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Nah, I’m not looking for trouble but actually trying to stay away from trouble and just have fun. I found some decent websites that figured I’d share with you in case you may be interested.

Websites I ran across looking if our neighborhood is safe and if not, where is it safe?

Also when we travel or go camping I like to know if I need to bring protection or not everywhere I go.

This first one gives you a rough idea of how many violent crimes are committed per 10,000 people in the entire state.

Next website just blows me away which tells me all kinds of great information about where I live or where I am traveling to. You can enter an address and it will give you all the crimes reported in that area.

Seeing this website made me depressed because it shows all these hate groups because people are different and some people want everyone to look the same. I warn ya when you click on this link be prepared to be upset but I hope it brings a positive response that we can be better by looking at each other as another human being.

If you are thinking of moving somewhere you can get that zip code’s crime grade at this next website

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