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We are a Christian 4x4 Club dedicated to Family Fun. Michigan club that shares fun and fellowship while 4 wheeling. http://www.4given4x4.com


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    Cost to attend the event as a spectator is $5 per person 16 years old and up. Cost for those under 16 is free. Blessing Itinerary (DRAFT) 8am to 5pm - Gates Open 9am to 11am - Praise bands 8am to 5pm - Vendor's areas open 11am to noon - National Anthem noon to 4pm - Children's bounce house and/or games noon to 4:30pm - Off-road courses Stocker Course: where you can test our you and your Jeep's abilities with a stock four-wheel drive Intermediate Course: where you can put your Jeep to the test legally (tread lightly rules don't
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    Dunes Harbor Family Camp is a full-service family campground designed for Families to relax, come together, and create new memories that will last.
  4. Members Only Brian has offered up his location (JCR Offroad) for this year's wrench a thon. Save the Date more details to follow
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    You can purchase tickets on https://www.drummondisland.com
  6. You can join the 4give4x4 group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/40577938364/
  7. Autobody USA - Pete Springett hosted and limited.
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    Friday Night Run in West Branch meeting at 6:30pm, leave at 7pm. Saturday Day Run in West Branch meeting at 9:30am, leave at 10am. Lunch in the woods (Pot Luck). Dinner at G's Pizzeria at 6:30pm CONTACT: Yena Hyde
  9. Check out the great photos tagged with 4Given4x4 on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/4given4x4/
  10. You can find some of the latest and greatest information going in with the 4Given4x4 club on there twitter. https://twitter.com/4given4x4?lang=en

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