My RAM gots its ass ripped

So I had a “Perform Service” on the trucks display so I needed to get it to the shop to figure out whats wrong with it.  Last time they had it I didn’t have a truck for a bit so if I needed to do anything with it I better use it before I drop the truck off for work.

I wanted to mow under my fifth wheel so originally I wanted to back it up but without a spotter I was worried about the trees, tractor or whatever else that could go terribly wrong so I decided I’d move this monster forward instead.


It wasn’t my first time hooking up the 41′ long Fifth wheel and I was just moving it up a little so I could mow so no big deal.  I didn’t put the pin in the handle to hold the hitch closed on the pin and when I pulled forward it was moving along just fine and BAM!


I was very impressed that the sides help 13,500lbs of trailer without buckling.  I took pictures at the dealership to show no buckled sides


So total damage repair is estimated at $2000 at the dealership because I was lazy and actually didn’t realize this would happen.  It’s like safety chains on a tag along. I wouldn’t hook those up to pull forward a few feet.

Just a bad day




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