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    There is no one list of gear that provides everything for every possible scenario on what to bring.  In the end it’s what works for you and where you are riding.  For example you if you have a 15mile run you don’t need to bring the shotgun and flare gun.

    This is a list of items we have collected and built into our collection

    • gas can (ours is only 3gallons obviously with gas in it)
    • tools (machine specific and screwdrivers, plastic tubes, bits for the end of the screw driver of course)
    • ratchet straps (Ratchet straps can also be used to strap on the cooler and gas can.)
    • cooler (lots of water, food)
    • tow strap
    • flat tire repair kit
    • battery jump starter
    • backpack in case I have to hike out of the trail
    • handgun in case I run into a bear or bigfoot
    • First Aid Kit
    • zip ties
    • knife
    • compass
    • flashlight
    • charger
    • matches
    • solar phone charger
    • bug spray
    • small compressor
    • toiletries
    • hand and face wipes
    • snacks
    • portable rain suit(s)

    Anything we are missing that you think is a critical item to bring with you on your trips.

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