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    You can purchase tickets on https://www.drummondisland.com
  2. Cleaning the air filter on your ATV is one crucial maintenance measure a rider should take. The presence and function of the air intake in a vehicle are so vital that once it gets damaged, the vehicle engine potentially becomes exposed to all manner of things. If you don’t have enough information on how to clean an ATV air filter, below is a compiled essential tips to follow to achieve a great result with little or no cost. Why You Need to Clean Air Filter The air filter on your ATV carries out an essential function of preventing the accumulation of dirt. Hence, if you fail to c
  3. dennis

    Having ATV Fun

    ATV's are so useful regardless of age, race, religion or if your a man or a woman.
  4. By far, the best smoked salmon recipe I have tried.
  5. I followed this recipe for our turkey this year and some of the pickest eaters said this was the best turkey "THEY EVER HAD" I will be using this recipe next year for sure. It was VERY VERY delicious. I used Apple wood chunks I stuck in the corners of the BGE that would smolder eventually and I cooked at 275 for about 4 hours. Every hour I sprayed with Canola Oil to help keep that skin crispy. I used the Killer Hogs A.P. seasoning and Zataranns Creole Seasoning.
  6. I have been researching Side by Sides and have some experience with owning a 2019 Can-Am 1000 Maverick Trail. We very much enjoyed our Can-Am but because of unfortunate events that happened in our life we had to part ways and need to get rid of debt as quick as possible so gave it away for way less than I put into it but it went to a good home in Montana. So notes I would mention in regards to the Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000 DPS I would mention that the 50" wide SxS, no matter what brand, is they are very tippy, especially with one person in the vehicle. Also with the Can-Am in the
  7. So my 2013 Dodge RAM 3500 had an issue with the DEF pump and injector ($2500 in parts) so I had to get a rental since the repair was going to be roughly two weeks due to lack of parts. At first enterprise gave me a Dodge Journey.. what a serious piece of crap that was. I couldn't drive it more than a day and had to exchange it for something else, anything else. I paid for an upgrade (spoil myself) on the Nissan Armada. Never drove one before and figured this is the perfect opportunity to see what they are all about. This had more luxuries than anything I'm use to which included heate
  8. dennis

    Time for a Wood Stove

    Some more info. When I replaced our furnace I mentioned I wanted zones so I could get heat over to the two end bedrooms since they are freezing cold. The gentleman at Holland Heating and Cooling recommended a variable speed furnace (Tran XV95) this would be less expensive and how it works is the blower motor works on 220 and blows at full speed when the demand needs it (like furnace kicks on to blow heat or A/C) but when the thermostat registers you have reached the desired set temp then the blower motor goes to an idle mode where it is still circulating air but uses the low draw of
  9. My wife and I are freezing our asses off in our own home unless I crank the furnace up to 68 degrees which is crazy to think. I remember as a kid we were never cold in the house but we always had a wood burner in the home (most of the homes it was in the basement). It would get some warm in the house that windows had to be opened in the home in the middle of winter to let out some of the hot and let in some of the cool weather. So now I'm a grown up and freezing my ass off in this home that was built in the 60's I thought of applying the same thought process that worked when I was a kid
  10. dennis


    This is also worth watching to show the possibility of robots
  11. dennis


    Check out the top 5 Robots that you can own in your own today
  12. dennis


    Check this out. Shows you how to get groceries using robots
  13. dennis

    Dad Hospital Visit

    Yesterday I'm chugging along, keyboard pounding at my job and I get a call from my sister that she was notified by dispatch that our dad is being transported to the hospital via an ambulance. Now my dad isn't a young man and he's considered overweight. The information she has is that his nose is pouring blood and he can't get it to stop, dizziness, shortness of breath so he calls for an ambulance to get him to the hospital. What a scary feeling. Of course my primary mode of transportation (2013 Dodge Ram 3500) is in the shop again but this time to service DEF fluid. It has been
  14. dennis


    A must stop if you have a square body looking for offroad parts. They are very helpful and willing to answer questions on how they can help you achieve your goals. If you look around the internet at builds, they are usually getting many parts for there square body truck from DIY4x
  15. So if you are working with Legs (Drums) then you should give this a shot. Too dang cold in the middle of winter to cook them on the BGE so I'm forced to use the oven Place the chicken parts with the skin on in a plastic bag and pour the buttermilk in to coat. Squeeze the air out of the bag and seal. Massage the chicken and buttermilk with your hands to coat evenly and allow to marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes minimum up to several hours. Preheat your oven to 425°F. In a medium sized bowl using a whisk, mix together the flour, Panko, baking powder and 11 herbs and spice
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