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BFG KO2 vs Toyo Open Country



At the tire store again since the Goodyear Duratracs have proven to be garbage tires.  They chunked out so bad that I couldn't even drive my truck anymore.  Yes I rotated them every other oil change and yes I did carry a fifth wheel.  All things I do with the factory bridgestones without issues and with the Silent Armors I had without the issues I've had with the Duratracs.  Not to mention how horrible they are in the snow and rain.

So next purchase I limited my decision to either

BF Goodrich KO2 tires which I have running on my 1991 K5 but thats a light vehicle I don't run on a daily basis.  KO2 do not have a mileage warranty at all

Toyo Open Country AT2 have a 40,000 mile warranty and some good reviews. Just don't look as good.


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