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  2. I am thinking of using my Ram to overland with but not sure about the investment to make it an overlanding vehicle This is what I was thinking First is a rack for the back to hold a roof top tent, max trax, water cans, probably gas cans (cause she’s a thirsty bitch), cooler/fridge, etc.. Let’t look at options for a RACK that can be used for a Ram with the Rambox. OPTION 1 This is a rack provided by Nuthouse and it looks very nicely built. They have a ton of addons but the negative is they are pricey. Nutzo -RAMBOX series Overlanding truck rack can be made for all model year Rambox. The RAMBOX rack is offered in a square tube design (The RAMBOX2) and is all aluminum. This truck bed rack has been designed around the RAMBOX cargo management system to allow full access to the storage. These racks mount to factory holes and require no drilling into the truck. This bed rack is offered in a Low Profile version, Standard Height and cab height. The Standard height is at the optimal height to work with your Roof Top Tent (RTT) Annex. These racks can also incorporate our aluminum retractable and lockable tonneau cover or aluminum hard deck. This will keep your bed secure and dry. Options include Light Package Deluxe light package includes: 1-CHMSL, 2- VisionX White accent lights, 4- Yellow marker lights, 2- Red marker lights, 4- VisionX Dura M460 2.75” square LED flood lights. All of our lights are wired with 12-14 gauge double sheathed marine grade wire and include 5 foot long wires Deluxe Light Package ($1,495.00) CHMSL,Third Brake Light LED 3/4” button light (not DOT approved) ($235.00) Cargo bed light under rack, includes extra wire and weather pack connection ($235.00) LED marker lights, (2) amber & (4) red, includes wire and weather pack ($525.00) Two VisionX Dura Mini Lights ($325.00) Four VisionX Dura Mini Lights ($678.00) Removable Crossbars Removable Crossbars allow full access and versatility to the bed of your truck. Extra removable crossbars can be made to hold/mount many additional items. You can have different bars for different mounting solutions that can be changed out in minutes. Pricing includes additional finish time and material to coat parts Removable Crossbars ($1,649.00) Extra Removable Crossbars (each) ($385.00) Hard Deck Options The all aluminum hard deck creates a secure and weather proof area for all of your gear. The 1/8″ aluminum sheet is reinforced with 1”x 3” cross bars. It is a sturdy platform for all of your exterior storage needs. The deck also provides a great place to store a 40” spare tire. There are 2 multi-directional vents (optional) located towards the cab to promote cross ventilation inside the bed. Hard Decks are priced per build due to oversized aluminum cost. Aluminum Hard Cover Deck (Short Bed) ($3,299.00) Aluminum High Clearance Hard Cover Deck (Short Bed) ($3,899.00) L-Track tie down ($250.00) Retractable Aluminum Coiling Cover USA made aluminum powdercoated, retractable, and lockable cover Short Bed ($2,579.00) Long Bed ($2,679.00) Tire Shelf A Large sheeted deck that is designed to accommodate a tire up to 40″ and still provide extra space for storing gear. Large Shelf with 4 pin mounting ($1,100.00) Accessory rails for tire shelf. Priced per side ($300.00) Awning mount Custom fabricated awning mounts for 270 style awning ($395.00) Maxtrax Storage Box All aluminum storage box for Maxtrax brand only. These boxes make it easy to slide traction boards in and out. The hinged door has a hole for a carabiner or pad lock. These boxes can be mounted to the underside of the rack or anywhere else you’d like to store your traction boards. Maxtrax Box for 2 boards ($549.00) Maxtrax Box for 4 boards ($549.00) Maxtrax Traction Aides MKII Safety Orange ($299.00) Black ($299.00) Blaze Yellow ($299.00) Olive Drab ($299.00) Desert Tan ($299.00) Gunmetal Grey ($299.00) FJ Red ($299.00) Average Cost: $3000-$3400 (without options, without tent) OPTION 2 Another option is TRUSS Rack. Not as expensive which is a positive but not cheap by any means. Option 1 has a ton more options so if you like to keep your options open to add later then you may want to stay with OPTION 1. The TRUSS systems mounts to the factory cargo rails inside your Ram's truck bed. Please make sure you have the proper cargo rails installed prior to the TRUSS bed rack. Ram's OEM Rambox Tonneau rails have two slots in them. One facing the inside of the bed and one facing the sky. You will use both slots for attachment of the TRUSS bed rack. If you do not have the exact pictured rails, the provided feet will not work with you truck. Please reach out as needed for clarification and factory rail part numbers can be provided so you can order them from Mopar if needed. THIS TRUSS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH TONNEAU, SOFT TOPS, OR ANY BED COVERS. Included (6) TRUSS Legs (6) Steel Mounting Feet (4) Side Armor Plates (3) 2" X 2" Load Bars (1) All required fasteners, washers, lock nuts, and spacers are included in the kit. Average Cost: $2000 (only rack) OPTION 3 This is my favorite but also most expensive option. It’s called the Treehouse from snap outlanders and if you want “the best” then this is what you want. Each Treehouse is built to order, built to the specs of your truck, fully aluminum, and a combination of tig-welded & riveted. Standard Treehouse Includes: - Matte black powder coat - Third brake light - Meteor Grey canvas with two side flaps with three layers (clear, screen, and outer) - Single rear door with gas struts (Flip up) - Four side doors with gas struts (Flip up, two on each side) - Seals on all doors - Sleeping platform (75inx53in) that can be raised all the way up - Electrical outlets (Two USB, one 12v cigarette outlet; Must be powdered by an external power station) - Carpeted sleeping platform & ceiling of wedge - Double sized, three inch thick memory foam mattress - Two T-Tracks on the roof - Insulated roof - Ladder to access sleeping platform - Bed rail clamps for installation - Truck cap seal for base - Guaranteed watertight sleeping area (does not include the base/truck bed area) - Complimentary install at our facility in Pennsylvania + accessories for install Average Cost: $12,000 (min of 6month lead time but includes rack, tent, etc)
  3. Founded in 2015, G3 Fabrication is a Veteran Owned & Operated company about 2 hours west of Chicago, in Franklin Grove IL. Started out of a passion for off-roading and vehicle based travel, building parts for many different 4x4's and off-road trailers isn't all we do. We enjoy working with people to bring their ideas to reality. Our abilities currently include: 3d modeling and design in Solidworks. ShopSabre CNC Plasma Table 4'x8' Hypertherm PowerMax 65 Plasma Welding 50" Sheet metal brake HUCK BOM fastening system
  4. WHO IS BEADLOCKERS? Your Premier Overland Outfitter & Off-Road Accessories online retailer offering the best prices on performance parts and expedition grade equipment from around the world. WHAT IS YOUR SPECIALTY? Beadlockers has access to over 1 Million products and offers installation services at our retail location in Howards Grove, WI. Address: 1621 S Wisconsin Dr, Howards Grove, WI 53083 phone: 920 828 0129 email: info@beadlockers.com website: They offer in-store shopping but no real website, just a facebook page.
  5. Roof Top Tents Pitching a tent on the ground in the dark, sleeping in the back of the rig, paying for a hotel room or driving hours back home have been the options over the years. Now, we can camp anywhere, even a parking lot! It is with the endless possibilities of such adventures we want you to let the WORLD BE YOUR DOORSTEP!
  6. This guy does a decent job at helping you get going with overlanding Some of the non-essential gear and other things I talked about and showed in this video... (these are not sponsored links and are also not affiliate links) Cooking: Propane Stove (Camp Chef Everest) https://a.co/d/1y0mpDF Isobutane Stove (AOTU Portable Backpacking Stove) https://a.co/d/dIqXdr2 Isobutane Canisters (GasOne) https://a.co/d/hPvOHYy Kettle (Primus 0.9L Kettle) https://a.co/d/7d62CZU Fry Pan with folding handle (GSI Bugaboo Fry Pan) https://a.co/d/hObeUEX 6 lb Propane Tank (Worthington 6lb aluminum propane tank) https://powertank.com/products/cyl-pp06 Freeze-Dried Meals: Mountain House https://a.co/d/ikZfnO9 Backpacker's Pantry https://a.co/d/iIUazvN Water: Lifesaver Water Purifier Jerrycan https://a.co/d/f6xVpQF Scepter Water Jerrycan https://a.co/d/6pBFGxh GPS Navigation: GAIA GPS https://www.gaiagps.com/ Website Resources: National Park Service https://www.nps.gov US Forest Service https://www.fs.usda.gov Bureau of Land Management https://www.blm.gov Satellite Texting Devices: Garmin In-Reach Mini (newer version than mine) https://a.co/d/1IeXoU8 ZOLEO https://a.co/d/4AjUCZG Spot X https://a.co/d/2RouowV Bivy Stick https://a.co/d/iEQCw6d Somewhere Global Hotspot https://somewearlabs.com/product/outd... Leave No Trace: https://lnt.org/ Outdoors Dish Soap: Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap https://a.co/d/enwO5k2 Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash https://a.co/d/9I8Nf39 First Aid (there are alot of great kits out there but here's one or you to check out): https://www.amp-3.net Fire Extinguisher: Element Fire Extinguisher https://a.co/d/g6OBlLw Trash Bucket: GAMMA2 Vittles Vault https://a.co/d/e4e3oBq The Fridge I Use: National Luna 52L Legacy https://www.equipt1.com/collections/n...
  7. Some items you should have ready to go in case of emergency MUST HAVE's WATER (one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days for drinking and sanitation) FOOD (at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food) BAT-POWERED / HAND CRANK RADIO & NOAA WEATHER RADIO with tone alert FLASHLIGHT FIRST AID KIT EXTRA BATTERIES WHISTLE TO SIGNAL FOR HELP DUST MASK (to help filter contaminated air and plastic sheeting and duct tape to shelter in-place) MOIST TOWELETTES, GARABAGE BAGS and PLASTIC TIES (for personal sanitation) WRENCH or PLIERS (to turn off utilities) MANUAL CAN OPENER (for food) LOCAL MAPS CELL PHONE with CHARGERS and a BACKUP BATTERY SHOULD HAVE's in addition to above Masks (for everyone ages 2 and above), soap, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes to disinfect surfaces Prescription medications. About half of all Americans take a prescription medicine every day. An emergency can make it difficult for them to refill their prescription or to find an open pharmacy. Organize and protect your prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and vitamins to prepare for an emergency. Non-prescription medications such as pain relievers, anti-diarrhea medication, antacids or laxatives Prescription eyeglasses and contact lens solution Infant formula, bottles, diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream Pet food and extra water for your pet Cash or traveler's checks Important family documents such as copies of insurance policies, identification and bank account records saved electronically or in a waterproof, portable container Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person Complete change of clothing appropriate for your climate and sturdy shoes Fire extinguisher Matches in a waterproof container Feminine supplies and personal hygiene items Mess kits, paper cups, plates, paper towels and plastic utensils Paper and pencil Books, games, puzzles or other activities for children ready_checklist.pdf
  8. There is a great event called KOAR but it books up quick. Go to there website for more information but I believe its a great start. https://keweenawoverlandadventureretreat.com/
  9. My family and I would love to begin overlanding based on all the forums and youtube videos we watch about Overlanding. We are in Michigan outside Flint and was curious if anyone has suggestions where to go do some Overlanding in Michigan?
  10. Here are some items just off the top of my head... I know I'm missing a bunch winch auxillary lights tool kit hijack mre's spare drive shaft spare u joints shovel and axe or pitchfork descent size cooler ( use as cooler,chair,step, tool and parts prop,moving a bunch of odds and ends, keeping spare parts in, etc.) flashlights tire repair kit flares tow straps tow rope utility rope ...etc etc...your "expedition'' rig should be set up like a good hiking pack.
  11. Building an expedition vehicle and not sure what I should carry with me? What kind of items should I concentrate on? Any help is appreciated.
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