GPS used offroad

What do you use offroad to keep track of where you are going, where you’ve been?

I’ve used GAIA for the trail riding I’ve done and its worked pretty good.  Is it perfect? No but I am running it on my iPhone (which you can also run it on any Android or iOS device with GPS) and so I don’t need to have multiple charge ports (1 for a GPS unit, 1 for my phone)..  just keep it charged and hundreds of possible mounts for a phone versus a certain GPS unit.

NOW the negatives, obviously an iPhone is more expensive (in many cases) than a GPS unit.  The function of the GPS unit is just for keeping you informed of where you are so more than likely it has more satellite antennas.  I’ve been one of those that thought for years, why would I waste money on a GPS unit when I can do all that on my phone.  Now I’m changing that tune to be more open about the idea.

The community seems to all rave about vvmapping and a few others that require you have a Garmin unit if you want turn by turn instructions on the trails which could come in handy.

If I decide to get a GPS unit it will be a Garmin and it has to be able to be portable (in case you break down, you could use the GPS unit to find your way to civilization and hopefully mark your spot that your down and broke so you can find your way back).

vvmapping only supports the following GPS models

  • Dakota, Colorado, Montana, Monterra & Oregon (all model numbers for these)
  • DEZL (all model numbers for these)
  • DRIVE (including DriveSmart, DriveAssist, DriveLuxe, DriveTrack) (all model numbers for these)
  • eTrex: 20, 30, Legend C/CX/HCX, Vista C/CX/HCX, Venture HC; Touch; (must be color unit)
  • GPSMap 60, 62, 64, 66, 76, 78, 620, 640 (all in each model series, must be color unit)
  • GPSMap 276C, 376C, 378, 478 (these take special Garmin data cards, not the card we provide)
  • GPSMap 276CX
  • Nuvi & Nuvi Track (all model numbers for these)
  • Overlander
  • Rino 530 HCX and 6xx/7xx
  • RV (all model numbers for these)
  • Zumo (all model numbers for these)

From my understanding the Garmin Nuvi models are not waterproof, so something to consider.  I’ve been leaning on a Garmin Montana but not sure yet.

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