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Squarebody Offroad

Here are some videos found on Youtube of Squarebody trucks and blazers going off-road.   This is a beautiful truck but not really Offroading but thought it was still worth sharing   enjoyed this video     West side of the country off-roading      

Glove Box Latch Replacement

Not sure how many of you SquareBody owners have had your glovebox just pop open while driving down the road.  Super fun right?  nope.   Here are some handy dandy instructions on how to make that issue just go away by replacing the latch.  Now they aren't as simple as they may appear but it will get ya going. Step #1 Open the Glove Compartment Door, if not already opened from a broken latch, and then move the latch itself to the closed position by pushing it upward into the as

Cowboy Denny

Cowboy Denny in Interior

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