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  1. EPISODE 1 Here's everything you missed from Day 1 of the 2021 Overland Adventure presented by Jeep! Check out the 20 selected participants https://bit.ly/3oQhTCz EPISODE 2 Take a journey into the back country! Here's everything you missed from Day 2 of the 2021 Overland Adventure presented by Jeep! Check out the 20 selected participants - https://bit.ly/3oQhTCz EPISODE 3 We wrapped 2021 Overland Adventure presented by Jeep with some challenging climbs and scenic descents! Check out 20 selected participants who joined us on the journey - https://bit.ly/3oQhTCz
  2. Can this power an RV with two A/C units?
  3. Relay's Starter Relay A/C Relay Fuel Pump Relay Brake Lamp Relay A.I.R. Relay Horn Relay Fuses 20A ECM-B 30A RR DEFOG 10A IGN-E 20A FUEL SOL 10A GLOW PLUG 20A HORN 30A AUX FAN 20A ECM-I 10A A/C 20A ENG-I DIODE-I DIODE-II 30A AUX B 30A AUX A 50A LIGHTING 50A BATT 40A IGN A 50A IGN B 60A ABS 50A BLOWER 30A STOP/HAZ
  4. INTERIOR TASKS Fix Intermittent Wipers (should just be a new lever but could require a new wiper motor). Also need to get the washer fluid solid so I can wash off any mud or dirt HVAC (currently don't really get much air flow so need to pull out the ducts and see if got a mouse nest or if blower motor is dying or even if the flappers aren't working) Pull out Seats, Carpeting, Padding, Inside Trim, Roof. Inspect metal for any rust what so ever (take care of any rust spots) Undercoat interior metal floors, fenders (anything metal inside) Dynomat anything metal inside (need to quite down interior space) Look into install rollbar to attach rear seatbelts to and potentially boat speakers for when the top if off Install new padding/carpeting Install seats
  5. Currently in a holding pattern until Alpha Motorsports is finished getting the Blazer running solid
  6. Early Registration is $20 and Day of the event is $30 Friday from 6pm-9pm ORV show and shine at Tippy canoe bar and grill
  7. until
    Bring your toys and family out for a weekend fun of dirt drag test n tune No classes Helmets and seat belts are required Track will be groomed 300 foot track 600+ feet of shut down Track starts at 12:00 ends at 4pm Registration starts at 10am for people driving Will run track Saturday and Sunday Rustic camping will also be available
  8. Tomorrow (2021-07-20) getting my two front seats fixed so they have some padding. I think a spring or something is poking the passenger in the ass and the drivers side feels as though a big man use to drive the truck and a big sag in the middle of the seat. Anyhow, its not super comfy at the moment so if I could get both seats re-done, I'll be happy.
  9. This is a pretty common issue and here are some possible causes Most commonly If you have a low amount of transmission fluid in your vehicle, you could have problems reversing your vehicle. Low transmission fluid can cause all kinds of problems with the gears, such as gear slippage, shifting problems, and overheated gears. One common problem that can happen with a clogged filter is difficulty moving in reverse. The lack of fluid flowing through the transmission can cause the reverse gear to lock. This may prevent the vehicle from going in reverse altogether, or it may cause it to hesitate before launching into reverse. Every automatic transmission has a valve body. This is large, maze-like component that directs the flow of hydraulic fluid to the valves. This is what allows a car to smoothly shift gears whenever the situation calls for it. In case of a bad transmission valve body, you may experience delayed shifting into reverse or simply nothing happening after shifting in reverse and stepping on the gas. Sometimes the transmission fluid gets contaminated with enough hardened deposits or other gunk that it actually affects a vehicle shifting into reverse or other gears. While not that common of an issue, changing the transmission fluid and filter (if your car has one) is a cheap course of action. ...
  10. Its been a bit so let me give some updates since June 9th.. a lot has happened. 2021-05-25: Brought the truck to DHD (Dirty Hooker Diesel) and while there they did the following: Diagnosed why it was always spilling out black smoke: $125 (labor:125 parts:0) Replaced bad stock turbo with a Danville 63.5mm VGT-N, billet coolant block off-n, up-pipe gasket and blots-N, turbo oil feed banjo-N: $3463.92 (labor:1250 parts:2213.92) Replaced upper and lower balljoints on both sides with Kryptonite balljoints: $962.50 (labor:962.50) Performed a wheel alignment: $70 (labor:70) installed MaxTow Gauges: $375 (labor:375) Diagnosed Low Rail Pressure and replaced fuel test port cap w/NTP-N: $819.99 (labor:800 parts:19.99) TOTAL: $6056.44 2021-06-29: Purchased the DSP5_LBZ tune with the EGR delete from MotorOps: $687.75 TOTAL: $687.75 Today (2021-07-12): picked up my truck from Hank Graff Service work done which included: Replacing Gear Shifter Lever since the Tow Haul button was stuck open (meaning it wasn't engaging tow haul): $232.10 (labor:153.77 parts:78.33) multi-point vehicle inspection (including video): $0.00 note: no issues found with anything on the truck Performed FULL drive line service which included front and rear differential and transfer case service with BG products: $285.85 (labor:100.80 parts:185.05) Replaced both Thermostats: $429.79 (labor: 301.61 parts: 128.18) Performed BG Cooling System Service which includes flush of complete cooling system, replace all coolant, inspect hoses and check for correct freeze protection: $149.17 (labor:100.55 parts:48.62) Performed Oil & Filter change using GM Delvac Oil and A/C Delco Oil Filter: $70.00 (labor:20.75 parts:49.25) TOTAL: $1196.28 So yea I spent some money on my truck in the last couple of months.
  11. until
    Come join us for a weekend of fun! Open wheeling, camping, poker run and DJ on the stage. Sorry no live music due to COVID
  12. Talked to Randy today and they added the part but said it got installed wrong but they fixed it. They are moving mechanics from one project to another since they are short handed. I did ask him if he could video the dyno and he said he would try but no guarantee since they are swamped. I’ll chat with them when I get back into town so probably Friday
  13. Talked to Rich today around 2 and he said new turbo is in, they are working on the ball joints and getting the alignment done this afternoon. Tomorrow (Thursday) all they have left is the gauges. Right now it feels pretty positive I’m getting my truck sometime tomorrow.
  14. Just dropped my truck off at Dirty Diesel Hooker to get new turbo installed, ball joints and the maxtow gauges.
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    Just trying to get everyone together (unofficially)
  16. until
    This event "may be" cancelled due to weather as we will be parking on their grass Great Food Great Ice Cream Great Jeeps
  17. Milan Michigan has a parade on June 3rd at 6pm The graduating class is going to be riding in the parade. The hope is to get enough Jeeps together to have them have an awesome experience. Is there anyone available that would be interested in driving a senior in their Jeep for the parade? Line up would be at 4:30pm
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    Jeeps getting together for some Sliders and Jeeps at the Side Car Slider Bar
  19. Dropped the Blazer off at Alpha Motorsports yesterday to see if they can tune it so it doesn't stall when its cold and maybe get it to not diesel when it shifts into 4th. Flat Rate of $100/hr labor 2 hr estimate to diagnose the engine issues I also asked them if they have time if they could look into the suspension but my primary focus is to get it to run good. Been talking on the phone with a guy named Randy. Very nice and polite and very up front with costs and work that needs to be done.
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    Hosted by Drummond Offroad Adventure - Mud, Sweat, and Gears 4x4 Club Price: Free
  21. until
    Price: Free
  22. Price: Free Fun every year
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    Race #1 of 3 Do you think you have what it takes to race for an hour and a half around a thrilling one-of-a-kind, off-road race course at Twisted Trails Offroad Park? Whoever completes the most full laps in the allotted time takes home the prize. Don't miss out on this challenging Northern Michigan event! There will be 4 classes Stock Modified Unlimited SxS Class rules/details are posted on the RBOR race series Facebook page.
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    Event hosted by Outlaw Graphics PRICE: FREE SxS/ATV Races, Drags, Obstacle Courses, Swap Meet, Mud Bogging, BountyHole, Show and Shine, Best Lights, 1 HUGE Event Packed into the greatest american holiday weekend. OVER 125 Acres with camping and MUD pits.
  25. until
    FREE but looking for a $5 donation but not required SxS Parts swap meet from 9am to noon with group rides starting around noon. Fast guides and Slow guides will be available for both destinations. Merritt Auction house bar and grill and the Tippy Canoe Bar and Grill are the destinations our guides will be traveling to and from. NOTE: Your guide chooses your route so treat them well and they might show you the good stuff
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