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This blog is for any Gear Crusher talking about what was great or crappy about there day revolving around trucks, cars, bikes, boats, etc.

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Downsizing to a 2003 3/4 Suburban

This blog will start as a story of how I use to have many jobs but life was passing me by as I was on a constant spiral down from any life whatsoever. Including missing my family and friends it just lost its appeal.  My thought process was work as much as I can while I can because you never know when you just can't anymore.  Well that was nice but all you do is spend more money instead of save the extra money or try to get ahead by possibly paying off the monster debt.  Not me, I apparently have



Dad Hospital Visit

Yesterday I'm chugging along, keyboard pounding at my job and I get a call from my sister that she was notified by dispatch that our dad is being transported to the hospital via an ambulance.  Now my dad isn't a young man and he's considered overweight.  The information she has is that his nose is pouring blood and he can't get it to stop, dizziness, shortness of breath so he calls for an ambulance to get him to the hospital. What a scary feeling.  Of course my primary mode of transpo



Help Victims of Hurricane Damage

Obviously there are a lot of places you can go to help the victims of the several Hurricane's the United States is being the target of. Some of you will remember the damage that Hurricane Andrew did to Florida What is the visual size difference between Andrew and Irma? Here is a good picture that helps show the difference Also Hurricane Andrew just caught the bottom of Florida.  Here is the path that Andrew followed Compared to the predicted path of Hurricane I



4Runner Power

So my wife was on her way to work and went to the ATM at the bank and its unfortunately across the street from a school.  She needs to turn left out of the parking lot to head towards work but a line of cars are blocking her as they are waiting to pull into the school to drop off there kids. Some nice person decides to let her out and she looks both ways and she starts to pull out and BAM!!  A late 90's Chevy Silverado plows into her.  He was tired of waiting in the left lane of cars so he



My RAM gots its ass ripped

So I had a "Perform Service" on the trucks display so I needed to get it to the shop to figure out whats wrong with it.  Last time they had it I didn't have a truck for a bit so if I needed to do anything with it I better use it before I drop the truck off for work. I wanted to mow under my fifth wheel so originally I wanted to back it up but without a spotter I was worried about the trees, tractor or whatever else that could go terribly wrong so I decided I'd move this monster forward inst



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