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  1. wildweaselmi

    Easy French Toast

    Beat egg, vanilla and cinnamon in shallow dish. Stir in milk. Dip bread in egg mixture, turning to coat both sides evenly. Cook bread slices on lightly greased nonstick griddle or skillet on medium heat until browned on both sides. Serve with Easy Spiced Syrup (recipe follows), if desired. Easy Spiced Syrup: Add 1 teaspoon Extract and 1/4 teaspoon Ground Cinnamon to 1 cup pancake syrup; stir well to mix. Serve warm, if desired.
  2. wildweaselmi

    What should I have for my expedition vehicle?

    Here are some items just off the top of my head... I know I'm missing a bunch winch auxillary lights tool kit hijack mre's spare drive shaft spare u joints shovel and axe or pitchfork descent size cooler ( use as cooler,chair,step, tool and parts prop,moving a bunch of odds and ends, keeping spare parts in, etc.) flashlights tire repair kit flares tow straps tow rope utility rope ...etc etc...your "expedition'' rig should be set up like a good hiking pack.
  3. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    Ok need to update the "To Do List" I have to figure out my HVAC and why not getting air movement. Pretty sure the duct work is messed up. Wish some of these after market companies just made replacement (rebuild kit).. not Vintage Air.. had that in my cutlass and it totally sucked. Roll Cage (seems silly and very expensive but I won't go on some of these trails with my kids in the back without one. Custom Dash (make it more usable). I was always trying to keep everything original, now I just want it functional Transmission. Yea, still fighting this battle. It's not horrible but I don't trust it after Dan the Trans man found copper shavings at the bottom of the trans pan... he said more than likely the torque converter is going bad (again). Storage. I would like to add some sliding storage to the back so I can keep many of my supplies secured (especially when the top is off) Rear Bumper. Get a more functional heavy duty bumper that I can carry my spare without worrying about the weight of it ripping it off. Center Console. Need somewhere to keep all your loose papers, HAM Radio, etc. Rock Sliders (DIY4x)
  4. wildweaselmi

    Michigan DNR

    Here is a great start to see what Michigan DNR has deemed ORV trails that you could enjoy. https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-350-79119_79148---,00.html
  5. wildweaselmi

    4x4 Forever on Twitter

    Check out some of the latest happenings with 4x4 Forever on Twitter https://twitter.com/hashtag/4x4forever
  6. wildweaselmi

    4x4 Forever on Facebook

    Check out what's going on in the world of 4x4 Forever on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/4x4-Forever-Ltd-166923671056/
  7. wildweaselmi

    4Given4x4 on Instagram

    Check out the great photos tagged with 4Given4x4 on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/4given4x4/
  8. wildweaselmi

    4Given4x4 on Twitter

    You can find some of the latest and greatest information going in with the 4Given4x4 club on there twitter. https://twitter.com/4given4x4?lang=en
  9. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    Changed Oil in my Blazer today. (325,288 miles) 5 quarts of Royal Purple 5w-30 (I have one more 5qt container then I'll probably move to Mobile One since it can be found everywhere and it performs as good if not better than Royal Purple) Advance Auto didn't have my AC Delco PF25 Oil Filter so I went with a K&N HP 2002 filter (last time I get a K&N Filter and think I'll use FRAM next time) Check out the Oil Filter Cross Reference site here
  10. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    It looks like I need to update my rear bumper. The weight of a 37.5" tire is just too much for the Offroad Ltd Bumper. So I am looking at what DIY4x offers for a rear bumper tire carrier and they have one option which is this bumper I like how durable it is but I have some minor issues in comparison. CONS I don't like the lights on angle, prefer them to be straight (silly I know) I love how the OffroadLtd Bumper had a place for my jack. Not sure how to work that in here Bummer for me is I can't have my tire cover anymore with this design. PROS No movement from bumper with weight of tire like there is with OffroadLtd Bumper Easy to get tire Way easier to get access to tailgate So we'll see what happens. Its all about money.
  11. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    The 700R4 just isn't right so I brought the Blazer to someone my dad knows "Dan the Trans man" since he did such a fantastic job on getting my dads 40 tuned in (as far as Transmissions go). After about two days he looked it over and several bolts were loose that hold the trans as well as the bolts on the pan. But what worries me is when he drained the fluid he found a bunch of brass or copper shavings in the oil. He said its more than likely from the torque converter (which I already blew up a torque converter that Frayleys Transmission put in). Dan's estimate to rebuild it the way it should be built is about $2000 and he needs three days. Going to table that for now and just drive it. Dan also had to replace the governor. The green gear at the end was very worn out. It drives pretty good now but I don't feel I have the 4th gear like I use to but could all be in my head.
  12. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    MMC collision in Davison did a fantastic job fixing the roof. Check out the after pictures here. It was around $2500 for all the work. I’ll try and get pics when they were working on it. I may have them paint my blazer in the winter
  13. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    So no outer roof anywhere so Carl from MMC took the challenge. I stopped by yesterday and man does it look great. Looks factory to me. Should have it either Tuesday or Wednesday and I’ll share pictures then
  14. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    Ok so I stopped by MMC to see if they had a chance to start working on the Blazer and to my surprise they have already started, so that's the good news. Now the bad news is apparently TONS of rust. As they are getting into it, they found it would be great to find a new skin they could just lay down but no one makes it for the Blazer (including LMC Truck) so they have to custom make everything. Will keep you posted. Just as a reference point, I did find some cool sites for auto body parts https://www.autobodyspecialt.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?search=action&category=0111 This one shows only to 1986: http://www.goodmarkindustries.com/chevrolet-k5blazer-parts.aspx RPS: http://restorationpartssource.com/store/K5 Blazer_1981_1991_Sheet_Metal_and_Body_Parts.htm GM Discount Parts I always check because I love OEM but most of the time they don't have what I need but its a great place to get part numbers that you can search for on the internet https://www.gmdiscountpartsnow.com/a/Chevrolet_1991_Blazer-Silverado-57L-Chevrolet-AT/_51505_6403488/ROOF--COMPONENTS-EXTERIOR-TRIM/GC1120.html OEMcats is a great site for OEM parts: http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/355616.html Car-Part.com is a great search of all junk yards in United States. You can sort my closest since many don't ship big parts.
  15. wildweaselmi

    1991 Chevy Blazer (K5)

    Let me tell ya its difficult to walk out into my garage and not see my Blazer there. I wonder how often you can stop by and check on progress without becoming a pain in the ass. Pretty sure I am going to just swing by today and see if they started on it. Anxious to see the progress and how much metal is gone after they sand blast all the rust off.

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