SEMA Now Accepting Featured Vehicle Applications for 2024 Show

SEMA Now Accepting Featured Vehicle Applications for 2024 Show

Every year, the Las Vegas Convention Center is filled with hundreds of world-class vehicles and builds as part of the exclusive Feature Vehicle Display at the SEMA Show. The cars–which span all categories and applications of the aftermarket–are submitted by Show exhibitors looking to expand their footprint beyond their booth.

Applications for the 2024 SEMA Show Feature Vehicle Display are now open online here. Show organizers recommend reading the complete rules and regulations online here to improve your vehicle’s acceptance chances.

The program is a gateway to success, directing industry professionals, decision-makers, buyers, media members and influencers to exhibitors’ booths and providing invaluable pre-Show exposure. Each vehicle accepted into this program will be among the features in the SEMA Show app, showcasing its image, make, model, year, color, products used in the build, builder’s name, and the name and booth number of the sponsoring exhibitor company.

Feature Vehicle Display applications are due Friday, July 26. For a complete list of SEMA Show deadlines, visit here. For more information on Feature Vehicle Display and the SEMA Battle of the Builders, contact Maurice O’Connell at [email protected].

The SEMA Battle of the Builders (BOTB), Presented by Mothers

Those who submit an application may request information on how to enter their vehicle for the SEMA Battle of the Builders. Industry experts judge the competition with awards presented to individuals with extreme talent, creativity and craftsmanship in modifying cars, trucks and SUVs.

For more information on SEMA Battle of the Builders, contact [email protected].

This story was originally published on May 10, 2024.

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