-titanium-multi-utensil) The world’s most functional Camping Titanium Multi Utensil. Made from aerospace grade titanium weighing just 0.7oz / 20 grams   sparker (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/powerpractical/sparkr-and-sparkr-mini) With a windproof plasma lighter on one end & a flashlight on the other, the Sparkr & Sparkr mini are unique, multi-functional tools



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