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  2. Family Oriented BOG Rules: NO CHAINS NO GLASS CONTAINERS NO FIGHTING NO WEAPONS DOGS ON LEASH Cost: $10 donation Kids 12 and under are free FREE Rustic Camping
  3. My Wouxun KG-1000G is setup real nice As a GMRS radio, the KG-1000G is only allowed to transmit on the frequencies that are part of the GMRS. However, that does not limit the frequencies that can be received or monitored. The KG-1000G can receive on any frequency in the following ranges: 50-53.995, 108-179.995, 320-349.995, 400-479.995 and 700-985 MHz. Included in that range are airband frequencies where AM is often used, and the KG-1000G can even auto-detect and demodulate AM! Look for an antenna that covers 50 MHz - 985 MHz Channels 8-14 Transmitting is limited to a half watt of output power. The KG-1000G is not capable of transmitting at this low of power and does not allow transmitting on these channels (although you can listen) so in the below chart you will see Channels 8-14 marked as RX Only (receive only). Channels 15-22 Transmitting is limited to 50 watts of output power. Channels 23-30 receive on the same frequencies as channels 15-22, but transmit on a special offset frequency set aside for repeaters. Default GMRS Channels and Frequencies Simplex Channels (Ch1 - Ch22) Ch. Frequency Max Power Ch. Frequency Max Power 1 462.5625 5 Watts 12 467.6625 RX Only 2 462.5875 5 Watts 13 467.6875 RX Only 3 462.6125 5 Watts 14 467.7125 RX Only 4 462.6375 5 Watts 15 462.5500 50 Watts 5 462.6625 5 Watts 16 462.5750 50 Watts 6 462.6875 5 Watts 17 462.6000 50 Watts 7 462.7125 5 Watts 18 462.6250 50 Watts 8 467.5625 RX Only 19 462.6500 50 Watts 9 467.5875 RX Only 20 462.6750 50 Watts 10 467.6125 RX Only 21 462.7000 50 Watts 11 467.6375 RX Only 22 462.7250 50 Watts Repeater Channels (Ch23 - Ch30) Ch. Name Receive Frequency Transmit Frequency Max Power 23 RPT-15 462.5500 467.5500 50 Watts 24 RPT-16 462.5750 467.5750 50 Watts 25 RPT-17 462.6000 467.6000 50 Watts 26 RPT-18 462.6250 467.6250 50 Watts 27 RPT-19 462.6500 467.6500 50 Watts 28 RPT-20 462.6750 467.6750 50 Watts 29 RPT-21 462.7000 467.7000 50 Watts 30 RPT-22 462.7250 467.7250 50 Watts NOAA Weather Channels Ch. Frequency Ch. Frequency 1 162.4000 5 162.5000 2 162.4250 6 162.5250 3 162.4500 7 162.5500 4 162.4750
  4. Let;s first define the different ways to attach your trailer to your vehicle Now what to do to prevent sway sadf
  5. This died real quick.... I love the cummins diesel and asin trans combination which was only available on 3500 trucks and heavier duty like 4500 etc. What I disliked MAJORILY with my 2013 RAM Big Horn was the front suspension. I had the worst death wobble when I was driving around a bend in the expressway and hit a bump in the road, would start the death wobble so much that I had to slow down alot to get it to stop so I can continue driving. It's been brought to dealerships several times and no matter what they do they could not stop this from happening which sucks because I loved my 2013 RAM very much. With the suspension problems and now it starting to rust around the front fender, I sold my 2013 RAM. So I "thought" the suspension would be fixed in the 2018 model so I ended up purchasing a new 2018 2500 with the Cummins but RAM trans and man what a mistake. The suspension problems still exist so apparently you can only have RAMs in states with roads with no bumps on corners so probably more southern states. Definitely not northern states like Michigan where we have to redo our roads every year. We only have two seasons: winter and construction I ended up selling the 2018 RAM fairly quickly. It had some electronic issues and no one in the family liked it as much as the 2013.
  6. Here is a very exciting, fully loaded Maverick Trail.
  7. Beautiful truck that I had to capture the photos for reference when I build my 1964
  8. wildweaselmi

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    This is a dump box for any events Gear Crushers were at
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    This is a advance pace ride meant for sport SxS and ATV's We will be parking trucks and trailers and leaving from the north end of the Little Bear East Arena in St Ignace at 8:30AM Saturday morning returning Sunday evening. We will be riding to Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise
  10. until
    mitreadhead is hosting the Spring Mush ride. Time to get the season Started. Starting in Indian River at 9:00 AM sharp. An all day ride Saturday through the trails and back roads with a lunch and fuel stop. Sunday there will be a shorter ride starting at 9:30 ending by 2 PM Normally there is lots of mud and water from the snow melt this time of year.
  11. until

    Had a great time. After our first experience with mitreadheads my wife and I would recommend becoming a member and going on some rides with the group. Everyone is very friendly and the ride was very well organized which has to be difficult with two different ride groups (advanced and moderate pace) and having so many machines to keep organized and going. There was 104 machines in advanced paced and 60 in moderate pace. For $25 a person it was a great deal which included lunch. 955BE6A2-E601-4B04-AC94-84445745DB38.MOV 258E0D7B-6D9C-48FF-B8D3-842399F7B686.MOV
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    11th MICHIGAN TREADHEAD ORV COLOR RIDE OCT 12-11, 2019 Communication will be on the GMRS Ch-2 (462.5875 MHz) for the group to listen. GPX files that we load into our GAIA GPS are attached Also is the overview map for those that would rather try and follow along on the image Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 8:45 for Advance, 9am for Moderate pace. Truck & Trailer parking on Bundy Road (shown below) MORNING LINE UP TWO OPTIONS ADVANCE PACE RIDE designed for Sport SxS and quads. Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 8:45am at the Hometown Inn. After registration you will line up at designated locations, on the map above its on the right in orange. We will be riding to Atlanta for lunch at about NOON, 58 miles. Gas up in town before or after you eat and line up when done with both. From there we will take on a different route heading back to Indian River, 68 miles. Total of 130 miles MODERATE PACE RIDE a little slower and shorter Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 9:00am at the Hometown Inn. Morning Line Up Map Will leave at 9:30 sharp and will follow the same route to Atlanta as the Advance group for lunch, 58 miles. Gas up in town before or after you eat and line up when done with both, see Lunch Line Up Map. and return to Indian River on a slightly different route of 60 miles returning around 5PM. LUNCH LINE UP MAP Have a breakdown that can't be fixed, you can call Chatter's Towing at 989-785-2050 for pick-up. Leave Safe Stopping distance between machines and ride single file. Always make sure the machine behind you sees where you turn. Have your headlights on at all times. LOW BEAMS ONLY, no blinding light bars Watch behind you for cars passing you on main roads. Watch for other mixed traffic on the roads and routes. Pull as far to the right as possible when stopping, far right! Start with a full gas tank and fill up in Atlanta. Take it easy on road shoulders, do not tear them up! Remember someone is behind you; try not to shoot debris at them. Make sure you turn your machine # tag in when finishing the ride. Have Fun, Ride Safe! Michigan weather can change fast, rain, snow or end of the world, we still ride! Bring winter outer wear and dress warm. A good pair of boots, gloves, goggles or face shield, a helmet liner and rain suite are highly recommended. You should also carry something to drink and a snack. All riders must know and obey the basic rules for ORV use on Michigan roads Our guides will be in front and end of the line and ready to assist you. Have fun, be safe! Dave G. Any questions about the 2019 All Four Michigan Fall Ride e-mail dave@mitreadhead.com Fall_AM_AP.gpx Fall_PM_EP.gpx Fall_PM_AP.gpx
  13. guru


    You won't be able to use your Baofeng BF-F8HP for CB since the radio is designed (and only has the antenna) for VHF / UHF (not HF which is where you'll find citizen band) Regards to your attachment, you have several frequencies that are considered illegal to TX over. I would stay clear of them. Check our the attached “legal to use channels”. Remember if you get caught using an illegal channel, the FCC will fine you $10,000 per day so not sure it’s worth it. Open Use MURS and FRS.csv
  14. I just got my Baofeng BF-F8HP radios. Pretty impressed with the quality. In hind site I didn't think about charging them even though it does come with a desktop charger, but I don't plan on leaving it on my desk. So I ordered an expansion battery (estimated to be good for 2 days on one charge) with a USB charger. Whats cool about this setup (expansion battery and USB charge cord) is now you can charge the radio directly where before you had to use a cradle since there is no ports on the radio itself to charge withhout cradle. Now with the expansion battery you can charge direct. So now I have to learn how to program the radios. I have 128 channels so I'm hoping to program the first 40 channels with CB channels, then starting at 50 I would program the rugged radio frequencies since you can't reprogram rugged radios last I checked. With just this setup I would have all CB channels and all rugged radio GMRS channels. Pretty good deal with maybe some high end channels being emergency like NOAA, etc. Still trying to get a complete list (the optimum list) to program into my Baofeng BF-F8HP. Do you have a great list to import of frequencies you recommend having? I'm using the freeware CHIRP software package to program the radios. Do you recommend anything different? I use a Mac 98% of the time and the 2% I use a windows VM. check out the programming reference guide for the Baofeng radios here Here's our short description of each field: Frequency (eg 151.625MHz) Channel Name (Weatherman!) Tone Mode (leave blank for no tone) (options TX Tone, TSQL (tx&rx), DTCS Analog Tone Code (ignored if mode left blank) eg 171.3Hz Tone Squelch (TX and RX Tone, also ignored unless Mode set to TSQL) Cross Mode if using Tone or DCS in tx or rx differently DTCS Code is transmit DCS tone RX DTCS Code is for the receive DCS tone DTCS Polarity eg D023Normal and D023Inverted (Normal or Reverse) Duplex (leave blank for normal, + or - for offset frequencies, off for RX only like NOAA WX stations) Offset in MHz for TX and RX (normally 0 for desert stuff with no repeaters) Mode (FM is Wide, NFM is Narrow) Always use Narrow! Power!!!!!! (TX power level) Skip channel in Scan List (S to skip, blank to include) BCL Busy Channel Lockout disallows transmit if channel is busy! PTT ID is for announcement of radio's specific ID and not used in desert PTT ID Code is a DTMF string transmitted when PTT ID is enabled baofeng-freqs.csv
  15. until
    Camping at Hotel (base camp): Hometown Inn The 2019 All-4 Michigan Fall Color Ride leaving Indian River on October 12th 2019 at 9:00AM sharp. » TICKETS FOR THE 2019 FALL COLOR RIDE ARE ON SALE NOW! « Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 8:45, at the Hometown Inn SATURDAY 10/12/2019 ADVANCE PACE RIDE designed for Sport SxS and quads. Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 8:45 at the Hometown Inn. We will be riding to Atlanta for lunch at about NOON (which is included with registration fee). From there we will ride North up to past Millersburg and loop back through Millersburg for snacks and gas before heading back to Indian River. There is gas in Millersburg and Atlanta. Total of 130 miles MODERATE PACE RIDE a little slower and shorter will leave at 9:15 sharp and will follow the same route to Atlanta for lunch and return to Indian River at a slower pace returning around 5PM. Total 110 miles SUNDAY 10/13/2019 We will have a shorter Ride leaving at 9:30AM and returning by 3PM. COST Tickets are per person include guided ride and a buffet lunch.$5 for each ticket sold will be donated to the National MS Society, Michigan Chapter PREPARE (What ever shall I wear?) What to bring? You must bring a signed waiver for each person driving or riding. (waivers will be sent with tickets) All drivers and riders must wear helmet and Eye Protection, except for side by side with seat belts and roll cages. All machines must be checked in and tagged with a number. Make sure ALL DRIVERS CHECK BACK IN at the end of the ride by dropping off your numbered tag. All machines must be in good working order and meet noise standards. All machines must have PROPER LICENSE & PERMITS available locally or on-line You Need Both: License Fee to ride on non-private property, $26.25 & Trail permit for state designated trails & routes $10.00 Bring winter outer wear and dress warm. A good pair of boots, gloves, goggles or face shield, a helmet liner and rain suite are highly recommended. Michigan weather can change fast, rain, snow or end of the world, we still ride! You should also carry something to drink and a snack. Our guides will be in front and end of the line and ready to assist you. All riders must know and obey the basic rules for ORV use on Michigan roads (CLICK HERE FOR ORV OPERATING HANDBOOK & LAWS)
  16. Some of us with K5’s would like to show the everyday Jeep’s that we can hang with them on the trails but our biggest issue is we are so much bigger than they are. So stock JK vs stock K5 (2nd gen) Length: 13.8 ft vs 16.1ft (diff 2.5 ft) Width: 6.2 ft vs 6.6 ft (diff 4″) Height: 5.11 ft vs 6.2 ft (diff 3″) Wheelbase: 7.11 ft vs 8.9 ft (diff 10″) so not a HUGE difference but none the less the K5 is bigger but the huge difference is.. they aren’t nearly as common. Everyone can go buy a jeep done and ready to go on the trails. It’s getting harder and harder to find a K5 thats in good condition and once you do, parts are getting harder and harder to find. Most offroad supply stores are focused 99% on new Jeeps. Why? Because everyone has one… not very unique.
  17. Here are some items just off the top of my head... I know I'm missing a bunch winch auxillary lights tool kit hijack mre's spare drive shaft spare u joints shovel and axe or pitchfork descent size cooler ( use as cooler,chair,step, tool and parts prop,moving a bunch of odds and ends, keeping spare parts in, etc.) flashlights tire repair kit flares tow straps tow rope utility rope ...etc etc...your "expedition'' rig should be set up like a good hiking pack.
  18. Building an expedition vehicle and not sure what I should carry with me? What kind of items should I concentrate on? Any help is appreciated.

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