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Found 15 results

  1. At some moment in your life you were introduced to the world of offroad and if you were like me, you fell in love with it. The challenges, the obstacles and tackling a course that looks impossible to the untrained eye. Something so peaceful when exploring areas not many could get to or want to. Here at Gear Crushers off-roading is just one of the many passions we have and we want to provide an area that everyone from anywhere in the world can contribute. The easiest is to create a club and add blogs, galleries, forums (aka topics), events and it's all free at the moment. We do ask for
  2. dennis


    A must stop if you have a square body looking for offroad parts. They are very helpful and willing to answer questions on how they can help you achieve your goals. If you look around the internet at builds, they are usually getting many parts for there square body truck from DIY4x
  3. The Mounds Recreation Area simplified as just "The Mounds" is an Off road park located in Mount Morris, Michigan. The park is owned and operated by the Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission. The park consists of trails, woods and lots of mud. Address: 6145 E Mt. Morris Rd, Mt Morris, MI 48458 Hours: Open today · 8AM–7PM Phone: (810) 736-7100 http://geneseecountyparks.org/mounds/
  4. Skill Level: Beginner https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/hmnf/recreation/ohv/recarea/?recid=26209&actid=93
  5. Yankee Springs has several state forest trails that you can leisurely drive on for several hours. No ORV needed, however some trails require you to have a state park pass to legally access. The DNR do patrol this area so do not drive like a crazy person. They can ticket you for erosion/destruction of property among other things. These trails are meant for hunting,hiking access, however they tolerate people driving them with 4x4 vehicles as long as they are doing it lawfully and staying on the trail.
  6. Here is a map of all the known DNR ORV trails as of this posting Alcona Alcona ORV Trail Alpena Devils Lake Route Cheboygan Crawford Frederic Trail & Route Beaver Creek Trail MCCCT Emmet Indian Gardens ORV Route Tomahawk Motorcycle Trail B Loop Gladwin M-30 North Gladwin MCCCT Gladwin Trail & Route Grand Traverse Grand Traverse Motorcycle Trail & Route Grand Traverse County to Supply Rd. MCCCT Iosco Huron Trail & Huron-Sand Lake Spur Old State House Tra
  7. Check out the following places for trail information http://www.upnorthtrails.org/ http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/michigan_list.htm https://www.vvmapping.com/trails/trailInfoMI.html http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/ http://michigantrails.us/
  8. This 12 mile long trail offers a connection to Ambrose Lake (7 miles) and Ogemaw Hills (18 miles) trail systems. It is a narrow 50” ATV trail and Michigan Cross Country Cycle Trail thru Oak Pine forest. It has substantial elevation changes with rocks and tree roots common. The trail is located East of Rose City and North of West Branch in Ogemaw County. PDF Map to import on your mobile device like Avenza Maps ambrose_lake_to_ogemaw_hills_trail.pdf GPX file to import into your mobile device using something like Gaia ambrose_lake_to_ogemaw_hills_trail.gpx
  9. ORV Trail, mix of snowmobile trail and 50" ORV Trail. Linear trail (no loops). Newly opened in mid-2011. Much of the snowmobile trail is grass covered from light use. Mostly hard pack, generally wooded. Windy with rolling to slightly hilly terrain. Connects to Bull Gap system. 2 modern parking areas. No food/fuel on trail; gas in Barton City 2.5 miles via county road. Located in Oscoda and Alcona counties. See also the Bull Gap System. PDF Maps that you can import into Avenza Maps on your Mobile Device alcona_orv_trail_east.pdf alcona_orv_trail_west.pdf
  10. From Michigan.gov/dnr You can add the following to Avenza Maps on your mobile device 20_rd_to_grand_traverse_county_mccct.pdf You can import the following gpx file into Gaia GPS (great for offroad use) 20_rd_to_grand_traverse_county_mccct.gpx
  11. http://www.find-off-road-trails.com/
  12. Great site to find trails
  13. 1805 South Yankee Springs Road Middleville, MI 49333 phone 269- 795-3280 Found right next to Yankee Springs State Recreation Area Barry_SGA_map.pdf
  14. A great place that has a wide range of trails for different skill sets as well as vehicle capabilities. Worth coming to check out and they do have camping available as well. Rocks and Valleys located in Harrison Michigan Check out some YouTube videos here: https://www.google.com/search?q=rocks+and+valleys&safe=active&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjDj7CUjdvSAhVD2yYKHf-xAUkQ_AUICSgC&biw=1117&bih=741
  15. Location: De Tour Village, MI (Off Ferry take SR-134 east about 15 miles then turn left onto Glen Cove Road for about a mile and then continue straight onto Turkey Farm Road for about 1/2 mile to staging area. Open: May to November Price: $25/day or $40/two days Contact: Turtle Ridge ORV Park 33494 S. Maxton Road Drummond Island, MI 49726 (906) 493-1000 Permit is Required No camping or campfires Mostly Amateur Level VVMap_MI_ORV_Trail_Map_Drummond.pdf
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