(1) Comparison. Surprisingly, it’s uncommon for the average rider to have a riding coach or trainer that he or she regularly (or even occasionally) receives lessons from. In soccer, football, baseball, hockey and other more traditional sports, coaches are an essential piece of the puzzle. In motocross, most riders “wing it” and hope for the best with advice from their parents and/or friends.

(2) Reality check. At the core of this issue is the fact that we all (yes, us included) like to deny how dangerous this sport is. It’s true. When we strap on our boots, knee braces, chest protectors, helmets, goggles, etc., we feel invincible. The layers of protection give us a false sense of security. Yes, we can protect ourselves with the latest and greatest helmets, but even the most expensive brain bucket has a sticker inside it saying that there are unforeseeable circumstances that the helmet can not protect you from. 

(3) Safety. The number-one reason you need a trainer is to make you a safer rider. At the end of the day, everyone wants to go faster, and hiring a trainer is great for improving speed, but a good trainer will focus first on the techniques you need to ride in a safer and more controlled manner. Build the foundation of your technique and the speed will come.

(4) Youth. One of the most important reasons you should employ a trainer for adolescent riders is because they don’t listen to you (parents), especially when it comes to learning how to (or how not to) ride. Kids don’t want to hear it from their mom or dad. It goes in one ear and out the other. No matter how experienced Dad is on a dirt bike or how well-versed he is in the motocross world, little Johnny would rather hear it from someone else—someone he sees as a credible source. 

(5) Humility. A good trainer will be brutally honest with you. Many times your friends won’t tell you that you’re a risk to yourself and others because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Parents of young riders will offer riding tips without hesitation, but most of the time it doesn’t come from any real-world experience. The root of the problem is humility. You, the rider, must be willing to take advice humbly, either from a trainer, friend or parent. Without humility, you’ll never grow.  

(6) Shortcut. You can read Motocross Action for tips on technique, but we aren’t there to watch you ride ourselves. It’s easy to feel like you’re riding with your elbows up, but in reality, they’re underneath your ribs. The objective perspective you get when a trainer watches you ride is worth the dough. They’ll pinpoint which areas you need to focus on first. 

(7) Section work. The best trainers will split the track into different sections, allowing you to focus on one section at a time and giving the trainer a better view of how you’re riding. When you focus on one section, you save time, energy and fuel. There’s no point in riding the entire track if your main struggle is in the technical, tighter, off-camber sections, which only make up 10 percent of the track. Focus on your weak points to get the most out of your day. 

(8) Pricing. It’s more expensive to hire a trainer for a one-on-one session, but also more beneficial because he’s dedicated to working with you only. Group sessions are more affordable and you can benefit from watching the other riders go in front of you and hearing the trainer explain different techniques to the whole group. 

(9) Mindset. Motocross folk (like us) are stubborn. We don’t want to admit that we need a trainer, and we definitely don’t want to spend money on one. Most guys would rather buy hop-up parts than invest in their riding technique and skills. Dirt bikes are ultra fun to hop-up, but the best way to shorten lap times and improve your race craft is by working on yourself. 

(10) Where to look. “USMCA” stands for “United States Motorcycle Coaching Association,” and they have an online directory where you can search for certified trainers in your area.


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