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  2. From the album: Share Trails

    The Blue Ribbon Coalition was founded in 1987 by Clark Collins to promote off-road vehicle use on public lands. The organization now claims to represent several hundred member organizations nationwide and more than half a million individual recreationists.
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    Share Trails

  4. From the album: Share Trails

    https://www.sharetrails.org/current-issues/ Your voice, Your help, Your organization to help protect your offroading rights.
  5. https://highways.dot.gov/
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    AZ Game & Fish

  7. https://www.blm.gov/
  8. https://www.fs.usda.gov/
  9. From the album: Wyoming Trail Parks Program

    https://wyoparks.wyo.gov/ Wyoming has over 640 miles of ORV trails and 2,585 snowmobile trails managed by a variety of agencies. Trail opportunities in Wyoming are many and diverse.
  10. https://wyoparks.wyo.gov/ Wyoming has over 640 miles of ORV trails and 2,585 snowmobile trails managed by a variety of agencies. Trail opportunities in Wyoming are many and diverse. Wyoming’s trails are located in areas ranging from deep river canyons to high desert plains, to high mountain crags and alpine meadows, to community greenways. Hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, skiers, snowmobilers, historians, ORV (off-road vehicle) riders and community pathway users all use Wyoming’s statewide system of trails. Outdoor recreation has been an important part of the State’s way of life for many
  11. From the album: Tread Lightly

    https://www.treadlightly.org/ Tread Lightly! and its partners lead a national initiative to protect and enhance recreation access and opportunities by promoting outdoor ethics to heighten individuals’ sense of good stewardship.
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    Tread Lightly

    Images, Videos of the impact Tread Lightly is doing for the Offroad Community
  13. We have a small bit of land in Davison, MI with a beginner offroad trail that at times requires some technique to get through some tight spots. I had my wife drive our 97 Chevy 1500 pickup through the trail to see how these new blacklion tires do. Not too bad but if the mud is thick they cake pretty bad and won't clear out. So she got stuck So obviously I had to walk up to the house and get the K5 and pull her out which obviously the most difficult part was walking from the back of the property to the front. So now that I got the K5 out I can’t just drive it back and l
  14. A common question is "what modifications should I make to my vehicle to make it trail worthy?" Reading the offroad magazines, you might think gears, lockers, armor and a radical suspension is required. Below is our take on what it takes to Fool Around offroad. Note that modifications are listed in order of importance and each level assumes you have done everything in the previous step. Vehicle selection Before doing any modifications, make sure you are starting with a good platform. Most any short wheelbase vehicle whose transfercase has high and low range works well on the trails i
  15. Basic Equipment Every vehicle should carry these and they should be securely fastened down (like everything else). You should be able to reach the flashlight and fire extinguisher from your seat. Factory seat belts do not release if you are upside down (don't ask how we know this). CB radio Flashlight First aid kit (include any of your family's special needs like EpiPens or insulin) Fire extinguisher Complete change of clothes Full size spare tire Jack Wrench to remove tire (and key if you have locking lug nuts) Tow hooks front and re
  16. Communication At the beginning of a trail ride it is common to introduce yourself. Include a nickname or handle that is easy for everyone else to remember. Be sure to figure out the name or handle of the people in front and behind you. This way you can get on the CB and say something like "Hey Turtle, stay to the left at the top of that hill." Chatter can liven things up, but limit it to easy sections of the trail. You don't want to be telling a long joke while someone else needs to warn the group about an obstacle or call for assistance. Only one person should "spot" others th
  17. Here are some tips (always growing) of items to bring with you on your adventure Carry multiple way to make a fire Fire can be used to: provide heat cook and preserve food purify water & sterilize wound dressings act as a signaling device There are several easy methods to start a fire that include: Survival lighter Matches (kept in a waterproof case) Magnesium bar with built in flint and your knife. I like Doan Magnesium Starters because of the quality or Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel First Aid Kit A water p
  18. So my 2013 Dodge RAM 3500 had an issue with the DEF pump and injector ($2500 in parts) so I had to get a rental since the repair was going to be roughly two weeks due to lack of parts. At first enterprise gave me a Dodge Journey.. what a serious piece of crap that was. I couldn't drive it more than a day and had to exchange it for something else, anything else. I paid for an upgrade (spoil myself) on the Nissan Armada. Never drove one before and figured this is the perfect opportunity to see what they are all about. This had more luxuries than anything I'm use to which included heate
  19. ALABAMA Gray Rock ORV -very cool! Usually 6-8 open rides a year http://www.grayrockorv.com Morris Mountain ORV -open almost every weekend www.morrismountainorv.com Little River Canyon http://www.nps.gov/liri/ Hurricane Creek Tuscaloosa, AL - Great short paddling trip! 10min form my house! http://www.hurricanecreek.org/ Mountain Side Off Road Park http://www.mountainsideoffroadpark.com ARKANSAS Superlift ORV Park http://www.orvpark.com/ Ouachita National Forest http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/ouachita/ write up: http://expeditionportal.com/forum/sh
  20. At some moment in your life you were introduced to the world of offroad and if you were like me, you fell in love with it. The challenges, the obstacles and tackling a course that looks impossible to the untrained eye. Something so peaceful when exploring areas not many could get to or want to. Here at Gear Crushers off-roading is just one of the many passions we have and we want to provide an area that everyone from anywhere in the world can contribute. The easiest is to create a club and add blogs, galleries, forums (aka topics), events and it's all free at the moment. We do ask for
  21. 2016 – Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America With over 12,600 responses from off-roading enthusiasts, PartCatalog has compiled the top off road trails and rides of choice for 39 states in America. Through Facebook correspondence and word of mouth from parks, trails, and off-roading clubs, respondents learned about the survey and were excited to share their top picks for The 2016 Top Off Road Trails & Parks in America. To compile these results, we asked three questions: What state do you live in? What is your ride of choice? What are the Top 5 Off Road destinations?

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