Featured Products: Budget Beasts! YOST Sealed Back HD Mechanics Vises From Eastwood. A Stout New Vise Line At A Great Price

Featured Products: Budget Beasts! YOST Sealed Back HD Mechanics Vises From Eastwood. A Stout New Vise Line At A Great Price

When I was growing up my grandpa had some really cool tools. Not because they were fancy necessarily, but because they were insanely beefy and built to last. I can’t even imagine the number of times I used his big mechanics bench vise, but I know that I have never owned another vise that compared to his. As many of you know, I’ve been building a new shop for the past few years and as it is getting closer and closer I have been randomly thinking about some of the tools I really do need. Vises are one of them. I don’t need several of them, but I will need a couple. At least one in the fab side of the shop and one in the workshop side. And these Yost vises right here just might be what the doctor ordered, and because they come in a couple of sizes I can go with the big boy for fab and a mid size like this HD550 for the workshop side.

These things are beefy and look really nice, but all the specs are below along with a link to check it out at Eastwood.

Video Description:

The New YOST HD550 Mechanics Vise is the tool your shop is missing! With its new sealed back design you get the most clamping force possible AND durability at a fraction of the price of the competition. If you need one that is bigger or smaller, they’ve got several sizes to choose from.

YOST HD 550-C: https://www.eastwood.com/yost-hd550-c-heavy-duty-mechanics-vise.html

The Yost Heavy Duty Mechanics Vise is a durable high-strength combination bench vise ideal for reliable service in professional applications. The straight-pull screw and nut design combined with 60,000 psi ductile iron construction results in a vise that generate superior clamping force. Additional features include replaceable pipe jaws, interlocking swivel base, and generous anvil work surface. This is the perfect vise for the serious mechanics workbench.

Oversize Castings Made of 60,000 PSI Ductile Iron

Swivel base with interlocking lockdown bar eliminates accidental vise rotation

Sealed Design protects spindle and increases rigidity

Extra-large Anvil Surface designed to take a beating

Replaceable Serrated Jaws and Pipe Jaws

Maximum Clamping force of 8992 Lbs.

Yost Vises has been producing high-quality vises and vise accessories since 1908. We supply our products to both large distributors and individual craftsmen throughout the world ranging from industrial-grade vises, professional-grade vises, workshop-grade vises, light to heavy-duty vises, multifunction vises, welding vises, etc. Our products meet or exceed the Industrial Standard of Federal Specification GGG-V-410A, providing consumers with quality products that last for years at a great price.

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