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What goes in your offroad rig for support

Here are some tips (always growing) of items to bring with you on your adventure Carry multiple way to make a fire Fire can be used to: provide heat cook and preserve food purify water & sterilize wound dressings act as a signaling device There are several easy methods to start a fire that include: Survival lighter Matches (kept in a waterproof case) Magnesium bar with built in flint and your knife. I like Doan Magnesium Starters because of the quality or Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel   First Aid Kit A water proof case or bag DOCUMENTATION Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine SOAP Notes (or Injury / illness documentation forms) Note book & pencil List of drugs in the kit & expiration date Copy of doctor’s order for prescription drugs carried in the kit PERSONAL PROTECTION 4 (at least) pair non latex Gloves (also put a set in each of the other sections) Ear plugs Purell hand sanitizer TOOLS Headlamp / Penlight Watch Scissors Tweezers 60 cc syringe Suction bulb Oral / digital thermometer Sterile scalpel blade Fine hemostat x 2 Blood pressure cuff Stethoscope Sterile needles for splinters Pocket rescue mask WOUND CLEANING KIT Tooth Brush - new 2 4x4 inch sterile gauze dressings 2 2x2 inch sterile gauze dressings 1 small bottle of tincture of benzoin WOUND DRESSING KIT 2 4x4 inch sterile gauze dressings 2 2x2 inch sterile gauze dressings First Aid Cream Neosporin 1 2x2 mole skin for blisters 6 band-Aids 1 roll 1 inch flexible tape 1 roll “vet” wrap 1 small tube Providone iodine ointment 1 small bottle liquid soap 2 inch elastic bandage ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK KIT Epinephrine 1 cc syringe x3 or Epi pen 4 tablets Benedryl LARGE WOUNDS / FRACTURES Large Triangular Bandage Xeroform gauze dressing Sam Splint 4 Diaper pins 4” & 6” Ace bandage Burn sheet (100% cotton t-Shirt fresh from dryer kept in plastic bag) Large dressing (Sanitary Napkins / diapers work well) Handful of big plastic cable ties Duct Tape MEDICATIONS – Nonprescription Tylenol aka Acetaminophen (Pain, Fever) Advil aka ibuprofen (Pain, Fever, Inflammation) Aspirin (Pain, Fever, Inflammation) Aleve aka naproxen (Pain, Fever, Inflammation) Allegra-D Imodium Benadryl Stool Softener (e.g. Colase) Syrup of Ipecac Liquid activated charcoalv Cake mate Dramamine (motion sickness) Cough & cold preparations Sun block Chap Stick MEDICATIONS – Prescription  (Talk to your doctor) Antibiotic tablets Antibiotic eye ointment or drops Epipen Prednisone Abuterol Inhaler Medication for severe pain Steroid cream Diamox (if going to altitude) Tools & Replacement Parts Replacing a universal joint The tools and parts you’ll need for replacing a U-joint include: New U-joint Snap ring pliers or pliers Flat blade screw driver to push the "C" clips off - a thin blade is nice Big hammer Block of wood to work on Old socket that has the right OD (outside diameter) to fit inside the yoke holding the U-joint cap  




Ham Radio or CB Radio CB Radio     Ham Radio License practice quiz https://myoffroadradio.com/courses/online-ham-radio-technician-license-class/ Study Guides: http://www.w5yi.org/ More Practice Tests: https://www.qrz.com/   Here are some things to look for in a mobile ham radio for 4-wheeling: Dual band feature (2 m / 70 cm) - access any repeaters as you travel regardless if they are 2 meter or 70 centimeters. High output wattage - nice to have extra power to reach a remote repeater. There seems to be a tradeoff between power and dual band. Most single band 2 meter radios have more output power. Large memory capability - pre plan the repeaters for a long expedition and have room to store them all Easy to read display - size, contrast, back light, for driving safety and ease of use Removable control head - increases mounting options in the vehicle. The bulk of the radio and can go under a seat or in the trunk. Sealed radio - the cooling fan should not pull air (and, therefore dust) through the radio. NOAA weather alert - important to keep an eye on the weather when off road. Cross band repeater function - see above Ease of use. This is a bit relative. Today’s radios have so many functions, they can be challenging to program the first time. Another reason to get yourself a mentor (known as an Elmer).



TV Shows

What are some great TV Shows focused around crushing some gears? Street Outlaws - Discovery Truck Night in America - History Channel Alaska Offroad Warriors - History Channel Expedition Overland - Youtube    



Ram 3500 Suspension Upgrade

So I'm one of those guys that likes my cake and eat it to.  So I want the best of all worlds. What am I working with? I have a 2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab with the Cummins Diesel Engine, What are my goals? I want everything.. offroad capability and yet this is my daily driver as well as it has to tow the largest and heaviest fifth wheel travel trailer What have I been looking at? Really impressed with Diesel Power Products  Nomad build of a Ram 2500.  Looks like I could do the same on my 2013 Ram 3500 but it looks like I would sacrifice the ability to tow our fifth wheel.  Every other year we drive from Flint, MI to Willis, TX for a family reunion pulling this monster 13k pound trailer.  A bit worried I'd loose the ability to pull it.  We all know you can't resell RV trailers. Any options? Looking into this.  I have several feelers out.  Looks like I could possibly go half way with maybe a Carli suspension upgrade (not really lifting it at all and keeping the same size tires on the truck) Will keep you posted.



Offroad Trails

Gray Rock ORV -very cool! Usually 6-8 open rides a year

Morris Mountain ORV -open almost every weekend

Little River Canyon 

Hurricane Creek Tuscaloosa, AL - Great short paddling trip! 10min form my house!

Mountain Side Off Road Park

Superlift ORV Park

Ouachita National Forest

write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...light=Ouachita

write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...light=Ouachita

Byrd's Adventure Center - Cass Arkansas

Hard Rock Cycle Park


River Rock ORV Park

Beasley Knob OHV Trail System / Chattahoochee-Oconee
National Forests


Insane Terrain Off Road Park

Badlands Off Road Park, IN

Redbird state riding area

Harlan WOOOHOOO!!! Putney Trailhead
This is the trail head with cabins and camping. It's further from the hardcore trails but it's a nicer (non-free) place to stay.

Land Between the Lakes National Rec Area

Black Mountain


Catahoula Recreation

Cape Cod National Sea Shore.

North Maine Woods - Multiple Use Management Area

Assateague Island National Park

The Mounds ORV Area

Drummond Island in Michigans Upper Pennisula:

10 minutes north of Sault Saint Marie, Michigan (just over the border in Canada)
PICS  Sault Trussel Offroad Park - more pics/vids added to 2nd post - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest 
Twisted Trails

Rocks and Valleys Harrison, MI

Bundy Hill Off Road Park

Michigan Moto Mania . Harrison Mi.
Bikes Quads and various vehicles

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Mears, MI.

Iron Range OHV Park

Appleton OHV Park

Rockport Off Road Park (Hannibal Rock), MO

Flat Nasty Off Road Park

SMORR - South Missouri Off Road Ranch

White Mountain National Forest

Pine Barrens

Tellico TN/NC

Nantahala National Forest

The Outer Banks Vehicle Beach Access

Cape Lookout Island/ Adventure

write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=11979

Uwharrie (Eldorado Outpost)

The Farm
This is the official website: http://bigdixieboggers.com/thefarm.html
This is private property. Do not wheel without permission. Open events are typically posted here: http://www.nc4x4.com/forums/forumdis...sprune=30&f=24

Disney, OK

Clayton, OK

Bald Eagle State Forest

Write up:  Bald Eagle State Forest, 11/18/06 - Expedition Portal Forum 
Rausch Creek ORV Park

Allegheny National Forest

Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

Great Allegheny Passage Connecting Cumberland, MD and Pittsburgh, PA

whole trail: http://www.nps.gov/pohe/

Rock Run Recreation Area info

Rhode Island
Arcadia Management Area

Gulches ORV Park

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

write up: http://www.4wdtrips.net/forum/showpo...33&postcount=2

Cherokee National Forest

Wheelin in the Country ORV Park

Wooly's Off Road

Mayhem Off Road Park
Pics: http://community.webshots.com/user/zukezilla

Coon Creek Off Road Park

Coal Creek OHV (Windrock)

Katemcy Rocks 

Trees Ranch Very Cool!!! I liked it better than Katemcy!!! 

Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area

General Sams Off Road Park MUD HELL HOLE 

Boulder Creek Trail Park

Trans Vermont

Locals: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=10026

Big Dogs Gore open four times a year

George Washington National Forest

pics: http://www.davenjeip.net/pictures.html

write up: http://www.4x4icon.com/offroad/01010...wine/index.htm

Monongahela National Forest

cool camera: http://www.fsvisimages.com/doso1/doso1.html

Blackwater Falls State Park




Gear Crushers in the Offroad Community

Gear Crushers and Offroad How many times have you gone to a website and invested time in adding and contributing to the community to have them change or just call it quits.  I am tired of being involved with communities / websites that the admins just don't keep up to date with patches or no involvement because the community has given up on them. We at Gear Crushers love everything. I don't want to have to join multiple different clubs because I enjoy different toys. Most everything is similar (engine, trans, suspension, etc). I enjoy not just offroad but street racing, boats, rv's, ATV's, Motocross, Motorcycles, etc..  This site "Gear Crushers" is exactly that.  We want to give a home for everyone.  They all have similarities that could benefit you or could benefit someone else.  Engines, Transmissions, Axles, etc..  but feel free to create your own club to advertise your site (events for your community).  People may be browsing Gear Crusher Clubs by location and could find that you are in there area. Also I think we have a kick ass logo that could be used by Bike, Car, Truck, Offroad, Boat communites.. Have fun!




Part Catalog Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America (2016)

2016 – Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America With over 12,600 responses from off-roading enthusiasts, PartCatalog has compiled the top off road trails and rides of choice for 39 states in America. Through Facebook correspondence and word of mouth from parks, trails, and off-roading clubs, respondents learned about the survey and were excited to share their top picks for The 2016 Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America. To compile these results, we asked three questions:
What state do you live in?
What is your ride of choice?
What are the Top 5 Off Road destinations? Alabama 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Stony Lonesome – Bremen, AL
#2 Hawk Pride Mountain – Tuscumbia, AL
#3 Choccolocco Mountain – Jacksonville, AL
#4 Gray Rock – Gardendale, AL
#5 Top Trails – Talladega, AL Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Buggy
#3 Can Am Maverick Arkansas 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Hot Springs ORV – Hot Springs, AR
#2 Mack’s Pines – Dover, AR
#3 Hillarosa – Blevins, AR
#4 Carter’s OffRoad – Alexander, AR
#5 Byrd’s Adventure Center – Ozark, AR Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Polaris RZR Arizona 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Lake Havasu – Lake Havasu City, AZ
#2 Broken Arrow – Sedona, AZ
#3 President’s Choice – Parker, AZ
#4 Arizona Peace Trail – Quartzsite, AZ
#5 Charouleau Gap – Tucson, AZ Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Jeep Wrangler
#3 Arctic Cat California 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Rubicon – Georgetown, CA
#2 Ocotillo Wells – Borrego Springs, CA
#3 Johnson Valley – Johnson Valley, CA
#4 Glamis Sand Dunes – El Centro, CA
#5 Big Bear (John Bull) – Big Bear City, CA Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Motorcycle or ATV Colorado 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Black Bear Pass – Telluride, CO
#2 Imogene Pass – Ouray, CO
#3 Ouray – Ouray, CO
#4 Taylor Park – Tincup, CO
#5 Alpine Loop – Telluride, CO Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Jeep Wrangler
#3 Toyota Land Cruiser Florida 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Ocala National Forest – Silver Springs, FL
#2 Florida Cracker Ranch – Bunnell, FL
#3 Hog Waller – Palatka, FL
#4 Hardrock – Ocala, FL
#5 Iron Horse Mud Ranch – Perry, FL Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Can Am Outlander
#3 Jeep Wrangler Georgia 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Durhamtown – Union Point, GA
#2 Highland Park – Cedartown, GA
#3 Possum Creek – Ray City, GA
#4 Fat Daddy’s – Blairsville, GA
#5 Moccasin Creek – Blackshear, GA Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Motorcycle or ATV
#3 Yamaha Rhino Illinois 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 The Cliffs Insane Terrain – Marseilles, IL
#2 Two Rivers Jeep Club – Pittsfield, IL
#3 Little Egypt – Marion, IL
#4 Fox Valley Off Road – Ottawa, IL
#5 South Fork – Taylorville, IL Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Jeep YJ Indiana 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Badlands – Attica, IN
#2 Haspin Acres – Laurel, IN
#3 Redbird – Linton, IN
#4 Interlake – Lynnville, IN
#5 Lawrence County Recreational Park – Springville, IN Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Motorcycle or ATV
#3 Jeep Wrangler Kansas 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Kansas Rocks – Mapleton, KS
#2 Tuttle Creek ORV – Randolph, KS
#3 Central Kansas Offroad – Florence, KS
#4 Kansas Badlands – South Haven, KS
#5 Syracuse Sand Dunes – Syracuse, KS Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Jeep Cherokee Kentucky 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Black Mountain – Harlan, KY
#2 Dirty Turtle – Bedford, KY
#3 Wildcat Offroad Park – London, KY
#4 Rush Offroad – Rush, KY
#5 Turkey Bay – Golden Pond, KY Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Kawasaki Teryx
#3 Polaris Sportsman Louisiana 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Muddy Bottoms – Sarepta, LA
#2 Catahoula Recreation Area – Sicily Island, LA
#3 Tower Trax – Fluker, LA
#4 South Toledo – Anacoco, LA
#5 Cooterville – Delhi, LA Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Polaris RZR
#3 Rock Bouncer Massachusetts 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Gremlin Graveyard – Sturbridge, MA
#2 Old Florida Road – Adams, MA
#3 Cape Cod National Seashore – Wellfleet, MA
#4 Pittsfield State Forest – Pittsfield, MA
#5 Nauset Beach – East Orleans, MA Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Nissan Xterra Maine 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Rocky Mountain Terrain Park – Carthage, ME
#2 Wicked Hills – South China, ME
#3 Maine Jeep Jamboree – Bethel, ME
#4 Aroostook – Presque Isle, ME
#5 Down East Sunrise – Ellsworth, ME Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Cherokee
#2 Motorcycle or ATV
#3 Four Wheeler Maryland 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Assateague Island Beach – Berlin, MD
#2 Budds Creek – Mechanicsville, MD
#3 Backbone – Oakland, MD
#4 Savage River – Grantsville, MD
#5 Piney Mountain – Friendsville, MD Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Motorcycle or ATV
#3 Jeep Wrangler Michigan 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Bundy Hill – Jerome, MI
#2 Rocks & Valleys – Harrison, MI
#3 Silver Lake – Mears, MI
#4 Drummond Island – Drummond, MI
#5 Washita Offroad Park – Farmington, MI Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Motorcycle or ATV Minnesota 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Iron Range OHV Area – Gilbert, MN
#2 Snake Creek – Kellogg, MN
#3 Spider Lake – Pine River, MN
#4 Appleton OHV Park – Appleton, MN
#5 Moose Walk – Finland, MN Ride of Choice
#1 Arctic Cat
#2 Jeep CJ-7
#3 Polaris Sportsman Mississippi 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Mudslangers – Woodland, MS
#2 Muddy Joe’s – Kiln, MS
#3 Red Creek Offroad – Perkinston, MS
#4 Barnyard Mudboggers – Fulton, MS
#5 Burdens Creek – Mount Olive, MS Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Honda Rancher
#3 Land Cruiser Missouri 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 SMORR – Seymour, MO
#2 Flat Nasty – Jadwin, MO
#3 Moonlight Racing – Sullivan, MO
#4 Rush Springs – Pineville, MO
#5 Bricks – Poplar Bluff, MO Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Jeep Cherokee Nebraska 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Off Road Ranch – Norfolk, NE
#2 Dismal River Trail – Halsey, NE
#3 Hole in the Rock – Escalante, UT, NE
#4 White Sands Raceway – Ashland, NE
#5 Fiddler Creek MX – Homer, NE Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Toyota Tacoma Nevada 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Rock Bottom – Logandale, NV
#2 Tie Rod Canyon – Las Vegas, NV
#3 Hunter Lake Trail – Reno, NV
#4 Bronco Falls – Logandale, NV
#5 Ryan’s Trail – Nelson, NV Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Toyota FJ Cruiser
#3 Motorcycle or ATV New Hampshire 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Field & Forest – Harrisville, NH
#2 Little Monadnock Family Trails – Troy, NH
#3 Ride the Wilds – Coos County, NH
#4 Carnage Hill – Richmond, NH
#5 Classic 6 Roads – New Hampshire, NH Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Ford Bronco
#3 Jeep Cherokee New Jersey 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Pine Barrens – Hammonton, NJ
#2 Wharton State Forest – Hammonton, NJ
#3 Island Beach State Park – Seaside Park, NJ
#4 Atco MX – Atco, NJ
#5 Butterfly Bogs – Jackson, NJ Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Jeep Cherokee New Mexico 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Chokecherry Canyon – Farmington, NM
#2 Las Cruces – Las Cruces, NM
#3 Chama – Chama, NM
#4 Gordy’s Hill – Socorro, NM
#5 Red River Offroad – Red River, NM Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Polaris RZR
#3 Jeep Wrangler New York 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Tall Pines – Andover, NY
#2 Tar Hollow – Hancock, NY
#3 Demon Run Trails – Cath, NY
#4 Whispering Pines Hideaway – Lyons, NY
#5 Lewis County (Tug Hill) – Lowville, NY Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Motorcycle or ATV
#3 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon North Carolina 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Uwharrie National Forest – Uwharrie, NC
#2 Tellico – Murphy, NC
#3 Brown Mountain – Morganton, NC
#4 Dirt City USA – Polkton, NC
#5 Brushy Mountain – Taylorsville, NC Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Polaris RZR
#3 Motorcycle or ATV Ohio 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Southington Offroad Park – Garrettsville, OH
#2 Wellsville – Wellsville, OH
#3 Yankee Lake – Brookfield, OH
#4 Phoenix Offroad Park – Wintersville, OH
#5 Powerline Park – St Clairsville, OH Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Jeep Wrangler
#3 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Oklahoma 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Disney (Hogan’s) – Disney, OK
#2 Arbuckle – Mill Creek, OK
#3 Clayton (Green Acres) – Clayton, OK
#4 Little Sahara – Waynoka, OK
#5 Sundog Trails – Lexington, OK Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Jeep Wrangler
#3 Wrangler Rubicon Oregon 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Oregon Dunes – Reedsport, OR
#2 Blue Ridge Trails – Coos Bay, OR
#3 Christmas Valley Sand Dunes – Christmas Valley, OR
#4 Santiam Pass – Mckenzie Bridge, OR
#5 Firebreak Five – Tillamook, OR Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Jeep YJ
#3 Toyota Land Cruiser Pennsylvania 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Rausch Creek – Tremont, PA
#2 Anthracite Adv Area – Coal Township, PA
#3 Majestic Trails – Smethport, PA
#4 Rock Run Recreation – Patton, PA
#5 New Lost Trails (Ride Lost Trails) – Dunmore, PA Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Jeep Cherokee South Carolina 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Carolina Adventure World – Winnsboro, SC
#2 Gulches Offroad Park – Waterloo, SC
#3 Battery Park – Nesmith, SC
#4 Pine Grove – Westminster, SC
#5 Sand Hill – Chesterfield, SC Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Toyota Land Cruiser
#3 Kawasaki Teryx South Dakota 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Black Hills – Custer, SD
#2 Talsma’s Trail – Avon, SD
#3 Oahe Downstream – Fort Pierre, SD
#4 Baja ORV – Interior, SD
#5 Revheim Bay – Mobridge, SD Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Polaris Ranger
#3 Jeep Wrangler Tennessee 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Windrock – Oliver Springs, TN
#2 Ride Royal Blue – Pioneer, TN
#3 Brimstone – Huntsville, TN
#4 Adventure Offroad Park – Pittsburg, TN
#5 Golden Mountain – Sparta, TN Ride of Choice
#1 Polaris RZR
#2 Jeep Wrangler
#3 Buggy/Rock Bouncer Texas 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Hidden Falls Adv Park – Marble Falls, TX
#2 Wolf Caves – Mason, TX
#3 Barnwell Mountain – Gilmer, TX
#4 Katemcy Rocks – Mason, TX
#5 Bridgeport OHV – Bridgeport, TX Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Jeep CJ-7 Utah 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Moab – Moab, UT
#2 Sand Hollow – Hurricane, UT
#3 Hell’s Revenge – Grand County, UT
#4 Paiute Trails – Maryville, UT
#5 Behind the Rocks – Moab, UT Ride of Choice
#1 Land Cruiser
#2 Toyota 4Runner
#3 Land Rover Virginia – 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Big Dogs – Gore, VA
#2 George Wash Natl Forest – Hollins, VA
#3 Red Cloud – Woodbridge, VA
#4 Spearhead Trails – Norton, VA
#5 Potts Mountain – Covington, VA Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Wrangler
#2 Wrangler Rubicon
#3 Nissan Xterra Washington – 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes – Grant, WA
#2 Walker Valley – Mt Vernon, WA
#3 Evans Creek ORV – Carbonado, WA
#4 Beverly Dunes – Royal City, WA
#5 Juniper Dunes – Pasco, WA Ride of Choice
#1 Jeep Grand Cherokee
#2 Chevrolet Blazer
#3 Polaris RZR West Virginia – 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Hatfield McCoys – Lyburn, WV
#2 Chaos Offroad Park – Capon Bridge, WV
#3 Burning Rock – Tams, WV
#4 King Knob – Philippi, WV
#5 Bear Wallow – Logan, WV Ride of Choice
#1 Can Am Commander
#2 Polaris RZR
#3 Jeep Wrangler Wisconsin – 2016 Top Off Road Trails
#1 Black River State Forest – Jackson County, WI
#2 Cheese County Trails – Monroe, WI
#3 Eagle River – Eagle River, WI
#4 Florence County – Florence, WI
#5 Apple Valley – New Auburn, WI Ride of Choice
#1 Wrangler Rubicon
#2 Jeep Wrangler
#3 Honda Pioneer REFERENCE SOURCE: https://www.partcatalog.com/blog/top-off-road-trails-in-america/



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