Ram 3500 Suspension Upgrade

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So I’m one of those guys that likes my cake and eat it to.  So I want the best of all worlds.

What am I working with?

I have a 2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab with the Cummins Diesel Engine,

What are my goals?

I want everything.. offroad capability and yet this is my daily driver as well as it has to tow the largest and heaviest fifth wheel travel trailer

What have I been looking at?

Really impressed with Diesel Power Products  Nomad build of a Ram 2500.  Looks like I could do the same on my 2013 Ram 3500 but it looks like I would sacrifice the ability to tow our fifth wheel.  Every other year we drive from Flint, MI to Willis, TX for a family reunion pulling this monster 13k pound trailer.  A bit worried I’d loose the ability to pull it.  We all know you can’t resell RV trailers.

Any options?

Looking into this.  I have several feelers out.  Looks like I could possibly go half way with maybe a Carli suspension upgrade (not really lifting it at all and keeping the same size tires on the truck)

Will keep you posted.

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