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Electric Vehicles Joke

Some days you have to just ask yourself, "What the heck is the world coming to?" and I find myself saying this often lately with the big push from the government to go electric only.  Yea, they are not supporting the more reasonable approach is to demand Hybrid Technology which is more realistic instead of strictly Electric Only vehicles since our country is not ready for everyone to have everyone plug in there electric vehicles to begin the hours of waiting time while electricity trickles into

Cowboy Denny

Cowboy Denny in General

Learning Bodywork

I want to start this blog by letting everyone know I have no idea what I'm doing but wanted to share in my experience with taking care of the bodywork on my 1964 Chevy Truck. (not the one in this image but I do want this light olive paint color) From my understanding you have four major stages SHAPING PREPPING PAINTING BUFFING NEWBIE SUPPLY ORDER FROM EASTWOOD SHAPING Get down to the bare metal is my first step (no rust, no paint, less iss



Woodward Dream Cruise 2017

Woodward Dream Cruise 2017 Still crazy as ever.  Very very packed from bumper to bumper with a whole wide range of vehicles. You have the typical what you expect classic cars To the bit crazier vehicles (how much motor can I put in the smallest space) An then you get the art on wheels. Always something to catch your eye as they drive one way then they turn around and drive the other way and then turn around again It's worth going.  Tons of fun bu



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