By the time the sun rises in the East on Sunday morning, a large portion of the motocross world will have put the 2024 AMA Supercriss seaosn behind them. How can they forget so quick? Because for the next two weeks the AMA Pro riders will be spinning test laps on their AMA National bikes and nobody will have any interest in old news. This is the way it has always been! Whatever is next on the race schedule dominates the news cycle. And, what’s next is the opening round of the 2024 AMA National Motocross Championship. For all the glory that was spread across the field after every Supercross race, the outdoors is a whole new ballgame. Oh yeah! The talk will return to Supercross in September, when the three-race SuperMotocross Playoffs take place on paved drag strips—as unlikely as that seems to the hardcore fans.


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