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    • By Cowboy Denny in Blog
      Some days you have to just ask yourself, "What the heck is the world coming to?" and I find myself saying this often lately with the big push from the government to go electric only.  Yea, they are not supporting the more reasonable approach is to demand Hybrid Technology which is more realistic instead of strictly Electric Only vehicles since our country is not ready for everyone to have everyone plug in there electric vehicles to begin the hours of waiting time while electricity trickles into your vehicle so you can go somewhere.
      Let me ask you, What is the most popular time for car battery sales?  It's simple, its winter time when temperatures get extremely cold which batteries don't handle well.  Since half the country has some serious winters it's not realistic to have EV vehicles.  Its said that cold weather reduces the EV's range by as much as 40%.  Also let's not forget there will be a battery shortage if the government attempts to force us to buy EV's by increasing the gas tax so high that we won't be able to afford not to.
      Also let's not forget that most of the states in the north you will be struggling to even find a charging station since the majority of charge stations are in the big cities and you'll more than likely still find yourself waiting in line.  It's not like someone is sitting in there car for hours waiting for their car to charge.  They plug it in and walk away and go do something else the hours it takes for it to charge.  With that in mind, I might not wait for a station to become free to charge your dying EV.  And yes no matter if you charge at home or at a charging station it still costs you money.  After all, nothing is free to include the amplified cost of EV's.
      Let's not forget the shortage of semiconductor chips which the EV's are heavily reliant on.  Our dependency on China supplying these chips is crazy..  without China, we don't have EV's and with friction between China and Taiwan, we could be severing that relationship soon (within a few years).  It's not just the chips we would be loosing out on but batteries since the majority of all cobalt mined for the EV batteries are mined in the Congo which China owns all rights.
      Unlike Oil which the world has plenty of for 100's of years if we never moved to EV's, cobalt (required for the EV batteries) is limited/rare.
      For all those that tout EV's will save the planet are blind.  How is electricity generated today.  COAL and NUCLEAR are by far the most used methods for producing electricty which accounts for most of the worlds pollution. Gasoline powered vehicles only account for 4% of the air pollution in the world (graphs show vehicles are like 27% but it includes busses, tractor trailer trucks, etc, when you dive into the 27% in more detail it shows gasoline vehicles are only 4% of the air pollution).  So why is the government pushing EV's so bad?  Probably makes them feel like they are doing something and its the easiest versus focusing on the rich corporations that account for the majority of the pollution.
      Luckily we are in AMERICA and the government can not take away our combustion engine vehicles and honestly there will always be mechanics that fix our very common Gas powered vehicles and parts will remain easy to find compared to EV's that you will have to bring to a dealership to get repaired and if you look at Tesla, they charge a BUTT load to fix.  So moving to an EV means you will pay more for everything, limited range, mandatory hours of waiting to charge if you can find an open charging station and the worry that your car may explode (don't you remember the samsung phone that had the battery that was exploding in people's pockets) (Also don't forget all the EV vehicles that burst into flames when water from the storm in Florida happened). 
      Not to worry though..  its impossible to force this poison called EV's down our throats for many many many years.  They can't tow with an EV more than 200 miles if pulling an average trailer weight of 10,000lbs which is a medium sized RV or hauling a vehicle.  Once you reach the 200 miles since the manufactures aren't smart enough to go Hybrid, you'll have to find a charging station and wait and wait and wait while your vehicle is charged enough to continue towing.  The longer you wait you could get up to full charge giving you another 200 miles and the less you wait the less you can reach.
      Let's face it..  trucks that do work, real work in the middle of nowhere doing construction, the working class american the EV isn't realistic.  Also knowing that these expensive EV's will have issues and many of the manufacturers are going to run into tons of issues but they want you and your wallet to be the test subjects.
      When you buy EV you are also contributing to all the job losses from top vehicle manufactures like Ford, Volkswagen, Japan but I'm sure most of the world doesn't care as long as its not them.  Just like the method used to mine for the necessary minerals (cobalt & nickel) needed for all the batteries.
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    • By Cowboy Denny in Blog
      State Motorcycle helmet use governs: Does the motorcycle helmet law cover all low-power cycles? Bicycle helmet use governs: Alabama all riders yes 15 and younger Alaska 17 and younger yes no law Arizona 17 and younger some no law Arkansas 20 and younger yes no law California all riders yes 17 and younger Colorado 17 and younger and passengers 17 and younger yes no law Connecticut 17 and younger yes 15 and younger Delaware 18 and younger some 17 and younger District of Columbia all riders some 15 and younger Florida 20 and younger some 15 and younger Georgia all riders some 15 and younger Hawaii 17 and younger some 15 and younger Idaho 17 and younger some no law Illinois no law no law no law Indiana 17 and younger yes no law Iowa no law no law no law Kansas 17 and younger some no law Kentucky 20 and younger some no law Louisiana all riders yes 11 and younger Maine 17 and younger some 15 and younger Maryland all riders some 15 and younger Massachusetts all riders yes 1-16 (riding with children
      younger than 1 prohibited) Michigan 20 and younger some no law Minnesota 17 and younger yes no law Mississippi all riders yes no law Missouri all riders some no law Montana 17 and younger some no law Nebraska all riders yes no law Nevada all riders some no law New Hampshire no law no law 15 and younger New Jersey all riders yes 16 and younger New Mexico 17 and younger some 17 and younger New York all riders some 1-13 (riding with children
      younger than 1 prohibited) North Carolina all riders yes 15 and younger North Dakota 17 and younger yes no law Ohio 17 and younger yes no law Oklahoma 17 and younger some no law Oregon all riders yes 15 and younger Pennsylvania 20 and younger some 11 and younger Rhode Island 20 and younger some 15 and younger South Carolina 20 and younger yes no law South Dakota 17 and younger yes no law Tennessee all riders yes 15 and younger Texas 20 and younger some no law Utah 17 and younger yes no law Vermont all riders some no law Virginia all riders some no law Washington all riders yes no law West Virginia all riders some 14 and younger Wisconsin 17 and younger some no law Wyoming 17 and younger some no law Information taken from iihs.gov December, 2011. Please check for current state laws before traveling.
    • By wildweaselmi in RV Blog
      Check all fluids (coolant, electrolyte, hydraulic, oil, power steering, transmission, windshield washer) Check generator oil level Disconnect city water, if applicable Reset coach’s freshwater controls to onboard water, if applicable Fill coach freshwater tank (add a capful of bleach), then stow the hose Using the dump checklist, dump the waste tanks, if applicable Ensure the propane tank is as desired Ensure that all basement doors are closed, latched, and locked Disconnect and stow the coach’s shore power cable Ensure that the refrigerator (in auto mode) has shifted back to propane power Retract the leveling jacks, stow the support blocks, and visually inspect each jack for proper travel stowage position Interior
      Retract any slideouts and secure for travel Ensure that the windows are securely closed and locked Arrange the blinds and curtains, as desired Ensure that the air conditioner is off Ensure that the furnace is off Secure all drawers and doors Secure all loose objects for travel Turn all lights off Ensure that the overhead vent fan in the bathroom is off and the vent is securely closed Ensure that the oven pilot light is off Ensure that the water heater is off Ensure that the freshwater pressure pump is off Check all tank level indications  Close the main door to retract the powered steps Lock the main door with the deadbolt and the latch lock
    • By wildweaselmi in RV Blog
      Select as flat and level a parking site as possible, consistent with other considerations Place the shift lever in park and set the parking brake. The automatic hydraulic leveling system will not operate unless these conditions are met Have a person outside to place support blocks under the stabilizing jacks. Engage the automatic hydraulic leveling system to level and stabilize the coach, with the engine running to provide alternator power With the engine still running for alternator power, extend any desired slideouts once the unit is leveled and secure Check the site’s 30 amp shore power receptacle for proper polarity prior to hook up, if applicable Ensure that the refrigerator (in auto mode) has shifted its power to 120 vac Connect the coach’s city water hose to the site’s water source, ensuring that the coach’s water pressure regulator is correctly installed between the site’s water source and the coach Connect the coach’s dump hose to the site’s sewage receptacle using the coach’s hose slope adapter, if applicable. Open the grey tank valve, but do not open the black tank as it requires at least ¾ full to dump properly. Plan to close the grey tank valve when the black tank reaches ½ full so as to have sufficient grey water aboard to flush the black tank at dump time.
    • By wildweaselmi in RV Blog
      When you get a new RV for the first time or just getting back into RV camping, its hard to know everything you need.  Below is a base list of things you may need and could be used as a baseline when you are packing.  Feel free to add items in the comments to keep building the list.
      RV Essentials:
      Surge protector Electrical adapters (50amp to 30amp AND/OR 110v to 50amp) Toilet chemicals Sewer kit RV-friendly toilet paper (if you use your home toilet paper it will cause some serious black tank issues that just isn't worth it) Water pressure regulator Drinking water hose (you may want two or a longer one since some parks put there water supply in very weird locations which can be far) Leveling blocks (used when the ground is really really not level you can drive a side of your RV on these to help even it up some) Tire pressure gauge (be careful of anything electronic since you don't always use it, when you need it you will want it to just work instead of hunting for batteries) Extension cords (can be expensive for a 50amp cord but totally worth it when its hot out and you want to use your A/C units) Wheel chocks (attached a link to the most common and most highly rated by a ton on Amazon for wheel chocks) Shovel Electrical and duct tape Extra cotter pins Extra motor oil and transmission fluid Flashlight Battery jumper cables Emergency road kit Fire extinguisher Large zip close bag for documents, including license, registration, reservations, etc. Kitchen and cooking supplies:
      Water bottles Cutting board Utensils/cutting knives Can opener Tongs and skewers Dish soap Camping griddle and pie iron Bowls, plates and cups Paper towels Garbage bags Plastic wrap Zip close bags  Potholders Dish towels Napkins Measuring Cups Measuring Spoons Skillets (we prefer cast iron skillets) Disinfecting wipes Matches and lighter Food storage container Cooler Coffee Maker Coffee Filters Coffee Grinder  Food staples:
      Batter mixes Vegetables and fruits Butter or margarine Cereal Condiments, including mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, etc. Grill meats, like hot dogs, burgers, brats, etc. Drink mix packets Eggs S’more ingredients Freeze dried meals Salt, pepper, herbs and spices Bread Baking items, including flour, cornmeal, sugar, etc. Canned foods Peanut butter and jelly  Snacks, including crackers, chips, pretzels, etc. Cooking spray or oil Soups Coffee Clothing and bedroom items:
      Hat Rain gear Shoes, including sneakers, hiking boots, sandals, etc. Bathing suit Sweatshirts and jackets Socks Underwear Pants and shorts Short and long sleeve t-shirts Clothes hangers Alarm clock Sewing kit Towels Sheets and blankets Pillows Personal items and toiletries:
      Phone chargers Cash and credit cards Reservation confirmations First-aid kit Sunscreen Bug spray Batteries Watch Medications and prescriptions Glasses or contact lenses Sunglasses Travel map and campground directory Soap Shampoo and conditioner Brush and comb Toothbrush Toothpaste Floss Deodorant Hair ties Lotion Makeup Razor Shaving gel Nail clippers Camping and outdoor fun gear:
      Camera Wood Camping chairs Hammock Frisbee Fishing gear, including rods, tackle, license, etc. Sports equipment, including football, basketball, baseball, mitt, etc. Bicycles, scooters Yard games, including corn hole, horseshoes, hula-hoops, etc. Binoculars Books and magazines (rain day) Playing cards (rain day) Board games (rain day) Puzzles (rain day) Movies (rain day) Radio Headphones Notepad or journal Laptop Saw or hatchet Flotation devices Guitar  Again for you experienced RV Campers, what is missing from the list that should get added to help those that like to follow lists.


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