Is This Video Of An Insanely Low DC3 Fly Over Real? If So, This Is Incredible

Is This Video Of An Insanely Low DC3 Fly Over Real? If So, This Is Incredible

I can’t decide if this video is real or some sort of elaborate fake. It seems real because there are no weird moments of the camera cutting away, nothing that appears to be digitized or CGI, and the sound perfectly matches the plane passing (literally) over the head of the guy filming. How low is this thing? It is so low that the guy taking the video apparently crouches down to avoid being chopped into mincemeat by the big propellors that pass just above him. We’re obviously not pilots but we do know that this is not exactly behavior favored by the “rules” of such bodies as the FAA and others. Yes, it seems to be incredibly dangerous and risky, but damn does it look cool!

The DC-3 was produced from 1936-1942 and it was a big success for Douglas Aircraft. The planes were sold in civilian and military versions. The military version, dubbed the C-47 was made in the highest volume with more than 10,000 examples produced. An interesting note is that just 607 civilian versions were built and many were made in Russia under a licensing agreement. A lot of the surviving C-47s were converted to passenger and civilian use after the war and that kind of killed demand for the planes. These vintage twin engine machines can be found at lots of air shows and in airplane museums. If you can believe it, there are still DC-3s alive today as daily working planes hauling cargo in places where airfield are just that, clearings in rough terrain. They are one of the great yeoman planes ever designed and the fact that something that went out of production 70 years ago can still be found working is incredible.


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