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  1. This died real quick.... I love the cummins diesel and asin trans combination which was only available on 3500 trucks and heavier duty like 4500 etc. What I disliked MAJORILY with my 2013 RAM Big Horn was the front suspension. I had the worst death wobble when I was driving around a bend in the expressway and hit a bump in the road, would start the death wobble so much that I had to slow down alot to get it to stop so I can continue driving. It's been brought to dealerships several times and no matter what they do they could not stop this from happening which sucks because I loved
  2. Founded in 2002, SuspensionMAXX is a service and solutions based manufacturer of automotive suspension and specialty parts.
  3. wildweaselmi

    Fuel Lift Pump

    Previous Page Next Page The question that seems to popup a lot is whether or not to get a lift pump. What happens if the lift pump fails, am I stuck? Can I get filters anywhere or is it online order only? Why spend the money? How long will the pump last before it needs to be replaced? Do I need a sump installed on my tank if I get a lift pump? Here is Airdog comparison with FASS Here is FASS comparison with AirDog I personally owned both the Air Dog on my 2005 GMC LLY and the FASS on my 2007 GMC
  4. Scheduled Jan 4th, 2021 to have Calibrated Power (duramaxTuner.com) replace the injectors.
  5. I called Calibrated Power (duramaxtuner.com) found at: 455 Borden St, Woodstock, IL 60098 Talked to Chris which was a pleasure to talk to on the phone, not trying to sell me up on anything but trying to make sure I'm happy with the truck after they are done with it for what I use it for. Just spit balling over the phone, Chris said an ideal setup for what I need (which is solid highway driveway back and forth to detroit and the occasional trips pulling the heavy RV trailer) the following would be on the table: Sportsman Exergy Injectors Fuel Pressure Relief Valve
  6. You can join the 4give4x4 group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/40577938364/
  7. injector issues.. seeing white smoke from exhaust. Time to get prices on getting it done. $4200 10 days (2yr warranty) factory bosch injectors - diesel pros and performance in swartz creek (Diagnose issue: $95/hr)
  8. Tire Size whats on it now are 35x12.50 R18LT 10ply LOAD E range (mainly for the hauling) Also I have Toyo R/T (which is Rugged Terrain which is a mix of the All Terrain tires and the Mud Tires but they are LOUD but not as loud as a mud tire but someone who drives highways alot, stay away from these unless you like to hear your tires always singing) Noise Test with the 35 Toyo R/T tires Toyo35r-t_noise.mp4 But I’ve been interested in some better mileage and the key is to go more narrow of a tire. Possibly move to a 33 but trucks with a 6" lift and 33" tires
  9. Removed the fender flares (dirt/salt traps) initial removal after I hosed off the Dirt and did my first pass with the eraser wheel it appears the stock fender flares rubbed right through the paint in spots. I brought it to Clarkston Auto Body and they said they can repaint it for around $1200
  10. Changing the glow plugs fixed the check engine light. one side of the truck they used seize and it was pretty easy to change, the other side they didn't use seize and had after market glow plugs and was a bitch to change.
  11. wildweaselmi

    Ford using Chevy

    When you need a Chevy but all you have is a FORD
  12. Today I ordered the replacement title from cartitles.com for $79 I paid eBay to run the add for 30 days. Lots of hits and interests but my lowest price is $7000 which if you have read this entire post is a steal. Don't necessarily want to sell since I'll be loosing so much and I would of loved to build this truck. 4x4 classic truck able to do anything but wife got cancer in February 2020 and we need some income to help cover the medical bills. Material stuff comes and goes but your best friend isn't replaceable. So a skinny view of what has been spent on the truck (doesn't incl
  13. SOLD Suburban to a very nice family which was very excited to acquire such a fine ride. I had to sell it when after my attempt at pulling our RV Trailer. Its just too big and heavy for the Suburban.
  14. Underside of cab is a primed and painted black with Rustoleum rattle can paint. It boiled down to two big cans of Primer and one can of black paint. i also tried to paint the firewall with some farm and home rattle can blue paint. Doesn’t look horrible but went through two cans pretty quick. decided to paint the floor with black paint and the dash with the blue paint. going to put this on hold for now since I spent about $50 on paint but at least the floor is done so I can put the body back down and bolt it to frame.
  15. Eastwood heat and sound barrier went on like crap. Letting it dry overnight and we’ll see where we are at with it. I have a feeling we’ll be painting over it. my son Zack pulled the steering column, emergency brake, brake pedal, gas pedal, master cylinder and seat out of the 63 donor parts cab. goal today is get firewall and inside cab dash area painted so we can install the parts that Zack just took off, except seat
  16. So it’s been awhile but my wife got leukemia and been focusing on helping her get better. I have been selling all my toys since she’s without a job and we need money. We aren’t the people that live with a savings and are more that paycheck to paycheck family. Thought I was going to be selling the 64 as it sits but I’m at the point of trying to put it together very slowly. Here is a plan of attack, tons to do for no to little cost. Prime under body and rattle can paint Prime firewall and Rattle can paint Off old body (save bolts) Brake pedal Emergency brak
  17. A common issue with the GM 6.6L Duramax engine is white smoke at idle. Worn and damaged injectors are often the cause however there are other causes and considerations that should be looked at prior to injector replacement. INJECTORS STUCK OPEN OR WITH EXCESSIVELY LEAKING NOZZLES DIANOSIS 1. Remove IGN 1 relay. 2. Remove the glow plug from the suspect cylinder(s). 3. Crank the engine and check for fuel spray coming out of the glow plug hole. Caution: Make sure you are not in front of the glow plug hole during this process. 4. Replace any injectors on the cylinders that spray fuel.
  18. I found this information pretty interesting and wanted to share with everyone else. A break down of the import/export business for vehicles is shown here The OICA counts over 50 countries which assemble, manufacture or disseminate automobiles. Of that number, only 14 countries (list below) currently possess the capability to design original production automobiles from the ground up. Australia China France Germany India Iran Italy Japan Malaysia Russia South Korea Sweden Below are the top 20 motor ve
  19. Changed the glow plugs in my LBZ Duramax Diesel and learned a few things. First, why did I jump into this project? Whenever it was cold out (which is often here in Michigan) the glow plug would come on and when it went away the Check Engine light would stay on. So I pulled out my spade tuner and read the code which was ECM P0672. Review what the code is its defined basically everywhere as a semi generic code but with some specifics like what cylinder to troubleshoot So which one is the #2 Not that it really matters since when you are changing them its always recommended
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