Overland News of the Week

Overland News of the Week

Storyteller Overland Acquires Taxa Outdoors

In this week’s overland news, adventure lifestyle and adventure van manufacturer Storyteller Overland has acquired camping habitat and overlanding utility trailer brand Taxa Outdoors. Entrepreneur and former Global Brand President for Harley-Davidson Neil Grimmer will serve as the chief strategy officer of Storyteller Overland and CEO at Taxa. “With the support of Storyteller, Taxa Outdoors customers and dealers can expect full and uninterrupted support for existing products, as well as the introduction of exciting new offerings that leverage the combined expertise of all companies in the Storyteller galaxy of brands,” Grimmer said about the transition.

LifeStraw Launches First Reusable Water Filter Straw

Made from stainless steel with silicone mouthpieces, LifeStraw’s latest innovative product line comes with a leakproof carry case, high-flow membrane, and a 0.2-micron pore-size filter that lasts up to 1,000 liters of water. The filter protects against 99.999999 percent of bacteria, 99.999 percent of parasites, and 99.999 percent of microplastics. Plus, for every LifeStraw product purchased, a child without access receives safe water for an entire school year. LifeStraw has also introduced its handmade Safe Water Bracelets and Bottle Carrier Bags, the proceeds of which go directly to the company’s safe water work, which involves getting filters to places like Gaza and South Sudan. 

$90/water filter straw, $29/safe water bracelets, $25/safe water bottle carriers | lifestraw.com

Midland Announces New Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercoms

Midland’s new helmet-to-helmet Bluetooth communication devices include the BT Mini (available in single and two-pack options) and the BTR1 Advanced, which allows up to four people to communicate while riding. Features of the BT Mini include a range of up to a third of a mile, eight hours of conversation, DSP noise-canceling technology, and mobile/GPS/TFT connectivity. The BTR1 Advanced keeps riders connected for up to three-quarters of a mile, is IPX6 waterproof, and allows up to 23 hours of conversation.

$470/BTR1 two-pack, $249/BTR1 single, $219/BT Mini two-pack, $119/BT Mini single | midlandusa.com

Overland News: Mountain Khakis Introduces the Hybrid Collection

In response to customer feedback, Mountain Khakis’ latest collection focuses on lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking trousers while prioritizing strategic stitching for comfort and mobility. With eight new pant styles and five shorts, the Hybrid collection is crafted with four-way performance stretch fabric, plenty of pockets, and reinforced heel cuffs. Some styles, such as the Teton Hybrid, transition from work to play with a modern fit and a DWR 80/10 water-repellant rating. 

From $87 | mountainkhakis.com

Hellwig Unveils New Sway Bar for Gen 5 Toyota 4Runner

Designed to alleviate unwanted body roll, pitching, and discomfort in corners and turns, Hellwig’s rear sway bar upgrade for 2010 to 2024 Toyota 4Runner models is made from 4140 chromoly steel and features a powder-coated finish. Designed for off-road and overland enthusiasts looking to improve handling with the addition of heavy accessories like rooftop tents, racks, and extra fuel, the kit reuses factory end links, and installation can be done in the garage or driveway without a lift. 

$456 | hellwigproducts.com

iKamper Releases Next Generation Skycamp DLX Rooftop Tent

Taking the Skycamp 3.0 to the next level, iKamper has integrated several notable upgrades to the platform, including interior LED lighting, a 4-inch self-inflating foam mattress, and a natural cork floor lining. Light and ventilation are prioritized with large windows and the overhead Stargaze window. On par with previous generations, the Skycamp DLX is suitable for four seasons and is available in two sizes: the Skycamp DLX, which sleeps four, and the DLX Mini, which fits two.

$5,150/Skycamp DLX, $4,450/Skycamp DLX Mini | ikamper.com

KC Hilites Introduces New Gravity Titan Lights

Combining the classic looks of round beams with the demand for LED light bars, the Gravity Titan offers expandable widths, modular beam shapes, and the option to curve or straighten the setup for optimal performance. Standing out in low-visibility conditions, the light bar is 35 percent larger, 68 percent brighter, and covers 27 percent more beam distance than the Gravity Pro6 LED. The Gravity Titans are also available in two- and one-light systems. Accessories include amber or clear shields or the KC Hilites smiley-face gravity cover.

$1,150/LED light bar, $800/2-light system, $400/single light| kchilites.com

Overland News: Light Up the Night With the New Fenix HM62-T Headlamp

Made from lightweight and durable magnesium alloy, the HM62-T headlamp from Fenix is fitted with one Luminus SST40 white light LED and two 2835 red light LDS with a life span of 50,000 hours each. The maximum beam distance of 492 feet helps during nighttime pursuits or early morning summits. A battery level indicator prevents unexpected lights-out moments, while the two-way adjustable headband is single-handedly operated. The Fenix HM62 is even submersible underwater to 2 meters, and its electronic lockout feature prevents accidental activation. 

$102 | fenixlighting.com

ARB’s New Altitude Rooftop Tent is Completely Automated

Operated by two electronic actuators using a scissor mechanism, ARB’s 233.7-pound, four-season Altitude tent takes the work out of a rooftop tent setup, meaning you’ll have to opt for the gym for your next arm workout. Guided and built-in ladder storage provides a secure place to protect the ladder while not in use, and an amber and white LED lighting system provides illumination inside the tent, around the ladder, and at camp. Inside lies a 2.7-inch, dual-density foam mattress suitable for two people. The Altitude is powered from the vehicle’s battery via hardwire or a 12-volt Anderson. 

$4,950 | store.arbusa.com

Arc’teryx Makes Commitment to a Net Zero Future

In line with its ongoing commitment to sustainability, high-performance apparel, and equipment, Arc’teryx has announced new science-based climate targets, including reaching net zero by 2050 or sooner. To achieve these new targets, the brand has identified key initiatives such as transitioning to 100 percent preferred fibers, educating consumers on product care and repair, reducing the impact of product packaging, and more. “Our greatest joys are found in snow-capped mountain peaks and green valleys, and we know that it’s our responsibility and privilege to nurture these landscapes and environments that inspire us,” said Climate Director Penelope Comete about the brand’s latest targets.

Triumph Will Be Title Sponsor of AMA National Adventure Riding Series

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) runs organized rides throughout the country, and the AMA National Adventure Riding Series is among the most popular. With 12 rides scheduled between April and November 2024, each will feature various activities, including bonfires, camping, food, and the opportunity to win prizes. An AMA membership is required to participate; however, a one-event pass may be purchased on-site for $20. View the complete list of events online at americanmotorcyclist.com/national-adventure-riding.

In other news from Triumph, the brand has launched an online clothing shop in the United States, making the Triumph Heritage, MX, and Enduro clothing collections readily available to American consumers for the first time.

New Arrivals From Snow Peak USA

In more overland news, Snow Peak launched two new products recently. The Crystal Shade, a silicone lantern shade with glass-like transparency, is compatible with the Hozuki Mini Hozuki lanterns and gives off a warm, atmospheric glow. In preparation for summer, the Fireplace Base Plate XL, when paired with the Pack and Carry Fireplace XL, protects the ground from heat and ensures no trace of fire is left behind. The Base Plate has two foldable, hooked arms that fit to the corners of the fireplace, adding stability and elevation from ground surfaces.

$125/Fireplace Base Plate XL, $30/Crystal Shade | snowpeak.com

Overland News: Yeti Rolls Out New Roadie 32 Wheeled Cooler

Now available in a 32-liter version, Yeti’s Roadie wheeled cooler is designed to fit in most mid-to-full-size sedan trunks, hatchbacks, small SUVs, and under most truck tonneau covers. Featuring a periscope handle, lipgrip handles, and non-slip feet, the Roadie 32 also features tie-down slots for easy lashing. The size is perfect for hauling 2-liter soda bottles and most standard wine bottles, while a plug and leakproof barrier make for easy draining and drying after a weekend away. Optional accessories include a divider, cup caddy, and an extra dry goods basket (the Roadie comes with one).

$350 | yeti.com

Tribit’s XSound Plus 2 Portable Speaker Packs a Punch

With 24 hours of available playtime, Tribit’s XSound Plus 2 portable speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and up to 150 feet of wireless range. Weighing 1.76 pounds, the speaker is equipped with neodymium full-range drivers and a 30-watt speaker that promises to deliver “crisp clarity” whether at the beach or listening to your favorite podcast while cooking in the field. The IPX7 rating means the device, if accidentally dropped, can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without any damage.

$70 | tribit.com

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