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  2. We have exciting news for all 1973-1987 Chevy and GMC square body truck owners: H&H Classic is now a one stop shop for all kinds of parts for your truck! We just added nearly 200 premium parts for '73-'87 square body trucks to our inventory.
  3. With a history that stretches back more than 50 years, Eckler's was one of the pioneers in classic cars restoration.
  4. Check out this great supportive website
  5. Tom Wood’s is not just the name of a company, Tom Wood is a person. In 1979 Tom started working for a local drive line shop because he “needed a job” and a local drive line shop was hiring. He worked for that company for 20 years. Sometime in the mid ‘90s, with the emergence of off-roading as a sport, he saw an opportunity to do something new and do things differently.
  6. As a truck and off-road enthusiast, owner and founder Shawn Miller makes it his mission to sell the best quality disc brake conversion kits at the best price (with free shipping!). We make it easy to get the exact kit you need, with extensive customization options offered on every kit. If you have a question or a problem, we’re ready and willing to help (and you always get a real person, not an automation).
  7. Also went ahead and ordered Dakota Digital gauge cluster from Affordable Street Rods since everyone is sold out of the cluster I wanted which you saw my earlier post I made back in 2019. Well it cost more than the $1295 it use to be and now the out the door price with shipping and Michigan tax was $1635.48 but this also includes the GSS-3000 which is the Gear Position Sensor so you can see in the gauge cluster what gear you are in.
  8. So that PerformaBuilt Trans that I purchased for around $3500 was pure junk. Totally would not recommend buying anything from these con artists. The two year "VERY Limited" warranty (if you buy a torque converter from them otherwise its only one year warranty) works if you drain any fluid out of the trans, pay for wrapping trans in plastic, boxing per the standards they put in place and shipping your transmission to them in PA. Its so expensive to ship the transmission that its cheaper to just have someone else fix the mess they call a trans. Given that the best thing PerformaBuilt transmissions does is take your money with ease without delivering a product for the amount you pay, I'm staying local and I recommend you do the same. Dropped my Blazer off to a company in Michigan that knows old school transmissions. In fact A & M transmissions is the destination for anyone in the state of Michigan for Powerglide 2speed trans and the older transmissions. Of course they work on new transmissions as well. I've been working with a guy named Jeff and he is very knowledgeable and very OCD on making sure its done right and it doesn't matter how long it takes. Todays labor rates are around $99/hr We discussed whether we are going to stick with the 700R4 and focus on why this transmission keeps burning up OR change to a 4L60e trans which is really the same as a 700R4 transmission. In fact the only difference is the 4L60e has an 18-pin electronic connector above the passenger side pan rail vs the 700R4 doesn't have the 18-pin connector but does have the cable connection near the cooler lines on the passenger side. 700R4 PROS Less expensive than 4L60E – no expensive controller needed Easier to install with minimal wiring Popular upgrade support Fits most early chassis Transmission has cable speedometer output – no adapters needed 700R4 CONS Limited torque capacity with early transmissions TV cable is difficult to adjust for proper pressure and up-shifts Must use pressure gauge to set TV cable for proper part throttle up-shift Often requires custom TV cable bracket and connection on carburetor or EFI Custom WOT shift points require governor changes Limited to converter lock-up only in overdrive (4th gear) Needs special brake light switch to cut power to unlock converter when brake is applied May require additional low-vacuum switch to cut out converter lockup under heavy part-throttle load – and then may cycle back and forth – requiring additional delay relay 4L60E PROS Full and finite electronic control over all aspects of shift control, including WOT Easy changes to part-throttle shift points and line pressure Easy setup for desired converter lockup – can lock in third Can tune shift points from the interior – no need to crawl under the car Can buy EFI packages with transmission control as part of EFI – saves money Increased torque capacity with 4L65-70-75 versions LS engines can use the LS 4L60E – no adapters necessary Speedometer calibration is simple 4L60E CONS Most expensive – must add separate controller – can cost up to $1,200 Needs a TPS input – must add with carburetor Requires adapter to run either electric speedometer or motor to spin cable speedometer Cooler lines use push-in clip connectors that often leak – should replace with a more traditional connector – AN or inverted flare Told Jeff @ A & M Trans that my decision is to go to the 4l60e transmission. He's now doing the research and gathering parts.
  9. Cowboy Denny

    Dakota Gauges for 1979-91 Blazer

    Really love the semi original look of these replacement gauges for my 1991 K5 Blazer
  10. parts for your classic truck
  11. Classic Industries is more than just restoration parts... With multiple warehouses stocked full of Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury parts, Classic Industries has provided over a million customers with parts and accessories they have needed to restore their vehicles. For over four decades, our comprehensive, full-color catalogs have been known for their accurate descriptions and helpful listings of restoration and performance parts. Our convenient, easy-to-use website lists thousands of products to cover the restoration of hundreds of classic American-made car and truck models.
  12. Cowboy Denny

    1991 Chevy K5 Blazer Interior

    Images from my K5 Blazer and the build process that may help someone else out.
  13. Heading down this weekend to pickup a 1991 Chevy Blazer K5 Right off the start I need shocks and 33's balanced. My goal is to change them to 3/4 ton axles (roughly $3100 for front G2 D44 with eaton e-locker and another $3400 for back G2 D44 with eaton e-locker) Also I want to change the interior to all black and it desperately needs a paint job (not decided color... leaning towards blue like my cutlass)
  14. INTERIOR TASKS Fix Intermittent Wipers (should just be a new lever but could require a new wiper motor). Also need to get the washer fluid solid so I can wash off any mud or dirt HVAC (currently don't really get much air flow so need to pull out the ducts and see if got a mouse nest or if blower motor is dying or even if the flappers aren't working) Replace Padding, Carpeting, Side Panels and install Sound Deadener. Install Rear 3 point seat belts Look into install rollbar to attach rear seatbelts to and potentially boat speakers for when the top if off EXTERIOR TASKS Transmission Fix/Repair or Replace Bodywork (paint) Leaf Springs (squeaky)
  15. Currently in a holding pattern until Alpha Motorsports is finished getting the Blazer running solid
  16. Talked to Randy today and they added the part but said it got installed wrong but they fixed it. They are moving mechanics from one project to another since they are short handed. I did ask him if he could video the dyno and he said he would try but no guarantee since they are swamped. I’ll chat with them when I get back into town so probably Friday
  17. Dropped the Blazer off at Alpha Motorsports yesterday to see if they can tune it so it doesn't stall when its cold and maybe get it to not diesel when it shifts into 4th. Flat Rate of $100/hr labor 2 hr estimate to diagnose the engine issues I also asked them if they have time if they could look into the suspension but my primary focus is to get it to run good. Been talking on the phone with a guy named Randy. Very nice and polite and very up front with costs and work that needs to be done.
  18. This was a great video that I wanted to share of some Full Size vehicles hitting the Rubicon which is so well known for Jeeps tackling it but not so well known for Full Size monsters tackling the obstacle.
  19. Now the death wobble is happening more often than not which the death wobble is expected since I don't have any steering stabilizer installed. I have the high steer on reid knuckles on the Dana 60 front axle. So now on the hunt for a great steering stabilizer for my setup.
  20. constant +12v ..................... orange accessory +12v ................... yellow ground ............................... black dimmer ............................... grey front left speaker (+) ............ tan front left speaker (-) ............. light grey front right speaker (+) ........... light green front right speaker (-) ........... dark green rear left speaker (+) .............. brown rear left speaker (-) .............. yellow rear right speaker (+) ............ dark blue rear right speaker (-) ............. light blue
  21. wildweaselmi

    1977 Squarebody

    Trucks were offered with power door locks and windows are offered along with restyled door panels and optional rear defroster. 1977 trucks also featured new grille design eliminating 4 of the vertical dividers and 1 of the horizontal. 305 V8 is introduced along with styled (wagon) wheels without center caps. Unique feature: only year to have gold stripe in the center of the side moldings.
  22. wildweaselmi

    1976 Squarebody

    New Zinc rich primer is added to aid rust prevention. Deluxe chrome bumpers with rubber impact strips are a new option. Rally wheels and Sport model are also offered as options. Bonanza trim packages introduced and marketed as a "value" for customers, as three levels are available (YG6, YG7, YG8). Last year for Chevrolet Orange engines. Blazer gets new body design with metal roof over front seats and fiberglass over the rear. Also equipped with integrated roll bar.
  23. wildweaselmi

    1975 Squarebody

    Custom line is dropped and Custom Deluxe becomes base model. Cheyenne Super is replaced by Silverado as top trim level. Upper trim levels receive brushed aluminum panels on tailgate. Scottsdale line is also added to the 1975 line-up. C20 model was made available in a 4 door model minus rear seats. HEI ignition becomes available, catalytic converters were also made standard equipment on all trucks under 6,001 gross vehicle weight (GVW). 400 small block is available in 4x4 models and changes to the grille make it flush to the front and give it three horizontal bars.
  24. wildweaselmi

    1974 Squarebody

    Full-time 4wd was now standard on all V8 models. Aluminum tailgate panel was added to the center of the tailgate.
  25. wildweaselmi

    1973 Squarebody

    The first year for the new truck displayed a completely new look from the previous 6 years. The most notable changes were to the body. The new trucks featured a completely restyled and "rounded" body style, curved side glass, bigger more comfortable seats, and flow through ventilation directed through louvers behind the hood. Woodgrain trim panel on tailgate of top trim levels. Also introduced in 1973 was a crew cab 1 ton 3+3 pickup nicknamed the "Big Dooley." 454 replaces 400 (402) as top engine option. 1,055,273 units were produced surpassing the 1972 Ford sales record.
  26. wildweaselmi

    1973-76 Squarebody Wiring Diagrams

    Here you will find some wiring diagrams for your old Squarebody from 1973 to 1976
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