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2007 GMC Sierra 2500 (classic)

2007 GMC Sierra 2500 (classic)

Love the classics with the LBZ

VIN: 1GTHK23D67F110033



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It arrived yesterday and discovered some surprises

  1. Fuel Filter is at 1%
  2. Only 1 key and 1 Viper keyfob
  3. Viper Keyfob doesn't lock/unlock or remote start vehicle
  4. Steering Wheel Controls don't light
  5. Fuel Gauge moves super slow (not sure if its accurate)
  6. No way to lock/unlock doors
  7. GM Delco Radio (6 disc) doesn't support MP3 CDs
  8. Steps are right up against truck.

Fuel Filter

No big deal, ordered some AC Delco Fuel Filters on Amazon for $30/each. Pretty easy to change

Key issue

When I find a dealership that is open, I'll get two new keys cut and programmed if needed


I may purchase two factory ones or just get a remote start put in that would replace keyfobs anyways.  This will hopefully fix the lock/unlock issue as well.

Steering Wheel Controls

Not a major issue but it appears Dorman sells these on Amazon for about $100 for all four controls.  Heard the cable is super short so replacement can be challenging.

Fuel Gauge

Internet said to run Fuel Cleaner through system for three fill up's and see if it cleans the float/sending unit which could be sticking.  If issues still exist then take the cluster out and send to Circuit Board Medics for repair (have them change bulbs to LED while they have it..  might as well also send the auto temp cluster for LEDs and anything else while the cluster is apart.


This is something I don't want to change but will because with a lifted truck especially, I need to see if anyone is behind me.  It's more difficult to judge distance.  Also I love Apple Carplay feature so I can listen to Spotify.  Radio now a days is difficult to find a station anymore near me since everyone seems to be on SirusXM


The steps on this truck are useless. They are tucked so close to the truck its more of a rock slider than a step.  My plan is to move to AMP Research Power Steps which will help my wife greatly since she can't easily get in the truck due to the chemo.  This is my priority right now and the Fuel Filter.


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