Redarc Unveils Three Revolutionary Products at Overland Expo West

Redarc Unveils Three Revolutionary Products at Overland Expo West

Redarc, the Australian mobile power solutions company whose products have earned our trust over the years, will unveil three innovative products at the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ, tomorrow, Friday, the 16th. According to the press release, these new offerings have been designed, engineered, and rigorously tested in Australia’s toughest conditions. With these launches, Redarc aims to appeal to a broader audience, including vanlifers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The first of these new products is the Manager Alpha, an advanced battery management system designed for vans, trailer campers, and RVs. Available in 50, 75, and 100-amp capacities, it is powered by vehicle (DC), shore power (AC), and solar inputs. The Manager Alpha boasts a charging speed three times faster than its predecessor, the Manager30, capable of charging a 600 amp-hour lithium battery bank from flat to full in under eight hours. Despite its powerful capabilities, the Manager Alpha is up to 55% smaller and 28% lighter than similar systems, making it an ideal solution for those with limited space.

Next up is the Tow-Pro Link, the latest innovation in Redarc’s line of brake controllers. This product redefines safe towing with its advanced Bluetooth connectivity and dual control modes: “Everyday” proportional mode for routine driving and “Manual Off-road” mode for more challenging conditions. The Tow-Pro Link is designed for seamless, plug-and-play installation, requiring no modifications to the vehicle’s dashboard or tools for drilling. The system features SwayStop Plus technology, offering instant trailer stabilization with a push of a button via a dedicated wireless remote head or through the app. Additionally, a 6-axis sensor enhances towing sensitivity and control, providing a safer towing experience.

The third product, the GoBlock, serves as both a portable power source and a flexible in-vehicle dual-battery system. With a capacity of 100 amp-hours (1,200 watts) and a rapid 500-amp recharge rate, the GoBlock can be fully recharged in just two hours when connected via the PowerDock or Anderson input. It also features Bluetooth technology, allowing users to connect to the RedVision smartphone app for battery status, diagnostics, and updates. The GoBlock’s Start Battery Recovery feature ensures a rapid recharge in the event of a start battery failure, with a full recovery time of just 15 minutes. Designed for versatility and portability, the GoBlock is protected by an IP52 rating, making it suitable for a wide range of activities, from overlanding and backcountry hunting to tailgating and construction projects.

Redarc’s Global President, Peter Favilla, emphasized the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation,

“For the last 45 years, Redarc has been a pioneer in power management and trailer brake technology. Our new products demonstrate Redarc’s leadership; the Manager Alpha will redefine charging systems in vans, RVs, and other power-hungry vehicles. The GoBlock stands out as the most innovative portable dual-battery system available. Meanwhile, we continue to assert our dominance in the trailer brake sector with the announcement of the Tow-Pro Link, which introduces incredible new wireless functionality, easy installation, and impeccable safety.”

We look forward to seeing these products in their proprietary black and red at the Expo.

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