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How to create a Club




This blog is to help any Sliver or higher member on how to create a Club on Gear Crushers (basically anyone who is paying for a subscription has the ability to create a club)

Let's begin...

FIRST click on Clubs then click Start a Club



Once you click on Start a Club you will be presented with a window similar (may not be exact) to the one displayed below


Name for your club, in the example above the club will be called My New Club

Privacy of the club you prefer.  Each option gives an explanation under the selection. (no worries, this can be changed later if so desired)

Description: Pretty straight forward but here you would enter a "brief" description of what your club is all about

Club Icon: This should be a square format.  As an example the picture below shows some clubs and the circle image attached to each club is the Club Icon


Location you can (not required) enter an address or just city and state if you don't want anyone to know exact location.

Category select a category or several categories

Who can see who is in this club? This is to protect/hide members if you choose to do so.

Club Rules: This is optional but you can add Club Rules and choose to have club members Acknowledge they read the rules.

Once you have everything filled out to your liking, click Save to create your new club.


You club is now created


You as the Club Owner can add what features you would like to include in your club.  You (the owner) is the only one allowed to do this.  Many of the options include (but are not limited to):

  • Topics (forums, a place to start a discussion point that others can respond and jump into)
  • Calendar (post events for your club which includes the ability to add location, RSVP (if you want that option), make the event a certain time period or entire day, repeatable, etc)
  • Blog (A place to post articles for the club, this is for the Owner, Leader and Moderator of the club only.  Club Members can not post to the Blog.)
  • Files (you can share files between club members)
  • Images (Gallery that club members can post to..  create albums to organize)
  • Adverts (this is your classified ads if you want to give the members the ability to buy/sell things)

You can add as many of each of these categories as you want.




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