Joe Lou Greco is JB’s Racer of the Week: 7/08/24!

Joe Lou Greco is JB’s Racer of the Week: 7/08/24!

Coming up Monday, July 8th, 2024, on DragList LIVE as JB’s Pick for Racer of the Week, I have selected Joe Lou Greco from Edinburg, Pennsylvania. Lou’s 1970 Pontiac GTO is an outstanding bracket racer, and I’m looking forward to featuring his story on the July 8th show!

I am open to suggestions for Racers of Week, folks. Feel free to message me here on Facebook if you have a racer in mind for this feature. There are protocols, so be sure to contact the racer before contacting me with your recommendation.

NO COST, PERIOD, and it’s NOT an interview. All you get is worldwide ink. The criteria are simple and fun to produce, you and your hot rod, plus the text, graphic,; and podcast file of your feature, will be online forever.

Now into Racer of the Week’s 14th year, I’m having a great time featuring our Drag Racers from all over the world. I’m looking forward to our future together!

The podcast will be live on the YouTube Draglist page and recorded for history!

Hope you can drop in to watch, listen, and chat!

Joe Lou Greco’s feature is scheduled to air live in “JB’s Take” around 8:45 PM US Eastern time.

Love to All, JB


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