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Dad Hospital Visit




Yesterday I'm chugging along, keyboard pounding at my job and I get a call from my sister that she was notified by dispatch that our dad is being transported to the hospital via an ambulance.  Now my dad isn't a young man and he's considered overweight.  The information she has is that his nose is pouring blood and he can't get it to stop, dizziness, shortness of breath so he calls for an ambulance to get him to the hospital.


What a scary feeling.  Of course my primary mode of transportation (2013 Dodge Ram 3500) is in the shop again but this time to service DEF fluid.  It has been negative temps here in Michigan but if the truck requires DEF fluid you have to know people in the south aren't the only one's buying the truck.  Of course when Service Engine light is on, remote start doesn't work in effort to protect the truck.


So not sure if I should wait for my sister to let me know or find a way to get down to the hospital which is an hour away in the best case scenario only and hour.  I'm not able to concentrate on work at all so I go out to the garage and start checking fluids on my 91 K5 Blazer.  I didn't' want to drive it on the salty roads because I know it will rust quickly but it would be pretty stupid to worry about a replaceable truck when you may loose your one and only dad.  The truck has no working heat but I bundle up


I added trans fluid and oil and headed out onto the salty roads.  I need gas so I fill up and it asks do you want the touchless car wash and I'm like, heck ya and in fact give me the fancy $9 wash and I'll get the truck washed on my way home.  When you are done pumping gas it spits a receipt out with the Wash Code, yea my mind was elsewhere so someone else got that wash since the second my truck was filled up and jumped in and started driving to the hospital.

It took roughly an hour and I pull into St.Joseph Mercy Hospital and park in Visitors parking and find my way through the maze of hallways to a receptionist and have to patiently wait for them to get off the phone with there boyfriend/girlfriend to find out what room he's in.  She replies that he's in ER and to just go down this hallway and once you see so many lefts make the next one then a right then another right then a left then spin in a circle and hop on one foot and you should arrive at the Emergency Room where you can ask what POD your dad is in.  Thankfully several people along the way noticed my "lost look" and kept pointing me in the direction.

Arrive at the emergency room and met with mrs. attitude which had no clue what she was doing but the guy next to her jumped in and told me what POD he was in and gave the best directions he could.  Every room (or POD) was full so they had people in hallways.  It was insane on how busy the ER was and how full it was.  I needed additional help from people in ER to find my dads room.  Once I arrived I found he was there with my sister and two of his close friends.  The doctors did several tests and found his medication wasn't correct.  In short, CVS messed up again and sent back a medication his doctor sent in for him.  So his blood pressure was really high which is the cause for the symptoms he was experiencing (except the shortness of breath).

He's home now and doing better.  My coworkers were amazing and jumped in to help cover me so I could go check on my dad.  It was very touching to see how many people care.






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