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    Just trying to get everyone together (unofficially)
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    This event "may be" cancelled due to weather as we will be parking on their grass Great Food Great Ice Cream Great Jeeps
  4. Milan Michigan has a parade on June 3rd at 6pm The graduating class is going to be riding in the parade. The hope is to get enough Jeeps together to have them have an awesome experience. Is there anyone available that would be interested in driving a senior in their Jeep for the parade? Line up would be at 4:30pm
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    Jeeps getting together for some Sliders and Jeeps at the Side Car Slider Bar
  6. Here are some great videos of the Jeep Blessing in Mesick, MI this year Offroad Course
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    This is not an "Official Event" but man is it fun! Camping @ Hideaway Campground in Mears, MI Saturday Pot Luck or just eat dinner together.
  8. Drop your top and meet us at Belle Isle for a group meet up and photo bomb in front of the fountain, those that would like to join after for a caravan to Eastern Market for lunch are welcome to join!
  9. Kick off the Spring wheeling season with us! We want to kick off Spring the best way we know how with our vehicles on the trail! To add to that, St Helen and the surrounding area has always been a great place for our groups so we want to give a little bit and help clean up the trails. Please mark your calendar's and joins us for this great trip! Check out our Facebook page for more details.
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    Helping you learn about basic maintenance and checks you can do at home for both daily driving and before a big wheeling trip. Developed a full "Inspection Checklist" for this event that will start you out under the hood, bring you inside the vehicle, and bring you all the way under the vehicle. Price: FREE
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    For anyone convoying, a meeting in the west end of the Ladywood High School parking lot at 7:30am and will leave to start the convoy to St.Helen at 8am Convoy starts gathering at 7:30am and departs at 8:00am from: Ladywood High School 14680 Newburgh Rd, Livonia, MI 48154 For everyone not convoying, just head on up to the St. Helen Airport OHV Trailhead Parking Lot. Trying to get discounts for anyone who wants to stay at the Super 8 by Wyndam
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