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Kick Ass Street Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, etc)... appreciate awesomeness on the blacktop The purpose of this club is really to get everyone to communicate if the forum isn't for you. This has alot of the same features as you would find from Wordpress but we get all the control we want. Also the site is backed up daily and is utilizing https (SSL certs) to help make it more secure. So with so many websites out on the internet why another website? How many times have you gone to a website and invested time in adding and contributing to the community to have them change or just call it quits. I am tired of being involved with communities / websites that the admins just don't keep up to date with patches or no involvement because the community has given up on them. Gear Crushers is suppose to be about more than just offroad. I imagine many of you are just like me. I enjoy not just offroad but street racing, boats, rv's, ATV's, Motocross, Motorcycles, etc.. This site "Gear Crushers" is exactly that. We want to give a home for everyone. They all have similarities that could benefit you or could benefit someone else. Engines, Transmissions, Axles, etc.. Also I think we have a kick ass logo that could be used by Bike, Car, Truck, Offroad, Boat communites.. Have fun!


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  2. Woodward Dream Cruise 2017 Still crazy as ever. Very very packed from bumper to bumper with a whole wide range of vehicles. You have the typical what you expect classic cars To the bit crazier vehicles (how much motor can I put in the smallest space) An then you get the art on wheels. Always something to catch your eye as they drive one way then they turn around and drive the other way and then turn around again It's worth going. Tons of fun but if you aren't a patient person, you may not want to go since you'll be stuck in traffic for hours.
  3. Back to the Bricks is typically way more mellow than the Woodward Dream Cruise and so was the case again this year. We had a lot of threat of rain but by the weekend it was beautiful. During the week one of the oldest, still running, drive-in theaters offers free to anyone that has a classic car and its packed with so many enthusiast which really turns out to be a great time. All during the week you'll see cars of all shapes and sizes in parking lots on the sides of Saginaw all the way from Grand Blanc up to the Vehicle City, Flint. Hope you were able to make it. Crazy to think they run both Woodward Dream Cruise and Back to the Bricks at the same time. It really breaks it up. Would be great to have them staggered like one of the shows a bit earlier in the year but as long as they have them I'll keep going.

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