Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Limited

I have been researching Side by Sides and have some experience with owning a 2019 Can-Am 1000 Maverick Trail. We very much enjoyed our Can-Am but because of unfortunate events that happened in our life we had to part ways and need to get rid of debt as quick as possible so gave it away for way less than I put into it but it went to a good home in Montana.


So notes I would mention in regards to the Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000 DPS I would mention that the 50″ wide SxS, no matter what brand, is they are very tippy, especially with one person in the vehicle.  Also with the Can-Am in the summer time it gets really hot and loud which I am assuming is because of the engine.  The seat sits pretty low which wasn’t any issue driving but came into an issue when you wanted to plow.  You can’t really see the plow when sitting down.  Not the best vehicle for plowing with but plenty of power to push any amount of snow.  I loved the long wheelbase and it just coasted over bumps. I broke my back in the military and driving the Can-Am 1000 Maverick Trail all day it didn’t bother my back at all.  If I ride an ATV for an hour and my back is in a lot of pain which is the main reason I went to a SxS is for the back support and comfort.

Many ask me if I would go back to a Can-Am when I am ready financially to jump back into a Side by Side and the answer is no.  Here in Michigan the amount of 50″ only trails are very slim and we mainly go with groups which include mainly larger side by sides.

I like many of the Side by Sides but after researching all the forums and the utility of a side by side I am leaning on the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Limited edition mainly because I plan on using my Side by Side as a utility vehicle around our 9 acres but want to go with the groups on trails.  No other Side by Side gets the high reliability marks as Honda in general and nothing out tows a Honda.  Now its not going to win any races but reliability is very important to me.

2020 Honda® Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition, 2020 Honda® Pioneer 1000-5 Limited Edition PIONEERING PERFORMANCE.

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