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Electric Vehicles Joke

Cowboy Denny


Some days you have to just ask yourself, "What the heck is the world coming to?" and I find myself saying this often lately with the big push from the government to go electric only.  Yea, they are not supporting the more reasonable approach is to demand Hybrid Technology which is more realistic instead of strictly Electric Only vehicles since our country is not ready for everyone to have everyone plug in there electric vehicles to begin the hours of waiting time while electricity trickles into your vehicle so you can go somewhere.

Let me ask you, What is the most popular time for car battery sales?  It's simple, its winter time when temperatures get extremely cold which batteries don't handle well.  Since half the country has some serious winters it's not realistic to have EV vehicles.  Its said that cold weather reduces the EV's range by as much as 40%.  Also let's not forget there will be a battery shortage if the government attempts to force us to buy EV's by increasing the gas tax so high that we won't be able to afford not to.

Also let's not forget that most of the states in the north you will be struggling to even find a charging station since the majority of charge stations are in the big cities and you'll more than likely still find yourself waiting in line.  It's not like someone is sitting in there car for hours waiting for their car to charge.  They plug it in and walk away and go do something else the hours it takes for it to charge.  With that in mind, I might not wait for a station to become free to charge your dying EV.  And yes no matter if you charge at home or at a charging station it still costs you money.  After all, nothing is free to include the amplified cost of EV's.

Let's not forget the shortage of semiconductor chips which the EV's are heavily reliant on.  Our dependency on China supplying these chips is crazy..  without China, we don't have EV's and with friction between China and Taiwan, we could be severing that relationship soon (within a few years).  It's not just the chips we would be loosing out on but batteries since the majority of all cobalt mined for the EV batteries are mined in the Congo which China owns all rights.

Unlike Oil which the world has plenty of for 100's of years if we never moved to EV's, cobalt (required for the EV batteries) is limited/rare.

For all those that tout EV's will save the planet are blind.  How is electricity generated today.  COAL and NUCLEAR are by far the most used methods for producing electricty which accounts for most of the worlds pollution. Gasoline powered vehicles only account for 4% of the air pollution in the world (graphs show vehicles are like 27% but it includes busses, tractor trailer trucks, etc, when you dive into the 27% in more detail it shows gasoline vehicles are only 4% of the air pollution).  So why is the government pushing EV's so bad?  Probably makes them feel like they are doing something and its the easiest versus focusing on the rich corporations that account for the majority of the pollution.

Luckily we are in AMERICA and the government can not take away our combustion engine vehicles and honestly there will always be mechanics that fix our very common Gas powered vehicles and parts will remain easy to find compared to EV's that you will have to bring to a dealership to get repaired and if you look at Tesla, they charge a BUTT load to fix.  So moving to an EV means you will pay more for everything, limited range, mandatory hours of waiting to charge if you can find an open charging station and the worry that your car may explode (don't you remember the samsung phone that had the battery that was exploding in people's pockets) (Also don't forget all the EV vehicles that burst into flames when water from the storm in Florida happened). 

Not to worry though..  its impossible to force this poison called EV's down our throats for many many many years.  They can't tow with an EV more than 200 miles if pulling an average trailer weight of 10,000lbs which is a medium sized RV or hauling a vehicle.  Once you reach the 200 miles since the manufactures aren't smart enough to go Hybrid, you'll have to find a charging station and wait and wait and wait while your vehicle is charged enough to continue towing.  The longer you wait you could get up to full charge giving you another 200 miles and the less you wait the less you can reach.

Let's face it..  trucks that do work, real work in the middle of nowhere doing construction, the working class american the EV isn't realistic.  Also knowing that these expensive EV's will have issues and many of the manufacturers are going to run into tons of issues but they want you and your wallet to be the test subjects.

When you buy EV you are also contributing to all the job losses from top vehicle manufactures like Ford, Volkswagen, Japan but I'm sure most of the world doesn't care as long as its not them.  Just like the method used to mine for the necessary minerals (cobalt & nickel) needed for all the batteries.

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Here is something interesting that many don't know about Electric Vehicles.  Why do people move to electric vehicles because its not to save money since they cost much much more than internal combustion engines.  Its not to save the planet since more than 80% of electricity we use is from coal burning power plants (so actually you are creating more of an issue by increasing the demand of the coal plants).  EVEN if you "thought" your power from the wind power plants is what gave you your needed electricity, they are not as "Green" as you think.  The blades are not recyclable and they have a landfill with just these damaged blades.  Also a diesel generator is used to keep the blades spinning.  Also the damage to our planet from mining all the rare materials that are needed to create batteries.

Do you think it will be less expensive to run an EV versus an internal combustion engine?  FALSE

From the Department of Transportation they state it depends on what level charger you get.

Level 1

The slowest, Level 1 equipment, provides charging through a common residential 120-volt (120V) AC outlet. Level 1 chargers can take 40-50 hours to charge a battery electric vehicle (BEV) from empty and 5-6 hours to charge a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) from empty.

Level 2

Level 2 equipment offers charging through 240V (in residential applications) or 208V (in commercial applications) electrical service, and is common for home, workplace, and public charging. Level 2 chargers can charge a BEV from empty in 4-10 hours and a PHEV from empty in 1-2 hours.

Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC)

The fastest speed, direct current fast charging (DCFC) equipment, enables rapid charging along heavy-traffic corridors at installed stations. DCFC equipment can charge a BEV to 80 percent in just 20 minutes to 1 hour. Most PHEVs currently on the market do not work with fast chargers.

Differences between the three but you'll need to understand the difference between PHEV and BEV

PHEV: Plugin Hybrids, assuming an 8-kWh battery (obviously with plugin hybrid you get the best of both worlds. Internal Combustion for when your battery is dead or you need extra pulling power and electric when just cruising. It's the way all vehicles should be)

BEV: Full Electric Only, assuming a 60-kWh battery (not a very smart design. This requires you to have a way to charger your vehicle to go anywhere. Which means a power outage, no charging available... They refuse your subscription to charge, no charging available... The government could refuse your ability to charge your VERY expensive EV. Always required to be near a charge station or at least one in route that is working since not all are working)


So based on the time stated above cost to charge will run around:

Level 1@home: the cheapest is $624 for 40hours (even though it says it could take up to 50 hours) and with the cheapest rate of .26/min + you have to pay $12.99/month to use the chargers

Level 2@home or public: the average using the lowest rate is $109 for 7hours and add the $12.99/month to use the chargers

Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC)@public: not really a lot of cars support this yet so not going to really talk about it until its standard and actually on vehicles.



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