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  1. discussions from the community owning artic cat equipment.
  2. A group/community helping others with Polaris
  3. Need help with your Grizzly, this is a great resource/community where many members are waiting to help you find the answer you are looking for
  4. A great resource/community to help you with your Can-Am.
  5. A great resource on the what to do and not to do to include individual state rules and handbooks.
  6. Tons of information about trails in Michigan, rules, requirements, etc.
  7. until
    This is a advance pace ride meant for sport SxS and ATV's We will be parking trucks and trailers and leaving from the north end of the Little Bear East Arena in St Ignace at 8:30AM Saturday morning returning Sunday evening. We will be riding to Magnuson Grand Hotel Lakefront Paradise
  8. until
    mitreadhead is hosting the Spring Mush ride. Time to get the season Started. Starting in Indian River at 9:00 AM sharp. An all day ride Saturday through the trails and back roads with a lunch and fuel stop. Sunday there will be a shorter ride starting at 9:30 ending by 2 PM Normally there is lots of mud and water from the snow melt this time of year.
  9. until

    Had a great time. After our first experience with mitreadheads my wife and I would recommend becoming a member and going on some rides with the group. Everyone is very friendly and the ride was very well organized which has to be difficult with two different ride groups (advanced and moderate pace) and having so many machines to keep organized and going. There was 104 machines in advanced paced and 60 in moderate pace. For $25 a person it was a great deal which included lunch. 955BE6A2-E601-4B04-AC94-84445745DB38.MOV 258E0D7B-6D9C-48FF-B8D3-842399F7B686.MOV
  10. until

    11th MICHIGAN TREADHEAD ORV COLOR RIDE OCT 12-11, 2019 Communication will be on the GMRS Ch-2 (462.5875 MHz) for the group to listen. GPX files that we load into our GAIA GPS are attached Also is the overview map for those that would rather try and follow along on the image Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 8:45 for Advance, 9am for Moderate pace. Truck & Trailer parking on Bundy Road (shown below) MORNING LINE UP TWO OPTIONS ADVANCE PACE RIDE designed for Sport SxS and quads. Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 8:45am at the Hometown Inn. After registration you will line up at designated locations, on the map above its on the right in orange. We will be riding to Atlanta for lunch at about NOON, 58 miles. Gas up in town before or after you eat and line up when done with both. From there we will take on a different route heading back to Indian River, 68 miles. Total of 130 miles MODERATE PACE RIDE a little slower and shorter Registration starts at 7:00am and ends at 9:00am at the Hometown Inn. Morning Line Up Map Will leave at 9:30 sharp and will follow the same route to Atlanta as the Advance group for lunch, 58 miles. Gas up in town before or after you eat and line up when done with both, see Lunch Line Up Map. and return to Indian River on a slightly different route of 60 miles returning around 5PM. LUNCH LINE UP MAP Have a breakdown that can't be fixed, you can call Chatter's Towing at 989-785-2050 for pick-up. Leave Safe Stopping distance between machines and ride single file. Always make sure the machine behind you sees where you turn. Have your headlights on at all times. LOW BEAMS ONLY, no blinding light bars Watch behind you for cars passing you on main roads. Watch for other mixed traffic on the roads and routes. Pull as far to the right as possible when stopping, far right! Start with a full gas tank and fill up in Atlanta. Take it easy on road shoulders, do not tear them up! Remember someone is behind you; try not to shoot debris at them. Make sure you turn your machine # tag in when finishing the ride. Have Fun, Ride Safe! Michigan weather can change fast, rain, snow or end of the world, we still ride! Bring winter outer wear and dress warm. A good pair of boots, gloves, goggles or face shield, a helmet liner and rain suite are highly recommended. You should also carry something to drink and a snack. All riders must know and obey the basic rules for ORV use on Michigan roads Our guides will be in front and end of the line and ready to assist you. Have fun, be safe! Dave G. Any questions about the 2019 All Four Michigan Fall Ride e-mail dave@mitreadhead.com Fall_AM_AP.gpx Fall_PM_EP.gpx Fall_PM_AP.gpx
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  12. The plan of attack (typing out loud) remove rear axle from 90 blue rust bucket and clean it up, and paint it. (Also for some reason the passenger side wheel is locked up... hoping its just brakes) remove rear axle from 86 brown suburban install the old (non-painted) rear axle from the 86 suburban under the 90 blue rust bucket. install the new painted rear axle from the 90 suburban under the 86 suburban Now push the 86 suburban backwards into garage so we can work on the front-end (need to move over the 90 front end over to the 86 suburban) First evaluate how the front end of the 90 suburban is setup so you know what needs to be done over on the 86. This means, take ALOT of pictures. You'll have to grind off the rivets on both vehicles. Suggestion is to remove the front clip (fenders and front grill). it will easier to work on the front end if that is out of the way. Also need to do a compression check on both engines to see which one is healthier.. the blue rust bucket 90 is an old police cruiser so curious if it might be in better condition or better maintained. I feel a compression check might tell all.
  13. Okay so I want a 3/4 ton 4x4 and both of these are 2x4 so I found a 90 that the floor and frame are gone but it sorta runs and has all the stuff for a 3/4 ton 4x4 that I can move over to the Brown 86 I showed earlier. I believe this will require me to replace the front end completely. The 2 wheel drive 3/4 ton suburban has coil front suspension and the 4 wheel drive 3/4 ton 90 suburban has leaf springs in front
  14. Sometimes I just don't have the time but you can only eat so much pizza. Season chicken on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat olive oil in a heavy skillet over medium-high heat until it starts to shimmer. Place chicken breasts in skillet skin side down. Sprinkle with fresh herbs. Do not disturb the breasts until the skin side sears, 5 or 6 minutes. Turn chicken. Cook until internal temperature reaches 150 degrees F, about 5 minutes. Add vinegar and butter to pan with chicken. Shake pan gently until butter melts and internal temperature of chicken reaches 160 to 165 degrees F, 2 to 3 minutes more. Add a splash of chicken broth or water if sauce needs to be thinned.
  15. Awesome... I am definitely doing this. So I found a 1986 Suburban K20 (3/4 ton) in Indiana (I live in Michigan so about 4 hours each way).
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