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RV Arrival Checklist



  • Select as flat and level a parking site as possible, consistent with other considerations
  • Place the shift lever in park and set the parking brake. The automatic hydraulic leveling system will not operate unless these conditions are met
  • Have a person outside to place support blocks under the stabilizing jacks.
  • Engage the automatic hydraulic leveling system to level and stabilize the coach, with the engine running to provide alternator power
  • With the engine still running for alternator power, extend any desired slideouts once the unit is leveled and secure
  • Check the site’s 30 amp shore power receptacle for proper polarity prior to hook up, if applicable
  • Ensure that the refrigerator (in auto mode) has shifted its power to 120 vac
  • Connect the coach’s city water hose to the site’s water source, ensuring that the coach’s water pressure regulator is correctly installed between the site’s water source and the coach
  • Connect the coach’s dump hose to the site’s sewage receptacle using the coach’s hose slope adapter, if applicable. Open the grey tank valve, but do not open the black tank as it requires at least ¾ full to dump properly. Plan to close the grey tank valve when the black tank reaches ½ full so as to have sufficient grey water aboard to flush the black tank at dump time.


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