Italian Concerto: Watch And Listen To This Freshly Rebuilt Ferrari Dino V6 Go To Work On The Dyno

Italian Concerto: Watch And Listen To This Freshly Rebuilt Ferrari Dino V6 Go To Work On The Dyno

This is a neat video that’s frankly a little bit unexpected. Why? The FullBoost guys make awesome content but we’re just used to seeing crazy horsepower, drag racing stuff, and more hot rodder content than this artistically made and very well done look at a 2.5L Ferrari Dino V6 being run in on the engine dyno at Australia’s Dandy Engines. The Dino is an interesting car because there’s a group of people who don’t even consider it a real Ferrari. We can’t claim to care enough to get into all of that but because the Dino was made to be a “mass market” car, some things were done differently in terms of its design and construction.

What we are concentrating on here is the engine from a Dino that has been rebuilt and freshened at Dandy Engines and is now being run on the dyno to make sure all the stuff is right and that it is delivering the scheduled amount of horsepower that it should. In this case we’re talking about 190hp from the factory and a torque number right around 175 lb-ft. This is a dual overhead camshaft V6 that comes in at right around 150ci.

The noise that this thing makes when it gets on song is cool. The horsepower? I told you what it should make, this video will tell you what it does make. Watch.

Press play below to see a Ferrari Dino engine on the dyno making great noises –

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