Worn out door hinges

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    Wild Weasel

    Does any one know if the door hinges off a second Gen truck or maybe a Dakota of our year will work?

    Apparently the pins and bushings I bought were cheap and they wore out and now the hole in my hinge is about twice the size its supposed to be and I can’t get the bushings to stay in now

    Is there somewhere to buy new ones?

    I’m talking about the ones that mount to the cab


    Its getting more difficult to find decent door hinges.

    Notes on replacing the door hinges on a 1st gen Dodge

    So, what i would do is complete one side first. then having all the tools needed already at hand do the other side. I forgot to mention the 5 screws across the top of the dash, remove all but one. so dash does not roll down on you,so if you do the pass side first leave driver side screw in place. and then put passenger side screw in place and do other side.( to prop up one side at a time once screws are removed) I would cut a 2×4 to length plus some to keep dash up so you can work

    drop the steering wheel shaft down unbolt it, loosen bolt under dash on pass side and lift dash just enough to get a socket in there. I just did a complete cab swap on mine I know all of this by heart. Remember*** Dash Pivot Bolts On Each Side of Dash One On Each Side. loosen both and then lift dash only enough to get socket and short extension on it. there will be a square piece of tar tape cover hole to keep out weather peel it back and put back over it when done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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