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  1. YotaTech is a Toyota truck and SUV discussion forum.
  2. Marlin Crawler is the creator of and world leader in Rock Crawling. Since Sept 17, 1983, Marlin Czajkowski has been wheeling the world-famous 1980 red "Crawler Truck" finding ways to improve it's off road capability. Early innovations range from a homemade on-board welder, in use since the late 1980s that has helped hundreds of crippled rigs, to the world's first Heavy Duty Birfield joint, aka the Marfield, and the world's first Heavy Duty FJ80 TRE-equipped tie rod, aka the Marlink. But Marlin's most revolutionary creation came in 1994, with what he called the Marlin Crawler, taking Toyota trucks to new capabilities never before possible.
  3. Fun day of wheeling, fellowship... and of course the food! There will also be a Friday night run on Oct 8th Saturday Run on Oct. 9th West Branch, MI... more information to follow as event gets closer POSSIBLE CAMPING at New Life Camp but more to follow
  4. Family Oriented BOG Rules: NO CHAINS NO GLASS CONTAINERS NO FIGHTING NO WEAPONS DOGS ON LEASH Cost: $10 donation Kids 12 and under are free FREE Rustic Camping
  5. Vortec 8.1: Engine Basics The Vortec 8100 is rather obviously an 8.1L V8. It was designed as a diesel alternative in the GM pickup truck line-up. The Vortec 8100 borrowed much of its design from the 454ci big block we all know and love. The main difference between the 8100 and big blocks of old is the increased stroke. This is what increased the displacement to an impressive 8.1 liters. You might be wondering, why isn’t this massive engine used in a performance application? The Chevy LS is super popular so why isn’t this engine? Well, there are quite a few things holding the Vortec 8100 back from ever becoming popular: Iron block and heads, total engine weight is over 750 lbs. Older big block parts don’t fit on the Vortec 8100. Chevy LS parts don’t fit on the Vortec 8100. Limited production makes them harder to find than an LS. Vortec 8.1: Performance Data This part gets a little interesting. If the Vortec 8100 is supposed to be an alternative to the Duramax engine, then it must create lots of torque. Torque at low RPM is one of the single most important factors of a heavy-duty engine. So, how does the Vortec 8100 do? For this, we’ll look at the performance data for the GM truck applications. Vortec 8.1: 330 horsepower @ 4,200 RPM 450 lb-ft @ 3,200 RPM LB7 Duramax: 300 horsepower @ 3,100 RPM 520 lb-ft @ 1,800 RPM I know what you might be thinking. “Why does an 8.1L only make 330 horsepower?” If this was a performance application that would be abysmal, however, this is a heavy duty application. It makes an impressive 450 lb-ft way down low in the RPM range. Other versions of the Vortec 8100 make as much as 550 horsepower and 690 lb-ft. Vortec 8.1: Tuning Potential The Vortec 8100 isn’t super impressive in stock trim, but it’s designed for heavy duty work. Like I said earlier, standard big block parts won’t fit on the Vortec 8100, so the performance parts available for it are close to none. However, this is one company who offers some very interesting Vortec 8100 parts. Raylar Engineering is pretty much the only company interested in the Vortec 8100. They have developed multiple stroker kits to take it from 496ci to 511ci or all the way to 540ci. They also offer everything from camshafts to blowers. Their stage 3 package 540ci engine will make an insane 685 horsepower and 680 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, the stock Vortec internal components are fairly weak so any heavy modifications will require a forged bottom end. So, Raylar Engineering makes a bunch of really cool parts to wake your Vortec 8100 up, but is it worth it? If you’re just towing their towing camshaft and the 511 stroker kit will be a killer combo for you. If you want to go fast their bigger camshaft and 540 strokers will make big power for you. Vortec 8.1 vs Duramax Most of the trucks that are equipped with the Vortec 8.1 could’ve been equipped with a Duramax instead. Why would someone take a gas engine over a diesel in a heavy-duty truck? Although the Vortec 8.1 was designed to be an alternative to the Duramax, why would you want the gas engine? The main reason for this is diesel availability. Diesel isn’t available at every single fuel station, unlike gasoline. As far as tuning potential it’s pretty obvious the diesel can and will make way more torque. You can easily get 800 lb-ft or more from a Duramax, good luck achieving that with a Vortec engine. Not only that, but the Duramax will also outlast the Vortec 8.1 engine. I’m not saying the Vortec engine isn’t a bad choice, but given the opportunity, I would always pick the diesel first. Vortec 8.1 vs LS 6.0 Although we love LS engines, they aren’t exactly built for the same purpose as the Vortec 8.1. A 6.0 LS would make an excellent engine for a high horsepower street car, but not a truck that tows stuff a lot. The Vortec 8.1 was designed for maximum torque at a very low RPM. This is what allows it to tow much better. The 6.0L engine, however, is designed for more general use. You could always supercharge or turbocharge a 6.0L to achieve the same torque as a Vortec 8.1. The only problem is the factory reliability won’t be there anymore. When introducing power adders the longevity of your engine is significantly compromised. I know people claim to have excellent reliability with modified engines, but there’s a reason why manufacturers don’t push engines that hard from the factory. The manufacturers thoroughly test their engines for longevity and reliability. Once power is increased, long term reliability is decreased. Hence why the Vortec 8.1 can reliably achieve a much higher torque number than a 6.0 LS.
  6. wildweaselmi


  7. Had to fix a few things Both CV Axles (purchased from PartsGeek) 555 Balljoints from PartsGeek 555 Idler Arm from PartsGeek Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder from Marlin Crawler ASIN Clutch and a Flywheel from Marlin Crawler Noticing gas leak around where the gas tank is.. need to check into that Also want to change the basic gauge cluster to one with a tach from an SR5 model. Clusters on eBay for anywhere from $140-$220 but you need to know if you have an electronic speedo or cable ran speedo. Need to bring the truck in the garage and address the gas leak first. A new Toyota gas tank runs around $700 but I believe I can fix it for less but unfortunately I just filled the sucker up. Note there was no gas leak until I filled it up so its probably a hole somewhere near the top of the tank.
  8. So I acquired this 1994 Toyota T100 DX Longbed 4x4 with the 3.0L engine and Manual 5spd Trans. Runs good and it appears to have had the timing belt and water pump replaced and a fresh tune up but it idling high. Clutch pedal doesn't disengage. You push the pedal to the floor and it doesn't return to the original position. The bed is pretty rusty on the outside. The bed itself seems okay. Frontend is loose (needs balljoints and possibly idler arm)
  9. toyotapartsdeal.com, by Genuine Parts Source, Inc.. is the leading supplier for brand new Genuine Toyota parts at substantial discounted prices, directly shipped from Toyota dealer to your location. Established as a family run business over a decade, toyotapartsdeal.com offers all available genuine Toyota parts and accessories, including hard to find Toyota parts.
  10. I sent ya a message. I didn't copy any posts but was bringing more awareness to your club. Some people (I only know of a couple) don't have facebook or they can't reach facebook because work blocks access. This was focused on redirecting them to your facebook page or something in addition to facebook. The logo came up on a google search for your club which is why it was used. As I mentioned in the message, you are the owner of the club and can decide whether you would like to keep or delete it on the site. Only good intentions.. no money is ever made on this site.
  11. Some videos leading up to this
  12. Jason Sammons is challenging 3x Chain Winner Mike Morelli
  13. My family and I would love to begin overlanding based on all the forums and youtube videos we watch about Overlanding. We are in Michigan outside Flint and was curious if anyone has suggestions where to go do some Overlanding in Michigan?
  14. SOURCE: Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association reposting for visibility. It is confirmed, Representative Gary Howell told GLFWDA the bill is dead and will not be headed to the floor any time soon. Instead, he voted it through. House bill 4535 is far from dead and actually was just voted out of committee and could head to the floor for a vote as early as next week. MAKE THE CALL: Call your state rep and let them know you oppose this bill. They MUST hear from us or this bill will sail through and into law. Pass the verbage below to any and everyone you can and pass the word on Facebook or what ever media you use. CALL TO ACTION: If you have ever asked what can I do to help keep trails open in Michigan, this is your opportunity. House bill 4535 has slipped out of committee and is headed for a vote on the floor of the house. This bill removes over 1500 miles of roads and routes that we currently have access to. During the months of December and March, when these trails have snow on them, wheeled vehicles will NOT be allowed are subject to $200.00 fines. To voice you opposition to this.... PLEASE CONTACT: Your state representative AND contact the office of representative Gary Howell at 517-373-1800. Call and or email nsliwa@house.MI.gov Contact your state rep. and let them know you oppose House Bill 4535! WHO IS MY STATE REPRESENTATIVE you ask: https://www.house.mi.gov/mhrpublic/frmFindaRep.aspx We MUST get our voice heard on this or we stand to loose over 1500 miles and trail. Events such as SNOWBLIND, SNOFARI, JEEP JAMBOREE and many other winter events stand to be cancelled. READ THE BILL: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(kxukpgv3uibevrs1dz2e5phb))/mileg.aspx?page=GetObject&objectname=2021-HB-4535 http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2021-2022/billintroduced/House/pdf/2021-HIB-4535.pdf Sec. 82163. (1) Subject to subsection (2), during the period 23 from December 1 through March 31 annually, a person shall not 24 operate a motor vehicle other than a snowmobile on a trail if both 25 of the following apply: 26 (a) The trail is part of the statewide trail network 27 established under section 72114 and is designated for snowmobile 28 use. 29 (b) The trail is snow covered, and the snow is groomed for 9 TMV Final Page H01338'21 * 1 snowmobile use. 2 (2) Subsection (1) does not apply under any of the following 3 circumstances: 4 (a) If the motor vehicle is being used for emergency or law 5 enforcement purposes. 6 (b) If the portion of the snowmobile trail on which the motor 7 vehicle is operated is a crossing with a highway or street or a 8 trail where operation of the motor vehicle is otherwise authorized. 9 (c) If and to the extent that the department waives the 10 prohibition for department-sponsored events or other circumstances 11 as determined by the director or the director's designee. 12 (3) A person who violates subsection (1) is responsible for a 13 state civil infraction and may be ordered to pay a civil fine of 14 not more than $200.00. A fine collected under this section shall be 15 deposited in the recreational snowmobile trail improvement 16 subaccount created in section 82110.
  15. Looks like I found my snow plow this winter.
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