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A club all about the street. Racing, dairy queeners and more.


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  2. PREP, PRIME AND PAINT YOUR RIDE LIKE A PRO! After you’ve sprayed your primer you might wonder what exactly to do next. Prep for paint can seem tricky at first but it’s not tough once you’ve got the proper steps down. First you’ll need to prep your primer. How exactly you prep your project depends on which primer you’ve used, which products you’re using next, and your overall project goals. It’s important to note that paint prep is a widely debated topic and there are many ways to arrive at the same high quality result. The methods I’ll detail here are simply what I would consider the
  3. I want to start this blog by letting everyone know I have no idea what I'm doing but wanted to share in my experience with taking care of the bodywork on my 1964 Chevy Truck. (not the one in this image but I do want this light olive paint color) From my understanding you have four major stages SHAPING PREPPING PAINTING BUFFING NEWBIE SUPPLY ORDER FROM EASTWOOD SHAPING Get down to the bare metal is my first step (no rust, no paint, less issues) PRE Prep offered by Eastwood to clean the metal of any residue EPOXY Primer to seal the m
  4. What is the street scene? It's focusing on muscle cars, low riders, Dairy Queeners (offroad looking trucks that don't drive even on dirt roads), drag racing, circle tracks and more. You probably get the gist. The street community is all about beauty on the asphalt. Personally I've always been a huge muscle car fan. Went through my phases of owning several classic muscle cars. Here you can share your projects or builds. Talk in the garage and maybe help someone out if they have questions. Life is too short, so get off the couch and enjoy life while you can since we don't know wh

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