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    Gear Crushers in the Offroad Community

    By wildweaselmi

    Gear Crushers and Offroad How many times have you gone to a website and invested time in adding and contributing to the community to have them change or just call it quits.  I am tired of being involved with communities / websites that the admins just don't keep up to date with patches or no involvement because the community has given up on them. We at Gear Crushers love everything. I don't want to have to join multiple different clubs because I enjoy different toys. Most everything is similar (engine, trans, suspension, etc). I enjoy not just offroad but street racing, boats, rv's, ATV's, Motocross, Motorcycles, etc..  This site "Gear Crushers" is exactly that.  We want to give a home for everyone.  They all have similarities that could benefit you or could benefit someone else.  Engines, Transmissions, Axles, etc..  but feel free to create your own club to advertise your site (events for your community).  People may be browsing Gear Crusher Clubs by location and could find that you are in there area. Also I think we have a kick ass logo that could be used by Bike, Car, Truck, Offroad, Boat communites.. Have fun!

Vehicle Modifications

A common question is "what modifications should I make to my vehicle to make it trail worthy?"  Reading the offroad magazines, you might think gears, lockers, armor and a radical suspension is required.  Below is our take on what it takes to Fool Around offroad.  Note that modifications are listed in order of importance and each level assumes you have done everything in the previous step.

Vehicle selection
Before doing any modifications, make sure you are starting with a good platform.  Most any short wheelbase vehicle whose transfercase has high and low range works well on the trails in our area.  The Jeep Wrangler is by far the most popular choice, but you would be fine with a Toyota pickup and 4Runner, Nissan Pathfinder, Suzuki Samurai, Chevrolet Tracker, S10 pickup/Blazer, Jeep Cherokee etc.  Full size pickups, Blazers and Broncos are too wide for the trails we run.

First step
A stock vehicle will go amazing places.  Get a CB radio.  Install tow hooks front and rear if you don't already have them.  Get your tools and recovery equipment and figure out how to store them securely.  Get the biggest, knobbest tires you can fit. Consider a second set of tires just for the trail if this is a daily driver.  Wheel it in this state for a couple of years to see if the sport is really for you.  You will learn a lot of off road skills.  Spend time watching other rigs and figuring out what your ultimate goal is; mild, moderate or wild and most importantly - how big of a tire do you want.  Once you have made this decision, you can start to modify your rig without wasting money on mods that you end up replacing later.

Mild build
Most likely a daily driver, at home on easy trails, but capable of moderate trails.  The good news is that after your "First Step" you already have a mild rig.  You might think about adding a selectable rear locker like an ARB, improving body armor with rocker protection and ground clearance with "belly up" skid plates.

Moderate build
With this target in mind, you are probably going to keep the stock axles.  Your first modification should be a roll cage.  Then find out how big of a tire your stock axles can support and choose a tire this size or smaller.  Then figure out how much lift (or better yet, sheet metal trimming) you need to fit it.  These tires will need lower gears and you should add a rear locker at the same time.  You might want to think about a winch and front locker or limited slip.  You will begin to see the wisdom of a tow rig and trailer to get home should you break something on the trail.

Wild build
At this level, you are probably talking about a dedicated trail rig.  You should keep it street legal as some venues require driving on local roads to get to the trail head.  You should mount seats to the roll cage and install four point seat belts.  Heavier duty axles, front and rear lockers, and a winch are mandatory.  Once tire size goes over 38" you will need a hydraulic ram to assist steering. 



Vehicle Equipment

Basic Equipment
Every vehicle should carry these and they should be securely fastened down (like everything else).  You should be able to reach the flashlight and fire extinguisher from your seat.  Factory seat belts do not release if you are upside down (don't ask how we know this). CB radio Flashlight First aid kit (include any of your family's special needs like EpiPens or insulin) Fire extinguisher Complete change of clothes Full size spare tire Jack Wrench to remove tire (and key if you have locking lug nuts) Tow hooks front and rear Specialty tools for your vehicle
Good to have
With the exception of the Hi-Lift, every vehicle really should have these too. Tow strap (no hooks on ends!) Shackle Short piece of chain with washers and bolt that fits through middle links Small tarp or blanket Hand towel(s) Rachet strap High lift jack
Basic Tools
Regardless of your mechanical skills you should carry these to fix your rig of someone else's.  Philips and flat screwdrivers Adjustible wrench Set of combination wrenches (metric or SAE to fit your vehicle) Pliers Ball peen hammer Duct tape Zip ties Small roll heavy wire Spare fuses Fan belt(s)
Optional Tools
These are really more for the skilled mechanic, but consider carrying a few of these as well. Schrader valve and removal tool Chisel Punch Socket set Small vice grip Channel locks Allen wrenchs Torx bits (if your vehicle is cursed with them) Stubby and offset screwdrivers Hacksaw File Teflon tape WD-40 or wire dry spray Scissors Electrical tester Wire strippers Electrical wire, tape and  connectors Misc. nuts and bolts Extra fluids (motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, ATF, gear lube)



Trail Etiquette

At the beginning of a trail ride it is common to introduce yourself.  Include a nickname or handle that is easy for everyone else to remember.  Be sure to figure out the name or handle of the people in front and behind you.  This way you can get on the CB and say something like "Hey Turtle, stay to the left at the top of that hill."

Chatter can liven things up, but limit it to easy sections of the trail.  You don't want to be telling a long joke while someone else needs to warn the group about an obstacle or call for assistance.

Only one person should "spot" others through a tough obstacle or be in charge of vehicle recovery.  Often that person will need help conveying instructions to the winch operator, watching how close the rear bumper comes to that tree, etc.  Work out who is involved before spotting/recovery starts and if you are not part of the operation, keep quiet and stay out of the way.  See if there is something you can do to help indirectly - like taking pictures or making sure the kids stay safe.

It takes a village
When it comes to keeping children safe, we are all responsible. Be sure they are off of the trail if vehicles are moving. Be sure they are clear of vehicle recovery operations. Be sure they are not playing near deep water, cliffs, poison ivy, or space aliens. Don't assume it must be OK with the parents. If you are not comfortable, step up and keep them safe. Better to be thought pushy and over protective than to try out your CPR skills...

Watch your back
Always, always, always keep the vehicle behind you in sight!  If you don't see them STOP!  This way nobody gets lost.  This is not always possible in really dense trees or steep hills, but if you are about to  take a fork or go over a hill, pause until you catch sight of the vehicle behind you.  It takes a little practise to pick a good spot to pause, but the top of a hill or end of a long straight section are ideal because you want to:

Give others some room
Don't follow too closely to the vehicle in front of you.  This is especially important going up or down muddy hills.  You don't want to slide into the person in front of you going down a hill.  If the vehicle in front of you fails to climb a hill, they may loose control backing down the hill to try again.  Also, it is to your advantage to see under the vehicle in front of you so you can watch the tires and differentials.  This will help you decide what line to take over the obstacles - and what lines NOT to take!

Once you clear that obstacle, you might want to go back and watch others try it, offer advice to them, and maybe take some pictures.  Be sure to park far enough down the trail so that ALL of the vehicles in the group will have room to park.  If you notice that room is getting short, speak up and help make some room! This is a safety issue, so it is appropriate to move someone else's vehicle if they are occupied spotting for others, responding to the call of nature, or have been abducted by aliens.  This is only possible if you:

Leave your keys in the ignition
So others can move your rig.  Also, they don't get lost.  Few things are as irritating for the group as combing the woods for your keys... but you should still:

Be patient
This is not a face paced sport, especially if you are in a large group.  Be prepared to wait for that newbie to struggle with street tires in the mud pit or the "Big Dogs" who want to try an optional obstacle.  Give the newbie some advice if you can and see if you can pick up some tricks from the big dogs.  Most importantly, be patient when there is trail carnage or mechanical failures.

Be prepared
One way to reduce frustrating delays is to be sure your vehicle is ready for the trail.  Do routine maintenance like checking fluid levels, u-joint condition etc.  Its a good idea to attend our annual Saftey Check Event to identify potential problems before hitting the trail. 



What goes in your offroad rig for support

Here are some tips (always growing) of items to bring with you on your adventure Carry multiple way to make a fire Fire can be used to: provide heat cook and preserve food purify water & sterilize wound dressings act as a signaling device There are several easy methods to start a fire that include: Survival lighter Matches (kept in a waterproof case) Magnesium bar with built in flint and your knife. I like Doan Magnesium Starters because of the quality or Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel   First Aid Kit A water proof case or bag DOCUMENTATION Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine SOAP Notes (or Injury / illness documentation forms) Note book & pencil List of drugs in the kit & expiration date Copy of doctor’s order for prescription drugs carried in the kit PERSONAL PROTECTION 4 (at least) pair non latex Gloves (also put a set in each of the other sections) Ear plugs Purell hand sanitizer TOOLS Headlamp / Penlight Watch Scissors Tweezers 60 cc syringe Suction bulb Oral / digital thermometer Sterile scalpel blade Fine hemostat x 2 Blood pressure cuff Stethoscope Sterile needles for splinters Pocket rescue mask WOUND CLEANING KIT Tooth Brush - new 2 4x4 inch sterile gauze dressings 2 2x2 inch sterile gauze dressings 1 small bottle of tincture of benzoin WOUND DRESSING KIT 2 4x4 inch sterile gauze dressings 2 2x2 inch sterile gauze dressings First Aid Cream Neosporin 1 2x2 mole skin for blisters 6 band-Aids 1 roll 1 inch flexible tape 1 roll “vet” wrap 1 small tube Providone iodine ointment 1 small bottle liquid soap 2 inch elastic bandage ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK KIT Epinephrine 1 cc syringe x3 or Epi pen 4 tablets Benedryl LARGE WOUNDS / FRACTURES Large Triangular Bandage Xeroform gauze dressing Sam Splint 4 Diaper pins 4” & 6” Ace bandage Burn sheet (100% cotton t-Shirt fresh from dryer kept in plastic bag) Large dressing (Sanitary Napkins / diapers work well) Handful of big plastic cable ties Duct Tape MEDICATIONS – Nonprescription Tylenol aka Acetaminophen (Pain, Fever) Advil aka ibuprofen (Pain, Fever, Inflammation) Aspirin (Pain, Fever, Inflammation) Aleve aka naproxen (Pain, Fever, Inflammation) Allegra-D Imodium Benadryl Stool Softener (e.g. Colase) Syrup of Ipecac Liquid activated charcoalv Cake mate Dramamine (motion sickness) Cough & cold preparations Sun block Chap Stick MEDICATIONS – Prescription  (Talk to your doctor) Antibiotic tablets Antibiotic eye ointment or drops Epipen Prednisone Abuterol Inhaler Medication for severe pain Steroid cream Diamox (if going to altitude) Tools & Replacement Parts Replacing a universal joint The tools and parts you’ll need for replacing a U-joint include: New U-joint Snap ring pliers or pliers Flat blade screw driver to push the "C" clips off - a thin blade is nice Big hammer Block of wood to work on Old socket that has the right OD (outside diameter) to fit inside the yoke holding the U-joint cap  




Ham Radio or CB Radio CB Radio     Ham Radio License practice quiz https://myoffroadradio.com/courses/online-ham-radio-technician-license-class/ Study Guides: http://www.w5yi.org/ More Practice Tests: https://www.qrz.com/   Here are some things to look for in a mobile ham radio for 4-wheeling: Dual band feature (2 m / 70 cm) - access any repeaters as you travel regardless if they are 2 meter or 70 centimeters. High output wattage - nice to have extra power to reach a remote repeater. There seems to be a tradeoff between power and dual band. Most single band 2 meter radios have more output power. Large memory capability - pre plan the repeaters for a long expedition and have room to store them all Easy to read display - size, contrast, back light, for driving safety and ease of use Removable control head - increases mounting options in the vehicle. The bulk of the radio and can go under a seat or in the trunk. Sealed radio - the cooling fan should not pull air (and, therefore dust) through the radio. NOAA weather alert - important to keep an eye on the weather when off road. Cross band repeater function - see above Ease of use. This is a bit relative. Today’s radios have so many functions, they can be challenging to program the first time. Another reason to get yourself a mentor (known as an Elmer).



TV Shows

What are some great TV Shows focused around crushing some gears? Street Outlaws - Discovery Truck Night in America - History Channel Alaska Offroad Warriors - History Channel Expedition Overland - Youtube    



Ram 3500 Suspension Upgrade

So I'm one of those guys that likes my cake and eat it to.  So I want the best of all worlds. What am I working with? I have a 2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab with the Cummins Diesel Engine, What are my goals? I want everything.. offroad capability and yet this is my daily driver as well as it has to tow the largest and heaviest fifth wheel travel trailer What have I been looking at? Really impressed with Diesel Power Products  Nomad build of a Ram 2500.  Looks like I could do the same on my 2013 Ram 3500 but it looks like I would sacrifice the ability to tow our fifth wheel.  Every other year we drive from Flint, MI to Willis, TX for a family reunion pulling this monster 13k pound trailer.  A bit worried I'd loose the ability to pull it.  We all know you can't resell RV trailers. Any options? Looking into this.  I have several feelers out.  Looks like I could possibly go half way with maybe a Carli suspension upgrade (not really lifting it at all and keeping the same size tires on the truck) Will keep you posted.



2017 Nissan Armada Opinion

So my 2013 Dodge RAM 3500 had an issue with the DEF pump and injector ($2500 in parts) so I had to get a rental since the repair was going to be roughly two weeks due to lack of parts.  At first enterprise gave me a Dodge Journey..  what a serious piece of crap that was.  I couldn't drive it more than a day and had to exchange it for something else, anything else.  I paid for an upgrade (spoil myself) on the Nissan Armada.  Never drove one before and figured this is the perfect opportunity to see what they are all about. This had more luxuries than anything I'm use to which included heated and air conditioned front and rear seats. It included a monitor in the back of the front passengers head rest for rear occupants to watch a video. It had 4 wheel drive and just about every option you can think of.  Was awesome in the snow. No problem getting up and going with the V8 and great traction for accelerating. The only cons I could come up with are It could never tow my 40' fifth wheel Very much disliked the rear camera (difficult to see, I like my RAM camera way better) Remote start was spotty (difficult to use) Vehicle is heavy so stopping on icy roads was more challenging then a lighter vehicle. Would I recommend the Nissan Armada to someone looking for a luxurious Full Size SUV.  Definitly! It's less expensive than the Toyota Sequoia and honestly I haven't driven the Toyota Full Size SUV and I really do like Toyota products.  Currently Nissan has hit it out of the park with this SUV.  It's small enough that it's easy to manuver in a busy parking lot and yet big enough 6 of us enjoyed plenty of room and creature comforts that the Nissan Armada offered for its passengers. Obviously everyone isn't the same.  I'm a 6'3" guy and I liked the ride height, I really liked driving it from Flint to Detroit and back for work and if I didn't have the requirement to tow a large fifth wheel I could see myself sliding into one of these for my very own.  A test drive might sell you on it...  or do what I did and rent one for a week and see if you want to keep driving one after your rental is done.



Time for a Wood Stove

My wife and I are freezing our asses off in our own home unless I crank the furnace up to 68 degrees which is crazy to think.  I remember as a kid we were never cold in the house but we always had a wood burner in the home (most of the homes it was in the basement).  It would get some warm in the house that windows had to be opened in the home in the middle of winter to let out some of the hot and let in some of the cool weather. So now I'm a grown up and freezing my ass off in this home that was built in the 60's I thought of applying the same thought process that worked when I was a kid.  Get a wood burner in the basement. I originally wanted to replace the wood stove upstairs that came with the home since it doesn't put out a lot (or really any) heat.  Especially since we spend most of our time in the living room upstairs but when they came out to look at what we have they pointed out that we should stop using it Immediately. Apparently whoever put the wood insert in trimmed the outside of it with wood trim which is charred on the back from burning from the heat of the wood stove.  So in short, its about to start on fire like charcoal.  To correct the hearth that is too short, all the wood trim, wood mantle, etc I'm looking close to $10,000 so probably not going to happen.  My thought was to pull it out and put a gas stove/insert in its place so I don't have to do as much work.  The company I talked to said they could pull the stove out for $400 but some serious cost to fix everything.  That will have to be maybe next year. Since upstairs is a bust, concentrating on the downstairs which uses the same chimney so its directly below the living room.  My thought is it would at least warm the wood floors in the winter and give the impression its warmer.  And we do know that warm air rises so there is a good chance it could heat most of the 1800 sq ft 1960 home on half basement and half crawl (the crawl space is below all the bedrooms) I was bouncing back and forth between a Lopi and a Blaze King for manufacturers of wood stove.  My parents has a Lopi wood stove and it was there favorite of all the brands they had but that was a long time ago before they started getting strict with emissions. Researching burn times and warranty information the Blaze King on paper is the clear winner so I chose a Blaze King Princess Insert which will get installed on the 23rd of January 2018 (brochure is attached along with manual)   OM-PI1010A-E.pdf BlazeKingInserts_Broch.pdf



Dad Hospital Visit

Yesterday I'm chugging along, keyboard pounding at my job and I get a call from my sister that she was notified by dispatch that our dad is being transported to the hospital via an ambulance.  Now my dad isn't a young man and he's considered overweight.  The information she has is that his nose is pouring blood and he can't get it to stop, dizziness, shortness of breath so he calls for an ambulance to get him to the hospital. What a scary feeling.  Of course my primary mode of transportation (2013 Dodge Ram 3500) is in the shop again but this time to service DEF fluid.  It has been negative temps here in Michigan but if the truck requires DEF fluid you have to know people in the south aren't the only one's buying the truck.  Of course when Service Engine light is on, remote start doesn't work in effort to protect the truck. So not sure if I should wait for my sister to let me know or find a way to get down to the hospital which is an hour away in the best case scenario only and hour.  I'm not able to concentrate on work at all so I go out to the garage and start checking fluids on my 91 K5 Blazer.  I didn't' want to drive it on the salty roads because I know it will rust quickly but it would be pretty stupid to worry about a replaceable truck when you may loose your one and only dad.  The truck has no working heat but I bundle up I added trans fluid and oil and headed out onto the salty roads.  I need gas so I fill up and it asks do you want the touchless car wash and I'm like, heck ya and in fact give me the fancy $9 wash and I'll get the truck washed on my way home.  When you are done pumping gas it spits a receipt out with the Wash Code, yea my mind was elsewhere so someone else got that wash since the second my truck was filled up and jumped in and started driving to the hospital. It took roughly an hour and I pull into St.Joseph Mercy Hospital and park in Visitors parking and find my way through the maze of hallways to a receptionist and have to patiently wait for them to get off the phone with there boyfriend/girlfriend to find out what room he's in.  She replies that he's in ER and to just go down this hallway and once you see so many lefts make the next one then a right then another right then a left then spin in a circle and hop on one foot and you should arrive at the Emergency Room where you can ask what POD your dad is in.  Thankfully several people along the way noticed my "lost look" and kept pointing me in the direction. Arrive at the emergency room and met with mrs. attitude which had no clue what she was doing but the guy next to her jumped in and told me what POD he was in and gave the best directions he could.  Every room (or POD) was full so they had people in hallways.  It was insane on how busy the ER was and how full it was.  I needed additional help from people in ER to find my dads room.  Once I arrived I found he was there with my sister and two of his close friends.  The doctors did several tests and found his medication wasn't correct.  In short, CVS messed up again and sent back a medication his doctor sent in for him.  So his blood pressure was really high which is the cause for the symptoms he was experiencing (except the shortness of breath). He's home now and doing better.  My coworkers were amazing and jumped in to help cover me so I could go check on my dad.  It was very touching to see how many people care.      





So, I do Robotics. 2017 was the first year for me and I was exited to get started. But of corse it took forever to start. Very boring at first. All we talked about was the game and none about the robot it self. After like a week of it we finally started talking and planning out but I did not help much because they are on the second year of robotics and its only my first. We were the first middle school group that made it to states but unfortunately we did not win to compete against the high schoolers:-( but everyone was still proud of us. Thank you for reading my Ro-Ro-Bots/Mind Garbage stuff.



Offroad Trails

Gray Rock ORV -very cool! Usually 6-8 open rides a year

Morris Mountain ORV -open almost every weekend

Little River Canyon 

Hurricane Creek Tuscaloosa, AL - Great short paddling trip! 10min form my house!

Mountain Side Off Road Park

Superlift ORV Park

Ouachita National Forest

write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...light=Ouachita

write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...light=Ouachita

Byrd's Adventure Center - Cass Arkansas

Hard Rock Cycle Park


River Rock ORV Park

Beasley Knob OHV Trail System / Chattahoochee-Oconee
National Forests


Insane Terrain Off Road Park

Badlands Off Road Park, IN

Redbird state riding area

Harlan WOOOHOOO!!! Putney Trailhead
This is the trail head with cabins and camping. It's further from the hardcore trails but it's a nicer (non-free) place to stay.

Land Between the Lakes National Rec Area

Black Mountain


Catahoula Recreation

Cape Cod National Sea Shore.

North Maine Woods - Multiple Use Management Area

Assateague Island National Park

The Mounds ORV Area

Drummond Island in Michigans Upper Pennisula:

10 minutes north of Sault Saint Marie, Michigan (just over the border in Canada)
PICS  Sault Trussel Offroad Park - more pics/vids added to 2nd post - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest 
Twisted Trails

Rocks and Valleys Harrison, MI

Bundy Hill Off Road Park

Michigan Moto Mania . Harrison Mi.
Bikes Quads and various vehicles

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Mears, MI.

Iron Range OHV Park

Appleton OHV Park

Rockport Off Road Park (Hannibal Rock), MO

Flat Nasty Off Road Park

SMORR - South Missouri Off Road Ranch

White Mountain National Forest

Pine Barrens

Tellico TN/NC

Nantahala National Forest

The Outer Banks Vehicle Beach Access

Cape Lookout Island/ Adventure

write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=11979

Uwharrie (Eldorado Outpost)

The Farm
This is the official website: http://bigdixieboggers.com/thefarm.html
This is private property. Do not wheel without permission. Open events are typically posted here: http://www.nc4x4.com/forums/forumdis...sprune=30&f=24

Disney, OK

Clayton, OK

Bald Eagle State Forest

Write up:  Bald Eagle State Forest, 11/18/06 - Expedition Portal Forum 
Rausch Creek ORV Park

Allegheny National Forest

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

Great Allegheny Passage Connecting Cumberland, MD and Pittsburgh, PA

whole trail: http://www.nps.gov/pohe/

Rock Run Recreation Area info

Rhode Island
Arcadia Management Area

Gulches ORV Park

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

write up: http://www.4wdtrips.net/forum/showpo...33&postcount=2

Cherokee National Forest

Wheelin in the Country ORV Park

Wooly's Off Road

Mayhem Off Road Park
Pics: http://community.webshots.com/user/zukezilla

Coon Creek Off Road Park

Coal Creek OHV (Windrock)

Katemcy Rocks 

Trees Ranch Very Cool!!! I liked it better than Katemcy!!! 

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

General Sams Off Road Park MUD HELL HOLE 

Boulder Creek Trail Park

Trans Vermont

Locals: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=10026

Big Dogs Gore open four times a year

George Washington National Forest

pics: http://www.davenjeip.net/pictures.html

write up: http://www.4x4icon.com/offroad/01010...wine/index.htm

Monongahela National Forest

cool camera: http://www.fsvisimages.com/doso1/doso1.html

Blackwater Falls State Park




1972 Cutlass Convertible

I always wanted a muscle car but time and finances never really allowed it until I got divorced. I'm even more broke but didn't have that person to tell me no. It was a matter of finding what I wanted. I love Chevelle's and Camaro's but everyone has one. I ran across an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible in really solid condition body and frame. Not perfect, but solid... so I bought it.





BMW Motorcycle Owners of America The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America (BMW MOA) is a motorcycle club for owners and admirers of BMW motorcycles. As of 2008, it had 39,700 members. BMW MOA was founded in 1972 in Chicago by five enthusiasts. The club is based in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. It publishes a monthly magazine, BMW Owners News and an annual Anonymous book to assist touring riders in difficulty. Though founded in the United States, BMW MOA has members across the world. Since 1973 the club has held an annual rally in the United States and once in Canada.





Harley Owners Group The Harley Owners Group (HOG) is a sponsored community marketing club, operated by Harley-Davidson for enthusiasts of that brand's motorcycles. The HOG is "the grandaddy of all community-building efforts," serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. The HOG has also served to open new revenue streams for the company, with the production of tie-in merchandise offered to club members, numbering over one million strong,[1] making it the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world.[2] The Harley-Davidson community was the prototype for the ethnographic term subculture of consumption, defined as "a distinctive subgroup of society that self-selects on the basis of a shared commitment to a particular product class, brand, or consumption activity





Gold Wing Road Riders Association (http://www.gwrra.org/) Gold Wing Road Riders Association [GWRRA], founded in 1977, is recognized as the world's largest single-marquee motorcycle association in the world. GWRRA provides safety, technical, and educational services to its Members world-wide.  




Woodward Dream Cruise 2017

Woodward Dream Cruise 2017 Still crazy as ever.  Very very packed from bumper to bumper with a whole wide range of vehicles. You have the typical what you expect classic cars To the bit crazier vehicles (how much motor can I put in the smallest space) An then you get the art on wheels. Always something to catch your eye as they drive one way then they turn around and drive the other way and then turn around again It's worth going.  Tons of fun but if you aren't a patient person, you may not want to go since you'll be stuck in traffic for hours.




Back to the Bricks 2017

Back to the Bricks is typically way more mellow than the Woodward Dream Cruise and so was the case again this year.  We had a lot of threat of rain but by the weekend it was beautiful. During the week one of the oldest, still running, drive-in theaters offers free to anyone that has a classic car and its packed with so many enthusiast which really turns out to be a great time. All during the week you'll see cars of all shapes and sizes in parking lots on the sides of Saginaw all the way from Grand Blanc up to the Vehicle City, Flint. Hope you were able to make it.  Crazy to think they run both Woodward Dream Cruise and Back to the Bricks at the same time.  It really breaks it up.  Would be great to have them staggered like one of the shows a bit earlier in the year but as long as they have them I'll keep going.




BFG KO2 vs Toyo Open Country

At the tire store again since the Goodyear Duratracs have proven to be garbage tires.  They chunked out so bad that I couldn't even drive my truck anymore.  Yes I rotated them every other oil change and yes I did carry a fifth wheel.  All things I do with the factory bridgestones without issues and with the Silent Armors I had without the issues I've had with the Duratracs.  Not to mention how horrible they are in the snow and rain. So next purchase I limited my decision to either BF Goodrich KO2 tires which I have running on my 1991 K5 but thats a light vehicle I don't run on a daily basis.  KO2 do not have a mileage warranty at all Toyo Open Country AT2 have a 40,000 mile warranty and some good reviews. Just don't look as good.




Gear Crushers in the Offroad Community

Gear Crushers and Offroad How many times have you gone to a website and invested time in adding and contributing to the community to have them change or just call it quits.  I am tired of being involved with communities / websites that the admins just don't keep up to date with patches or no involvement because the community has given up on them. We at Gear Crushers love everything. I don't want to have to join multiple different clubs because I enjoy different toys. Most everything is similar (engine, trans, suspension, etc). I enjoy not just offroad but street racing, boats, rv's, ATV's, Motocross, Motorcycles, etc..  This site "Gear Crushers" is exactly that.  We want to give a home for everyone.  They all have similarities that could benefit you or could benefit someone else.  Engines, Transmissions, Axles, etc..  but feel free to create your own club to advertise your site (events for your community).  People may be browsing Gear Crusher Clubs by location and could find that you are in there area. Also I think we have a kick ass logo that could be used by Bike, Car, Truck, Offroad, Boat communites.. Have fun!




Chevy Colorado Review

Occasionally I have to rent a vehicle and when you go to the Kansas City Airport and rent from National you get a pretty nice selection. This week I chose a new 2017 Chevy Colorado. My sister has one and she likes it. Video Coming Soon




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