Ignik Topside and Flipside Heated Bedding :: Field Tested

Ignik Topside and Flipside Heated Bedding :: Field Tested

Rest is one of the most underrated necessities of overland travel. One of the first pieces of advice I offer to new overlanders is to go all in on their sleep systems. Waking up refreshed with a comfortable eight hours on the pillow makes everything you do during the day that much more vibrant and joyful. A well-rested mind is more alert and observant, and a well-rested body is better equipped to handle the physical challenges of life on the road. Regulating sleeping temperature can be challenging in a tent, roof tent, or truck camper, but Ignik’s Topside heated blanket and Flipside heated bed cover offer cozy and remarkably energy-efficient solutions.

The Ignik Flipside heated bed cover is sized for one camper.

Both the Topside and the Flipside are powered by any 12-volt battery via a standard vehicle adapter and have a 48-watt max heat output. With a 4-amp draw, they won’t tax larger battery systems, and Ignik’s Smart Controller allows the user to adjust both the intensity and duration of the heat. The controller also has a memory function that retains the preferred settings from night to night, and the integrated shut-down can be adjusted from 1 to 10 hours to help preserve battery life. Multiple internal thermostats and sensors control output and have an auto shut-off feature. A full night’s sleep at the highest setting will require approximately 250-300 watt-hours of power. The heating element itself concentrates warmth where it’s needed most—at the feet and in the upper core. 

Ignik makes the Topside from recycled water-resistant rPET 30D micro-ripstop fabric on the outside, and the inner layer is constructed with a plush, non-slip micro-suede material to help keep the blanket from sliding around. It comes in three colorways and is sized for one person at 52 x 72 inches. The Flipside measures 25 x 72 inches and is made from the same micro-suede fabric as the Topside’s inner layer. Integrated snaps allow campers to link up multiple Flipsides. However, you’ll need additional dedicated power outlets to run them since neither the Flipside nor the Topside can be daisy-chained. 

Ignik Topside heated blanket.

The mattress cover in my roof tent is remarkably slick, so I was skeptical that the Flipside would stay in place underneath my sleeping bag. However, the micro-suede material showed remarkable tenacity and didn’t budge or bunch. The same goes for the Topside; the fabrics are also pleasingly soft and breathable. The heat that emanates from Ignik’s bedding is gentle, with none of the stuffy, stifling feeling one gets from many household heated blankets or mattress pads. During my spring-time excursions in Utah’s high desert, where temperatures dipped as low as 31˚F, I was equally snug as the proverbial bug using either the Flipside or the Topside. My strategy was to set the controller for full power 20 minutes before bedtime to get things cooking and then lower the intensity to 3 once I crawled into my tent. I am generally a warm sleeper, so the lower setting was just about perfect, offering plenty of warmth without feeling sweaty. Overall, I preferred to pair the Flipside with my sleeping bag, but for a more traditional sleep system—using sheets and blankets—the Topside would be the ticket.

Ignik Flipside heated bed cover.

A 6-foot tall, I found the Topside to be a little bit short since I like to pull a blanket over my head when I’m sleeping, which sometimes leaves my feet in the free air. An extra 3 feet on the power cord would also be helpful, as it was a stretch from the roof tent to reach my power point, and I had to position the controller at my feet rather than my head. And, while the Topside and the Flipside are excellent heating solutions for single sleepers, couples might end up drawing straws if outlets or battery power are at a premium.

Ignik Topside Heated Blanket | $200

Ignik Flipside Heated Bed Cover | $150

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Images: Ignik

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