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  1. I prefer the one with the eagle because he was in the military 😁😁
  2. These are some tats that I like and I made up for my dad. So please enjoy them and comment which one you like.
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    So, I do Robotics. 2017 was the first year for me and I was exited to get started. But of corse it took forever to start. Very boring at first. All we talked about was the game and none about the robot it self. After like a week of it we finally started talking and planning out but I did not help much because they are on the second year of robotics and its only my first. We were the first middle school group that made it to states but unfortunately we did not win to compete against the high schoolers:-( but everyone was still proud of us. Thank you for reading my Ro-Ro-Bots/Mind Garbage stuff.
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    on the road

    This album is cars that I have seen on the internet or on the road.
  5. this is my first post in my blog and first time in Gear Crushers and uploaded a lot of photos on GearCrushers.com. My brother won his first time in wrestling and got third place. He won 2 times and lost 2 so he got lucky this time but next time he will have to try harder next time to get 2nd or even 1st place.
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