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  2. Ferrari endured a run of headaches in 2019, with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc clashing over slipstream assistance at Monza, team orders in Singapore and Russia, and then crashing into each other in Brazil. Speaking ahead of the FIA Prize Gala in Paris, Alonso laughed off a suggestion that he had a reputation for being ‘self-centered’ “I think the reputation is always one thing ...Keep reading View the full article
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  4. got my Lyft. Let me tell ya, it’s kinda difficult at LAX. The all just tells you to go to zone 5,6,7 but no idea where that is. You see advertisements everywhere for Uber but I don’t like Uber. Eventually you discover you have to walk to terminal 1 and there is a place called LAXit which is where all the ride share vehicles are. my Lyft driver ya your standard Toyota Sedan, clean but was out of gas so first stop is gas station. He wasn’t too thrilled about the long 2 hour drove he has to do for my destination but it’s not like he’s doing it for free. It’s costing $130 plus a tip if he would stop talking since I don’t know what he’s saying.
  5. Landing now in LAX now to get off the plane and get a Lyft ride to the dealership. i believe I might be in trouble. It was a little more than a 5 hour flight and felt like it took forever. Doesn’t bode well for a 3000 mile drive home Monday.
  6. If you’ve been tuning into youtube.com/user/MotorTrend each day during Ultimate Adventure Week on Motor Trend’s YouTube channel you watched as UA2019 made it safely out of the Stampede Trail and back to camp at midnight. But while morning brought the daylight, it didn’t bring a break in the action. The morning of Day 6 saw View the full article
  7. On the plane waiting for our 8:20 departure time. Looking forward to getting to LAX.
  8. Arrived airport and through security. Helpful I still subscribed to clear. Real fast
  9. Meeke joined Toyota for the 2019 WRC season alongside Jari-Matti Latvala and Hyundai-bound Ott Tanak, after being dropped by Citroen part-way through the 2018 season. In his single season with the Japanese manufacturer, Meeke scored points on all but three rounds and made the podium with a second-place finish in Germany. He and co-driver Seb Marshall finished sixth in the championship, four ...Keep reading View the full article
  10. It’s Friday morning, got up at 4:50am and took my shower, got dressed and my airport Shuttle was in the driveway right on time at 5:30 and now we are in route to the Detroit Metro Airport. did I forget anything? Sure feels like it
  11. Elliott, driver of the No. 9 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet, was named winner of the 2019 National Motorsports Press Association most popular driver award presented by Hooters. The award is the second consecutive of his five-year Cup Series career. The 24-year old native of Dawsonville, Ga. was named through 39 percent of the votes cast by fans. His father, 1988 Cup Series champion Bill ...Keep reading View the full article
  12. Russo and Steele Automobile Auctions is auctioning an ultra-rare 1962 Meyers Manx Dune Buggy in January. The vehicle is one of the first produced by Bruce Meyers that fueled the dune buggy craze in the 1960s. “This is the ‘holy grail’ in both stunning original condition, including the factory gel coat, in the most desirable View the full article
  13. Chase Elliott won NASCAR's most popular driver award for the second consecutive year View the full article
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  15. Driving the pickup trucks and SUVs in the sand dunes during Four Wheeler’s 2020 Pickup Truck and SUV of the Year test helps us learn a ton about how each vehicle handles. Though the skies were overcast and the clouds were spitting raindrops on our windshields, we headed for the sand dunes on Day 3. View the full article
  16. Me: I’m going to drive my truck to Alaska this year for Ultimate Adventure! Editor Hazel: Yeah, lots of people are doing that. Trent already drove the Rover up to prerun the route. Me: Oh, but I’m going to drive a truck with a big-block! Editor Hazel: Yeah, the Watsons are driving their shop truck View the full article
  17. Many are familiar with the Christopher McCandless story of Into the Wild. Well, on Episode 4 the Ultimate Adventure partially retraces his ill-fated steps and you join us on Ultimate Adventure week on Motor Trend’s YouTube channel youtube.com/user/MotorTrend. After awaking at our campsite next to a lake flanked with bear and moose track and completely View the full article
  18. Beginning next year, the Cup Series will no longer feature the name of one entitlement sponsor for the entire season. For the past three seasons, Monster Energy has sponsored NASCAR’s premier series. In 2020, four “premier partners” – Busch Beer, Coca-Cola, GEICO and Xfinity – will constitute the cornerstone of consumer marketing and fan development initiatives surrounding the Cup ...Keep reading View the full article
  19. This blog will start as a story of how I use to have many jobs but life was passing me by as I was on a constant spiral down from any life whatsoever. Including missing my family and friends it just lost its appeal. My thought process was work as much as I can while I can because you never know when you just can't anymore. Well that was nice but all you do is spend more money instead of save the extra money or try to get ahead by possibly paying off the monster debt. Not me, I apparently have a burning hole in my pocket when I put a dollar in it. Lot changes with your perspective when you go down to one job, one source of income. Sooo, the hunt began to try and find ways to save money which started with moving away from Chase Bank which kept increasing interest rate on my credit card even though my credit score was in the high 700's and sometimes would hit 800 something. Also odd since I've been with the bank forever but I'm learning slowly that I'm more of a credit union kind of guy so I moved 99% of my finances to a Credit Union where there credit card is only 5.9% and they are willing to give me great loan rates. What? And they are more than helpful. I have tried this before but really really didn't like the web/app interface and since we do most of our banking online, it was rough. Chase has a great app and web interface but seriously there rates are way too high and no loyalty to customers that give them our money to hold onto. So two words for ya Chase, "See ya"! Now finances moved over to a credit union, a little bit of savings is already working in my favor (wow was I paying a ton in interest with my chase card). My next big expense is the house, gotta have that and no sense of changing the house payment since interest rates haven't really gone down and I really don't want to start over with closing fee's, reset the 30 year fix mortgage count down back to 30 years.. its okay. Next would be my RAM truck payment which is no more than $700/month. I had a 2013 RAM and loved it but it started to rust (which is pretty common in Michigan) but I couldn't take it so with less than a year to pay it off I bought a 2018 RAM 2500 Limited (so fully loaded). I never really loved the truck but thought I would eventually. Now its been two years and it tows just as good as my 2013 with that cummins diesel purring but way too many electronics for this guy. Its time to find something else that can tow our 10,500lb RV trailer and occasionally my car hauler trailer and even sometimes my excavator trailer but most often my 25' enclosed car hauler trailer that holds our ATVs and SxS. I just don't like anything anyone builds today. It feels and drives like garbage so went to google and started searching for tow vehicles and what is everyone most happiest with and just about every website kept popping up Suburbans with the 8.1L. Similar torque and horsepower as the Duramax Diesel with a few mpg less in the 8.1L for fuel econonomy but let's be real, Unleaded will always be cheaper than diesel and every mechanic can work on a gasoline engine and probably has the parts at a local store but not the same could be said about a diesel. Good luck going to anyone but a dealer to work on it, fuel is more expensive probably 90% of the time and repairs are monstorus. Let's also not forget you have to put cow pee in called DEF unless you delete DEF from your truck but you'll loose any warranty. So the negative to an 8.1L is crappy fuel economy and that's it. So I began my search for what year(s) are the best Suburbans and they kept coming back to the 2000-2006 years. With the 8.1L you can pull 12,500lbs (DANG!). Sometimes you are lucky and get the Alison Transmission but most of the time you'll end up with the heavy duty 4L80e transmission. I found a super clean 2003 in California at Affordable Imports Auto Sales so tomorrow I'm flying out of Detroit Metro International Airport and landing in LAX around 10:20am tomorrow and catching a Lyft down to Murrieta to pick up my new/used Suburban. I will keep adding to this blog as the trip progresses
  20. The World RX schedule was published with two TBC’s at the end of October, and with the Latvian round having been announced a fortnight ago, Russia’s addition to the schedule completes the calendar. The Russian event will take place in mid-July (18 – 19) as the sixth of 11 rounds. The rallycross layout sits alongside the Hermann Tilke-designed circuit that will also host DTM for the ...Keep reading View the full article
  21. NASCAR moved its annual season-ending celebration to Nashville this year View the full article
  22. It’s Day 3 of Ultimate Adventure week on Motor Trend’s YouTube channel youtube.com/user/MotorTrend and get ready for Episode 3. With three days of trail under our tires, Ultimate Adventure was due for a road day. But it wouldn’t be Ultimate Adventure if we only drove on pavement. The group left the sleepy town of Glennallen View the full article
  23. RCR announced this week that Alfredo will share driving duties in its No. 21 Chevrolet in the Xfinity Series next season with Myatt Snider. Alfredo, who has competed in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and in Trucks the last two seasons, will drive several races in the No. 21 in 2020. His schedule will be announced at a later date. Both Snider and Alfredo are students at UNC ...Keep reading View the full article
  24. Climbing rocks is part of how we examine the trucks and SUVs during the Pickup Truck and SUV of the Year 2020 tests at Four Wheeler. After lining up the SUVs for a sunrise photoshoot against the snowy and jagged Sierra Nevadas, we joined the eight trucks and proceeded off the pavement. The Pickup Trucks View the full article
  25. The most notable change is the promotion of crew chief Mike Shiplett to the No. 41 team from its Xfinity Series program. SHR already announced Xfinity driver Cole Custer would move to the No. 41 next season and now his crew chief will come with him. Custer and Shiplett amassed a career-high seven wins and six poles with a runner-up finish in the championship standings in 2019. Crew chiefs ...Keep reading View the full article
  26. Citroen Racing has told Motorsport.com it won't run the cars itself - the Versailles team's only rally commitment moving forward is with its customer programme C3 R5-class car - but there's nothing to stop the World Rally Cars being used by private teams. Citroen team principal Pierre Budar said: "[To see the cars compete next year] the most likely option is for the cars to be sold or run by a ...Keep reading View the full article
  27. Ford is feeding Bronco fever with an exclusive store on Amazon. There is plenty of pent-up demand for the 2020 Bronco, which is slated to make a world premiere in the spring. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Ford has a new store available with plenty of Bronco-themed merchandise. The new Ford Bronco View the full article
  28. We recently had an opportunity to review Toyo Tires’ new Open Country SxS tire. Released in the summer of 2019, the Open Country Radial was designed specifically for side-by-sides. First of all, the tire is big. At first glance when picking up the tires from Toyo’s warehouse, we thought the staff had brought us the View the full article
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