Attaching Fuel Cans to your ATV

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    Here discussing how to carry that extra fuel with you on those long trips, expecially when that trip includes traveling with no cell reception, no fuel stations, no life…

    First thing I do is check to see how much fuel your ATV has capacity to hold.  Ideally you would want another full tank since you know how far you got on one full fuel tank so you can gauge whether to continue on or get back to where you started where hopefully you have fuel or a way to get your ATV to a fueling station.

    In this scenario I have a Can-Am Outlander Max 1000r XT-P and according to this post you can expect around 75miles on a tank leaving you with a bar left (reserve) on average. So if you get approx. 15mpg (depending on driving style) that means if you carry that small 1gal spare fuel tank you better be less than 20 miles to fuel station or your tow vehicle.  Obviously 2 gal of fuel give you 30 miles and 3 gal would give you 45 extra miles and if you can carry a 4 gal tank that would give you 60 miles of extra driving which should be more then enough.


    Ran across this idea of using Rotopax using the LinQ system which JDS Customs create but dang is that expensive and only works with Gen1 Rotopax



    Here are some more photos of ways everyone is attaching fuel cans



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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