Electrician and Plumber Hunt

So I was surprised to find out how expensive companies can be.  So I have a need to install an outside plug and gas line for an above ground pool we are having installed in the spring of 2022.  It’s only about 20′ from the house, so shouldn’t be too bad but I’m not certified electrician or plumber so looking for someone that is licensed to do the work.

First call was to Mister Sparky (a Benjamin Franklin company) and dang are they expensive.  So the break down of how expensive they are without even seeing the job.

  • $89 to have an Electrician show up in a month
  • $89 to have a Plumber show up

These prices are just to get estimates but they did say I could save $20 per estimate if I pay $240/year for a membership which will also give 10% off the actual work but it will still be $69 each to come out to give an estimate.  Doing it this way I would have to pay $240 + $69 + $69 = $378

Next called Shiflett and Tom is suppose to call me back tomorrow (Friday)


Also called Cox Electric (Mike) and left a message to see if he’s available


Last chance is with Calvary Electric.  Called them and they said to leave a message but voicemail is full.  Went to the website and they have two options which is contact us form or even better yet use there Schedule link.  You are presented with three choices, we chose John since the majority of the reviews comments on how awesome John is.


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